Start of school


Time does indeed fly. I've been in South Korea for about 18 days now. I'm actually starting to miss my bed, my home, my family members and of course, Singapore food. I love food, I really do. So I really have a liking for Korean food, unlike A who professes to liking Japanese food more than Korean. But I really miss things like orh luak, chai tow kuay, chicken rice etc. I did actually ask my mum to send a bottle of Ya Kun kaya to me, but she told me to continue dreaming. So much for being my mum. -.-'''

Anyway, school started on Thursday for me. The lessons so far have been quite interesting and I am coping well. It's just that the workload is really starting to increase and we actually cancelled our Busan trip due to the impending workload. Sigh, hope to find another host in December. During the 2nd day of class, we already have to come out with a 3-minute speech in Korean. ._. Not really looking forward to the rest of the lessons already LOL. I feel stressed because I do actually want to enjoy myself here, but don't think I will be able to. ;X

My class is not as diverse as I expected it to be. My classmates only come from 3 countries; China (there's one HKer), Japan and Singapore. And I don't really consider the other Singaporean a Singaporean 'cos she's been living in Korea for 5 years LOL. So far I have made some new friends, but I feel that we don't really have many chances to talk to each other a lot. ;X Hopefully the situation will improve a bit more when we are more open and comfortable with each other. And when will I get to meet an ETHNIC Korean friend? T_T

Before school started, I've been chasing 2 TVB dramas. Haha it's strange how I pine for TVB dramas especially when I'm overseas. I'm currently on par with HK's broadcast of Line Walker, and I finished Black Heart White Soul yesterday. Roger Kwok was FANTABULOUS in Black Heart White Soul. He honestly scares me in there. I do know that people like Matt will definitely exist in this world, but if I do really personally know of such people, the world will really become such a scary place to be in. ;X Line Walker is also another must-watch, but the past 2 episodes have been nothing short of depressing. HK still does police dramas the best.

OK, ending here now. I have to wake up for school tomorrow. ^^

P.S. Yonsei's cafeteria food is actually quite good and value-for-money too. I had a hamburger rice set for only 2700 won the other day. And ever since lessons started, I have been buying the rolls of kimbap for only 2000 won. The kimbap was really very delicious. So far I've tried the anchovies and tuna ones. I aim to try the beef and ham flavours soon! #greedypig

Gwangjang Market


Today, I went to Gwangjang Market with my new Malaysian friend, R. R happens to be quite good-tempered and is rather good with directions, so going out with her was less of a stressful affair LOL.

Gwangjang Market happened to be one of our to-go places because of the sheer amount of food tthe market has. Both of us happen to be foodies, so we thought we had to make the trip down. And of course, the food turned out to be as good as hyped. ^^

The entrance of Gwangjang Market.

The interior of the market. The market is HUGE to say the least, and I read that this is the oldest traditional market in Korea.

First food from Gwangjang Market is the mayak kimbap, also known as "drug" kimbap in English. Although it doesn't look much, but it's really one of the best kimbaps I've ever eaten. Yes, it's addictive! ^^

Many many things sold in the market. ^^

This stall sold mayak kimbaps thatw were 500 won more expensive than the rest LOL. On the basis that Running Man came to that stall for their games. xD Way to profit from the show.

Bindaeddeok, otherwise known as mung bean pancake. I didn't really like it, but it seems very popular with other people though.

Raw beef with sweet pear and bean sprouts. THIS IS DAMN GOOD. NO JOKE. If I am feeling rich, I'd just eat eat everyday.

I realised I've been on a hunt for good food ever since I landed in Korea. Food in Korea is generally delicious. I think so far, except for the bindaeddeok which really isn't my cup of tea, I have really enjoyed the rest of my food. Although I am always eating here, I have also been doing lots of walking as well. I skipped the part about the Cheonggyecheon stream because I am feeling tired and feel like sleeping now, but R and I lost our way earlier on and had to walk about 2 km worth of route along the stream before we finally found Gwangjang Market HAHA. Good exercise eh? The search for houses also required lots of walking and dragging of heavy luggages around. Good toning exercise? Heehee.

Alright, that's all for now. 여러분, 잘 자.

First day in Korea


Not sure if moon or sun. I think it was the moon haha.

As my readers may have known, for the past few days, I suddenly resisted the thought of going to Korea for such an extended period of time. Even on the days of departure itself, I kept telling my mum that I didn't want to go. She must have thought that I was joking, but in fact, I meant half of what I had said for the past 2 weeks.

Anyway, I finally got my ass moving and boarded the Asiana plane to Korea, the country of my dreams for 10 years and counting. I have never felt so out of place in Singapore, especially when I was the only Singaporean in the queue of Koreans who were presumably returning back to Korea after spending their Chuseok holidays here. Even the queue-minders were speaking in Korean, and thought that I was one of them. Thankfully, I knew what they were asking me so I could still answer them.

After checking in, I ate my final dinner in Singapore, a basket of steamed Ya Kun kaya and butter bread. That tasted really heavenly. So photo-taking sessions later, I made my way to the boarding gate by myself. Asiana is really a Korean airplane haha. I've never heard so much Korean ever in a place in Singapore, except maybe during my stint in the Korean school. I couldn't really catch the air stewardesses' addresses in Korean. Sian, how to survive in Korea like that? Anyway, it was an overnight flight, but I couldn't sleep well at all because the flight experienced quite a lot of turbulences. My whole food tray was shaking like crazy and thankfully, I had finished up my water if not the water would have spilled. I finally got to watch Maleficent after putting it off for so long until it was taken off screen, and I must say that I was glad I didn't manage to have the time to go at that period of time. ^^

Anyway, my luggage, especially my hand-carry luggage, was heavy like toot 'cos my original check-in luggage was already 30 kg, and Asiana was being such a miser by offering only 20 kg. Man, I should have just booked with SQ. ;X Today wasn't a good day because A said she was feeling sick, and therefore I had to be the one who bore with her temper all that etc. I know she was feeling uncomfortable and her irritability was probably a result of her sickness, but it still irked me that I had to bear with her short-temperedness and irritability while I myself was already struggling to handle my own luggage while hunting down rooms to rent.

To cut the long and tedious story short, we each finally found a room that wasn't too bad for its price. In fact, I am starting to love this room for the privacy it offers heehee. I think I really can't stay with A because I just realised that what she thinks is very different from what I think and feel. We'd probably end up quarrelling lol, so I thank God that things have been resolved in this manner.

Hopefully this will probably be the worst day of my life in Korea lol. I can't imagine if there will indeed be subsequent events like this. I might just go back to Singapore altogether. But I thank God for this memorable first-day experience in a foreign country. I am thankful for being able to understand most of what the ahjussis and ahjummas have been saying to us. I am thankful that so far, they have been very nice and welcoming to us, especially the flower shop ahjumma. She really went all her way in helping us find our necessities despite her still having to manage her flower shop. When I told her that I didn't and couldn't find any toilet rolls, she just gave me a toilet roll and said that we could use it because we are like daughters to her. I immediately felt so touched. I barely knew her, a few hours' at most, but wow, I'm just blown away by her generosity.

My bibimnaengmyeon, which came with bulgogi. This was my first meal in Seoul, and in Korea. We were too busy finding houses that I didn't have time to eat before that. This was my first time eating naengmyeon, and the noodles were really very chewy! This dish also had slices of fruits and vegetables in it. I must eat this more to replenish on the lack of affordable fruits here. Damn nice, especially the meat, but the portion was really big! But sadly food here is not as cheap as in Singapore. My dinner already costs 6000 won! ;( And fruits here are !@#$%^& expensive! I saw one bunch of bananas going for 3000 won here. T_T

On the other hand, I don't find most of the Korean men very gentlemanly. Korean pathways (at least in Seoul) are not very even, and the problem is even further exacerbated because they have been laying down paths for the blind to follow as well. This results in the pathways having more ridges than usual. My luggage was already bursting at its seams, so naturally, it couldn't go over the ridges and uneven pathways very well. There was once it even toppled, but the guys just stopped, stared and moved on. Wow, gentlemanly much? -.-'''

I've always loved Korean street food, but somehow I don't really see many of them around. Maybe not in Sinchon I guess. And yes yes yes, there's ddeokbokki! <3 I shall patronise from her soon!

Sinchon at night!!

This pretty much sums up my first day in my dream country. Sinchon is indeed a very vibrant place to be in, especially during at night. Oh it's still summer in Korea. The weather is hot because of the sun rays, but the wind that blew was quite bone-chilling. And at night, it's even worse. Can you imagine being dressed in summer clothes but experiencing cold winds? I think I will be a goner for winter.



So... it has finally come to this day, a day which I used to look forward to but now, I am just filled with dread and all kinds of negativity.

I couldn't really sleep last night, knowing that it was really my last night here in the comforts of my own home. I guess I am still a very homely person at heart despite me wanting to go overseas all the time. By overseas, I mean tour trips haha, not going overseas for work or studies.

There's still no news on accommodations haiz. I'm just trying to take it easy and make myself relax despite all the myriad of feelings I'm currently experiencing now.

I guess I have eaten most of the local delicacies I wanted to eat before flying. My last local fare was an egg roti prata. I wanted an egg and onion one but I think the stall-holders were too lazy to make one for me so they just told my mum that they had run out of onions. -.-'''

Hopefully, the egg roti prata will last me the whole day. I really have no mood to stomach anything else. ;X

And to all those who have sent me their well-wishes and prayers, I am beyond thankful and grateful.

I was reading my daily encouragement in the Bible when I came across this:

God's work is done through the overcoming of difficulties. He specialises in making mountains into level ground before his people. As they go forward by faith, they find that the mountains have become plains. We cannot remove the mountains, but we can exercise faith in the Remover of mountains.

I shall just leave all my worries with God, and maintain my faith in Him. All things will work out, somehow.



Does everybody who leave Singapore to go overseas for a long period of time all feel like this? Be it for studies, work or even migration to another country, do they all feel the same as I do right now? To be honest, as the days draw nearer, I can't, and don't feel excited anymore. My initial excitement at being able to go overseas again is now being replaced more by worry, trepidation and even homesickness. Yes homesickness even when I haven't even left yet. ;X

I told myself I had to at least get away and experience what life away from Singapore is like. I know that I will not have the chance anymore once I start working and that I will sorely regret it for the rest of my life if I don't go ahead with my plan.

I have never left my parents' side for more than 2 weeks at a stretch. Living without them by my side will really need some time getting used to. If I were to go to HK, I think I wouldn't really be feeling this way 'cos I know the language, I have relatives there, and perhaps 'cos after all, the environment is still "Chinese", which is the environment I have grown up in, the culture I've grown so accustomed to.

On top of that, I am very afraid that I won't be able to get along well with A. Being friends is one thing. But being stuck together for 4 months with another person is another scary thought. You get to see all their flaws, and probably what they are is different from what I thought they were. I must say that I don't think I have a very good temper. The reason why not many people (save for my family members) have seldom seen me lose my temper is because I know how to keep it in check very well. But I hate it when things don't get done quickly. I need to learn to be more patient, but time is running out and the worse thing is we haven't even settled on finding our accommodation.

Update: Guess what? A just told me that the host got back to her and said that she let the room out to another person. So that means we're without accommodation. -.-'''

I've been praying for a smooth journey for this trip, praying that there won't be any major hiccups, praying that I will come back to SG a better person. Now, I will need to pray that I will get along with A well. It will be damn awkward if we are living together and yet not on talking terms. And I shall pray that we can find our accommodation before we reach there or on the day we reach there.

Staying on the streets in a foreign country is damn scary please.

God, please save us all. T_T