So... it has finally come to this day, a day which I used to look forward to but now, I am just filled with dread and all kinds of negativity.

I couldn't really sleep last night, knowing that it was really my last night here in the comforts of my own home. I guess I am still a very homely person at heart despite me wanting to go overseas all the time. By overseas, I mean tour trips haha, not going overseas for work or studies.

There's still no news on accommodations haiz. I'm just trying to take it easy and make myself relax despite all the myriad of feelings I'm currently experiencing now.

I guess I have eaten most of the local delicacies I wanted to eat before flying. My last local fare was an egg roti prata. I wanted an egg and onion one but I think the stall-holders were too lazy to make one for me so they just told my mum that they had run out of onions. -.-'''

Hopefully, the egg roti prata will last me the whole day. I really have no mood to stomach anything else. ;X

And to all those who have sent me their well-wishes and prayers, I am beyond thankful and grateful.

I was reading my daily encouragement in the Bible when I came across this:

God's work is done through the overcoming of difficulties. He specialises in making mountains into level ground before his people. As they go forward by faith, they find that the mountains have become plains. We cannot remove the mountains, but we can exercise faith in the Remover of mountains.

I shall just leave all my worries with God, and maintain my faith in Him. All things will work out, somehow.


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