Gwangjang Market


Today, I went to Gwangjang Market with my new Malaysian friend, R. R happens to be quite good-tempered and is rather good with directions, so going out with her was less of a stressful affair LOL.

Gwangjang Market happened to be one of our to-go places because of the sheer amount of food tthe market has. Both of us happen to be foodies, so we thought we had to make the trip down. And of course, the food turned out to be as good as hyped. ^^

The entrance of Gwangjang Market.

The interior of the market. The market is HUGE to say the least, and I read that this is the oldest traditional market in Korea.

First food from Gwangjang Market is the mayak kimbap, also known as "drug" kimbap in English. Although it doesn't look much, but it's really one of the best kimbaps I've ever eaten. Yes, it's addictive! ^^

Many many things sold in the market. ^^

This stall sold mayak kimbaps thatw were 500 won more expensive than the rest LOL. On the basis that Running Man came to that stall for their games. xD Way to profit from the show.

Bindaeddeok, otherwise known as mung bean pancake. I didn't really like it, but it seems very popular with other people though.

Raw beef with sweet pear and bean sprouts. THIS IS DAMN GOOD. NO JOKE. If I am feeling rich, I'd just eat eat everyday.

I realised I've been on a hunt for good food ever since I landed in Korea. Food in Korea is generally delicious. I think so far, except for the bindaeddeok which really isn't my cup of tea, I have really enjoyed the rest of my food. Although I am always eating here, I have also been doing lots of walking as well. I skipped the part about the Cheonggyecheon stream because I am feeling tired and feel like sleeping now, but R and I lost our way earlier on and had to walk about 2 km worth of route along the stream before we finally found Gwangjang Market HAHA. Good exercise eh? The search for houses also required lots of walking and dragging of heavy luggages around. Good toning exercise? Heehee.

Alright, that's all for now. 여러분, 잘 자.


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