First day in Korea


Not sure if moon or sun. I think it was the moon haha.

As my readers may have known, for the past few days, I suddenly resisted the thought of going to Korea for such an extended period of time. Even on the days of departure itself, I kept telling my mum that I didn't want to go. She must have thought that I was joking, but in fact, I meant half of what I had said for the past 2 weeks.

Anyway, I finally got my ass moving and boarded the Asiana plane to Korea, the country of my dreams for 10 years and counting. I have never felt so out of place in Singapore, especially when I was the only Singaporean in the queue of Koreans who were presumably returning back to Korea after spending their Chuseok holidays here. Even the queue-minders were speaking in Korean, and thought that I was one of them. Thankfully, I knew what they were asking me so I could still answer them.

After checking in, I ate my final dinner in Singapore, a basket of steamed Ya Kun kaya and butter bread. That tasted really heavenly. So photo-taking sessions later, I made my way to the boarding gate by myself. Asiana is really a Korean airplane haha. I've never heard so much Korean ever in a place in Singapore, except maybe during my stint in the Korean school. I couldn't really catch the air stewardesses' addresses in Korean. Sian, how to survive in Korea like that? Anyway, it was an overnight flight, but I couldn't sleep well at all because the flight experienced quite a lot of turbulences. My whole food tray was shaking like crazy and thankfully, I had finished up my water if not the water would have spilled. I finally got to watch Maleficent after putting it off for so long until it was taken off screen, and I must say that I was glad I didn't manage to have the time to go at that period of time. ^^

Anyway, my luggage, especially my hand-carry luggage, was heavy like toot 'cos my original check-in luggage was already 30 kg, and Asiana was being such a miser by offering only 20 kg. Man, I should have just booked with SQ. ;X Today wasn't a good day because A said she was feeling sick, and therefore I had to be the one who bore with her temper all that etc. I know she was feeling uncomfortable and her irritability was probably a result of her sickness, but it still irked me that I had to bear with her short-temperedness and irritability while I myself was already struggling to handle my own luggage while hunting down rooms to rent.

To cut the long and tedious story short, we each finally found a room that wasn't too bad for its price. In fact, I am starting to love this room for the privacy it offers heehee. I think I really can't stay with A because I just realised that what she thinks is very different from what I think and feel. We'd probably end up quarrelling lol, so I thank God that things have been resolved in this manner.

Hopefully this will probably be the worst day of my life in Korea lol. I can't imagine if there will indeed be subsequent events like this. I might just go back to Singapore altogether. But I thank God for this memorable first-day experience in a foreign country. I am thankful for being able to understand most of what the ahjussis and ahjummas have been saying to us. I am thankful that so far, they have been very nice and welcoming to us, especially the flower shop ahjumma. She really went all her way in helping us find our necessities despite her still having to manage her flower shop. When I told her that I didn't and couldn't find any toilet rolls, she just gave me a toilet roll and said that we could use it because we are like daughters to her. I immediately felt so touched. I barely knew her, a few hours' at most, but wow, I'm just blown away by her generosity.

My bibimnaengmyeon, which came with bulgogi. This was my first meal in Seoul, and in Korea. We were too busy finding houses that I didn't have time to eat before that. This was my first time eating naengmyeon, and the noodles were really very chewy! This dish also had slices of fruits and vegetables in it. I must eat this more to replenish on the lack of affordable fruits here. Damn nice, especially the meat, but the portion was really big! But sadly food here is not as cheap as in Singapore. My dinner already costs 6000 won! ;( And fruits here are !@#$%^& expensive! I saw one bunch of bananas going for 3000 won here. T_T

On the other hand, I don't find most of the Korean men very gentlemanly. Korean pathways (at least in Seoul) are not very even, and the problem is even further exacerbated because they have been laying down paths for the blind to follow as well. This results in the pathways having more ridges than usual. My luggage was already bursting at its seams, so naturally, it couldn't go over the ridges and uneven pathways very well. There was once it even toppled, but the guys just stopped, stared and moved on. Wow, gentlemanly much? -.-'''

I've always loved Korean street food, but somehow I don't really see many of them around. Maybe not in Sinchon I guess. And yes yes yes, there's ddeokbokki! <3 I shall patronise from her soon!

Sinchon at night!!

This pretty much sums up my first day in my dream country. Sinchon is indeed a very vibrant place to be in, especially during at night. Oh it's still summer in Korea. The weather is hot because of the sun rays, but the wind that blew was quite bone-chilling. And at night, it's even worse. Can you imagine being dressed in summer clothes but experiencing cold winds? I think I will be a goner for winter.


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