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I'd better blog while I can still afford to squeeze out a bit of free time today. I guess today will be the last day I will be so "carefree" because next week will totally be hell week for me due to my mid-terms. T_T

My speech test was yesterday, and I felt that I actually did better during the practice session 2 weeks back. Sad die me. And this isn't the worst part. The worst thing is the speech I did will only be 20% of my speaking component. My teacher will be conducting a one-to-one interview in KOREAN for the rest of the 80%. Just kill me now. I nearly shitted in my pants during the one-to-one interview part of the placement test, and now this?! #justkillme

I really want next week to be over quickly. I really can't stand it anymore. And wait. There's still finals? T_T

Anyway, in an attempt to relax before the killer week comes, Asari, WK and I decided to go to a cat café LOL. What's Korea without its numerous dogs and cats (and even sheep?!) cafes? Something struck off my bucket list! ^^

The cats at Table A, which is located at Ewha, were really very cute and fluffy! I think I still love dogs more, but I am slowly getting over my dislike for cats because of Kitty Kitty, the stray ginger cat which always roamed at the next block. Sadly, I think it has gone to other places now, because my sister doesn't see it anymore. ;(

The cats really roamed very freely in the café. They even took up my seat and drank water from our cup. o.O''' They really treated the café like their own home LOL (well technically I guess it's true?). Anyway, drinks here are pretty reasonable and there's no such thing as an "admission fee"? Just pay for your food and drinks and stay here as long as you like. ^^

My 4500 won hazelnut. I was quite shocked when I first got it 'cos the coffee was dark, meaning there wasn't any milk in it and the first thing that came to my mind was "DID THEY JUST SERVE ME AMERICANO?! I EFFING HATE THAT DRINK!!!!". Koreans are DAMN CRAZY over Americano. Jin-seul even said she drinks it like water and I could only stare at her incredulously LOL. -.-''' Thankfully the hazelnut taste was pretty strong and there was sugar in it, so the drink turned out really good. ;3

Our octopus fried rice which was really very good! Nyam! ^^

One of the smallest kittens there.

The cat which made itself so at home at my seat. ;3

My favourite kitty 'cos it looks just too damn cute! ^^

I guess that's all for now. OK back to studying. T_T


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