Updates + Seoul Latern Festival 2014


After last week's extremely cold weather, I thought that it would be winter for good here in Seoul. Apparently, this isn't the case LOL. For the past few days, the temperatures have been above 10°C and it even shot up to 16°C yesterday, with the lowest being only 7°C. It feels like autumn has returned again, because the weather forecast for the week showed as such. Haiz, I was really looking forward to seeing snow, so while I do wish that the temperature will drop again, I am not anticipating the cold.

That being said, although it is currently only 12°C as I am typing this post, I had to switch off my room heater as it was getting uncomfortably warm and open up my room window. I haven't done that in weeks huhuhu. And I am still rocking the 12°C temperature in my SG-style pyjamas, which means FBTs and a T-shirt LOL. And yes, I don't feel cold. I think I will really be a goner when I return to SG. ;X

First snow + Nene Chicken


Remember my last blog post in which I mentioned that the weather turned really cold? Guess what? It really snowed that day. And guess what? I was sleeping away while it was snowing LOL. The first snow fell on Seoul in the wee hours of the morning on 14th November 2014.

Unfortunately, by the time I woke up to go to school, the snow had already melted. -.-''' And ever since then, the weather has turned much warmer (it's still cold, but compared to the previous days, it is really much warmer) so I guess there is not much chance for snow for the rest of November LOL.

Anyway, since Nene Chicken was such a big deal when it first came to SG, A and I decided to have 치맥 (pronounced as "chimaek", short form for fried chicken and beer) for dinner yesterday. I haven't eaten Nene's in SG before, so I don't really know about the pricing back in SG, but A has apparently eaten chimaek in another chimaek shop and said that Nene's is much cheaper.

Both of us ordered the "snowy" chicken, which we split into half cheese and half vegetable flavours. It costs 18 000 won for the whole set of chicken. We also ordered 500cc of beer each. Beer sold in restaurants like this are comparatively cheaper than in SG, but according to Korea's standard, it's really way overpriced 'cos you can really get it much cheaper in the supermarkets here. ;X

Anyway, eating fried chicken has always been what I wanted to go in Seoul, so another thing struck off my to-do list in Korea. ;D The chicken was really good, especially the batter. It was really crispy but not overly oily and they really spammed the cheese powder. I approve! I shall just let the pictures do the talking heehee. Apparently Yoo Jae-seok endorses Nene's too so it's an added bonus! ^^

Our chimaek! ;D

Close-up of the chicken heehee. I'll definitely be down for another round! ;3

Off to study for a bit before going to sleep. My finals start on Friday. ;X



Yesterday and today's weather are the coldest I've ever experienced here in Seoul. The temperatures have gone down to negative already and even with the heater in my room, I was still shivering last night. It must have been because I opened the window (just to feel how cold it was outside) for a while. OK, I asked for it.

Anyway, going to school was torturous today because of the weather. I was breathing out "smoke" haha but I kinda enjoyed it though my hands were freezing zZz. I should have worn my gloves. The good thing is that it seems like tomorrow's temperature will be higher than today's. The bad thing is that, this is only the starting of winter and many more freezing days to come.

Temperature in the morning. It was even colder 'cos the winds were very strong. My face and hands were totally numb when I reached school.

Temperature in the afternoon was no better huhuhu.

Seokchon Lake and Seoul Forest


I missed the rubber duck when it was in HK, so I specially made the trip down to Seokchon Lake although it wasn't very near Sinchon. The exhibition will be held until 14th November 2014, so for those in Seoul, hurry down to see it if you wish to!

South Korea isn't exactly very single-friendly HAHA. In fact, it is probably the "couplest" place I've ever known LOL. My friends decided not to visit the rubber duck art exhibition for various reasons, so I decided to head out on my own. I have no qualms about heading out by myself. In fact, I really love it for I get time to myself without having to entertain other person/people around me.

자신 만든 음식


Yonsei is really quite a money-sucker lol. I paid so much for my school fees but I end up having to pay extra for cooking lessons zZz. OK lah whatever. I really wanted to learn how to cook Korean dishes and it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so just pay lor. ;X

Anyway, WK and I managed to whip up some delicious meals. I swear I'm totally housewife material HAHAHA. #selfpraise And I can tell that WK doesn't cook often LOL. But honestly, the Japanese couple who were using the stove opposite us also commented that our soup was exceptionally tasty. And mine you, they're about 60+ years of age and I do trust the Japaneses' tastebuds more HAHAHA.

I've also gotten the recipes so hopefully I'll be able to whip up some nice Korean dishes when I'm back in SG.

Our pollock dish!

Mushroom soup and pollock dish. I'm damn proud of the soup especially HAHA. It was really good!! ;D

Cooks for today! ^^

P.S. And I thank God for hearing and answering my prayers. I am slowly warming up to my form teacher now. I miss Ms Jang's chattiness; I really do, but Ms Jung really is a good teacher as well. And I'm actually liking my elective class teacher more, maybe because I have gotten used to her style and she doesn't seem as intimidating as she was when I first saw her. Thank God for all these.

Oh, weather today has turned colder again zZz. OK abrupt end to the post.

New hairstyle


How ah? I really miss Ms Jang more than I have previously thought. The new teachers came in today and I totally felt resistance pouring right out from my heart. Ms Jang did mention that Ms Jung (my new teacher) has a very nice voice and to this, I totally agree. Ms Jung totally sounded as if she is one of the narrators in the CD. Perhaps she really is. But other than that, I still like Ms Jang a lot more. I went around asking my friends how they found the new teacher and they all liked her. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just resistant to changes. ='( Hopefully the subsequent lessons will get better. I'm really totally envious of the class who gets Ms Jang now. ;X

My reading teacher seems alright though, probably because I am neutral towards the last reading teacher. This reading teacher seems more "animated" although I find that she tries a bit too hard to "act aegyo (cute)" and she isn't exactly very young LOL. There was one point during lesson where she went "OH NO BABY!!!!!". #siaozhabor Funny thing is that both my reading teachers share the same 2 surnames and middle names.

Anyway, I've been dying to get my hair cut since time immemorial and I finally did so today, all by myself! I feel very proud of myself actually HAHA. I managed to get my points across to the hairdresser at Edgy Hair Salon who spoke only Korean although there were some hiccups here and there. And it's cheaper than what other hair salons in Ewha and Sinchon are quoting, probably because this isn't very well-known. I got my digital mermaid curls for only 70 000 won!! It's much cheaper than in SG too. Such perms cost about $130+ back in SG.

I am pleased with the end results because I think I look more Korean now. Something needs to be done about the state of my hair though. It's getting drier and drier. ;X I think I should stop washing my hair everyday. I've tried it a few times here because I rarely sweat here anymore but I still felt really uncomfortable about not being able to wash my hair everyday.

New hairstyle!!

Off to study again zZz... I WANT MS JANG BACK PLEASE. T_T



I realised that I've been blogging quite often these days. Such days won't last haha, so just let me warn my readers first. Anyway, I happen to watch this KBS2 documentary quite often as I always watch the TV while eating my dinner. It turns out that my Korean now is rather good enough to understand about 70-80% of the dialogues in that documentary but sadly, I can only probably understand about 50% of the news HAHA.

This particular episode of the documentary was aired before my mid-terms started. It was about this sweet and sour pork (탕수육) which cost only 1500 won and yet is bursting with flavour. This, the commentators said, is probably the cheapest and best sweet and sour pork in South Korea. The problem with such documentaries is that they usually don't reveal where the places are (I think they don't want to be seen as "endorsing" the stalls), so it is really up to the viewers to check out where the places are themselves, and this is where knowing Korean comes in very handy. If you really cannot understand what they're talking about, there is a high chance that you won't be able to find the place at all.

Mt Seorak


Today was really such a long day for me. We had to reach Gwanghwamun at 8 am, so I woke up at 6.30 am in order to get ready. It turned out that WK came much later than we had agreed on and I was really so worried that we would miss the bus as it would leave exactly at 8 am. Thankfully, we really managed to arrive at the meeting place at 8 am SHARP and after paying 5000 won, we got onto the bus. Honestly I didn't mind paying the 5000 won because it was cheaper as compared to taking the public transport there. My peeve was that they didn't mention on their websites (in all languages) that we had to pay for it. I was under the impression that it was free. -.-'''

I've been living in Seoul for such a long time that the countryside of South Korea really blew me off with its tranquility and the freshness of the air. The countryside really does look like it was straight from a Chinese painting.