Start of school


Time does indeed fly. I've been in South Korea for about 18 days now. I'm actually starting to miss my bed, my home, my family members and of course, Singapore food. I love food, I really do. So I really have a liking for Korean food, unlike A who professes to liking Japanese food more than Korean. But I really miss things like orh luak, chai tow kuay, chicken rice etc. I did actually ask my mum to send a bottle of Ya Kun kaya to me, but she told me to continue dreaming. So much for being my mum. -.-'''

Anyway, school started on Thursday for me. The lessons so far have been quite interesting and I am coping well. It's just that the workload is really starting to increase and we actually cancelled our Busan trip due to the impending workload. Sigh, hope to find another host in December. During the 2nd day of class, we already have to come out with a 3-minute speech in Korean. ._. Not really looking forward to the rest of the lessons already LOL. I feel stressed because I do actually want to enjoy myself here, but don't think I will be able to. ;X

My class is not as diverse as I expected it to be. My classmates only come from 3 countries; China (there's one HKer), Japan and Singapore. And I don't really consider the other Singaporean a Singaporean 'cos she's been living in Korea for 5 years LOL. So far I have made some new friends, but I feel that we don't really have many chances to talk to each other a lot. ;X Hopefully the situation will improve a bit more when we are more open and comfortable with each other. And when will I get to meet an ETHNIC Korean friend? T_T

Before school started, I've been chasing 2 TVB dramas. Haha it's strange how I pine for TVB dramas especially when I'm overseas. I'm currently on par with HK's broadcast of Line Walker, and I finished Black Heart White Soul yesterday. Roger Kwok was FANTABULOUS in Black Heart White Soul. He honestly scares me in there. I do know that people like Matt will definitely exist in this world, but if I do really personally know of such people, the world will really become such a scary place to be in. ;X Line Walker is also another must-watch, but the past 2 episodes have been nothing short of depressing. HK still does police dramas the best.

OK, ending here now. I have to wake up for school tomorrow. ^^

P.S. Yonsei's cafeteria food is actually quite good and value-for-money too. I had a hamburger rice set for only 2700 won the other day. And ever since lessons started, I have been buying the rolls of kimbap for only 2000 won. The kimbap was really very delicious. So far I've tried the anchovies and tuna ones. I aim to try the beef and ham flavours soon! #greedypig


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