Today's weather is really the coldest I've ever experienced ever since I touched down in Seoul. The lowest today is 0°C. I was already not feeling very well on Saturday, but I still found the strength to study, go to church and do some shopping/marketing the following day. However, when I woke up today, all I felt was ache all over and because I felt so uncomfortable, I actually overslept and was late for lessons as a result. In fact, I had even harboured thoughts of giving today's lessons a miss, and how I wished I did just that. T_T

The walk to school was nothing short of torturous, especially when the weather was really, very chilly. I profess to liking and having a strong resistance to cold, but even I couldn't really take it, given the weakened state of my body right now. I swear that when I was walking to school, I felt like turning back and going home. But I decided to walk on because the next few lessons are especially important, given that my mid-terms start on Wednesday. I really can't afford to miss lessons, can I?

Anyway, it turned out that due to the change in weather, almost everybody I know are sick now. Even Ms Jang was sick but she still had to drag herself out and teach us. 고맙습니다 선생님! T_T And thank you 선생님 for showing concern to me. She was so concerned about me and commented that I really looked very sick and that my face looked so much thinner than before LOL. Hahaha, given that I had to walk about 15 minutes in this kind of weather, it's really no wonder that I looked like that. ;X

As my dad has said, being sick when you're overseas is really the worst thing ever. I am feeling so miserable everyday, and yet there is no one to take care of me. I guess this will really train my independence. I want to sleep after taking my medicine, but my mid-terms are on Wednesday and there are still so many things which I don't know. Sleep is essentially a luxury for me now. The damnest thing is that my owner is still refusing to switch on the heater even though the weather is really cold now, so I had to switch on my hair-dryer instead. -.-''' Thank goodness I had the foresight to bring the hair-dryer LOL.

I don't really have the appetite to eat 'cos my throat feels damn painful. Lunch was a terrible affair 'cos we only have "hot" ramyeon here. I can very well do without the seasoning 'cos Korean ramyeon seasonings are really damn salty (the noodles are my favourite type of instant noodles though), but gong gong me wasn't in my right state of mind and I actually added in the "hot" seasoning with kimchi. Hot die me and I felt so terrible afterwards. I slept a bit while doing my homework before waking up to cook dinner.

I did feel a bit better after that sleep, so dinner was soup with carrots, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and beansprouts for me. I feel quite proud of myself for cooking such a soup 'cos it tasted good HAHA. If I had added meat or some pork bones, the flavour would just be like what my mum cooks at home. The soup kinda made me feel better in this chilly weather.

OK, that's all for my update. I really have to get back to studying if I wish to rest well tonight.

And I pray to God that I will get well soon and not feel that miserable. ;(


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