First snow + Nene Chicken


Remember my last blog post in which I mentioned that the weather turned really cold? Guess what? It really snowed that day. And guess what? I was sleeping away while it was snowing LOL. The first snow fell on Seoul in the wee hours of the morning on 14th November 2014.

Unfortunately, by the time I woke up to go to school, the snow had already melted. -.-''' And ever since then, the weather has turned much warmer (it's still cold, but compared to the previous days, it is really much warmer) so I guess there is not much chance for snow for the rest of November LOL.

Anyway, since Nene Chicken was such a big deal when it first came to SG, A and I decided to have 치맥 (pronounced as "chimaek", short form for fried chicken and beer) for dinner yesterday. I haven't eaten Nene's in SG before, so I don't really know about the pricing back in SG, but A has apparently eaten chimaek in another chimaek shop and said that Nene's is much cheaper.

Both of us ordered the "snowy" chicken, which we split into half cheese and half vegetable flavours. It costs 18 000 won for the whole set of chicken. We also ordered 500cc of beer each. Beer sold in restaurants like this are comparatively cheaper than in SG, but according to Korea's standard, it's really way overpriced 'cos you can really get it much cheaper in the supermarkets here. ;X

Anyway, eating fried chicken has always been what I wanted to go in Seoul, so another thing struck off my to-do list in Korea. ;D The chicken was really good, especially the batter. It was really crispy but not overly oily and they really spammed the cheese powder. I approve! I shall just let the pictures do the talking heehee. Apparently Yoo Jae-seok endorses Nene's too so it's an added bonus! ^^

Our chimaek! ;D

Close-up of the chicken heehee. I'll definitely be down for another round! ;3

Off to study for a bit before going to sleep. My finals start on Friday. ;X


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