So blessed.


The week didn't really start off right. I had to spend my long weekend doing bank reconciliation 'cos the FC wanted it done urgently and yet even after the long weekend had passed, I still couldn't get it down to zero dollar zero cent. It really frustrated me more, to find out that the GL that I had been working with was filled with errors. No wonder no matter how hard I worked, I could never get the damn account to reconcile. It was even made worse when all the transactions from even last year (gasp!) were posted into the wrong month. I was seriously wondering what the previous people were doing and why I had to be dragged into this BS and be answerable for all their mistakes. Everybody must have seen my black face, if I had even bothered looking at them straight into the eye.

Then on Thursday, thankfully the FC was on half-day leave, so I felt a lot more relaxed and decided to retreat into the meeting room, where nobody could disturb me (seriously, I have a beef with some people in the other department. Can't you see that other people are busy doing their things? You very free I know lah, can still go around telling jokes so loudly and laughing so loudly. And your laughter sounds HORRENDOUS I swear. OK rant over.) and I could do my things in peace. That was when I felt truly cut off from the outside world, and then I prayed.

Although I didn't managed to solve it on Thursday, I felt a lot more at peace, and finally after 45 minutes into yesterday, I managed to get it down to zero dollar zero cent. He has heard, He has answered. Although not instantaneous, I still felt that He was around me all this while, and for this, I am very thankful.

I attended my first cell group session yesterday after all these while. Although I felt really very drained out from work, but having people to share my grouses with, and feeling His presence all among us is indeed very therapeutic. We ended at 10 pm, but I've never felt as energised as I did yesterday. Although I only had my dinner at home at about 10.30 pm, but for You, all is worth it. =)

Another reason to be thankful for: I have finally gotten my admission email. Praise be to God!


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