Back to HK!


It was back to HK for the both of us. I went there with my sister only this time round because my parents went to HK a week back. LOL. So for the month of June, I only got to see my parents for only 2 weeks. ._.

Anyway, because this isn't our first trip there, we skipped many of the tourist attractions and instead, went around eating at famous establishments. Well, I really can't help it 'cos I'm an absolute foodie, though work has caused me to lose my appetite. ;X I'm really so glad for such a break from work.

I was so busy for the whole week that I didn't even start packing my luggage until the night before I was due to fly off. AND MINE WAS A MORNING FLIGHT! !@#$% My FC even had to hold me and my other colleagues back just before I was about to run out of the office to catch the company bus back to the MRT station zZz. I had to shake her off by saying that I had to go to the recruitment agency and therefore I couldn't OT. And yeah, she did finally let me go, but the 2Rs, HF and I missed the company bus and had to walk out to take the public transport. Damn her, really. -.-'''

Saturday 28/06/2014 (Day 1)
The parents forced us to wake up at 6 am for our flight. I was feeling really very tired due to work, so I was actually quite reluctant to wake up. I had even harboured a fleeting thought of not going for the trip at all 'cos all I wanted to do was to repay my sleep debt. So sorry for having even that thought, my toys. =(

Anyway, booking a taxi is really very convenient now, thanks to apps like Easy Taxi, so we didn't have to call the cab in advance and pay so much. I tried to sleep in the taxi but I couldn't, so ya...

We reached the airport at 7+ am and our flight was at 9.30 am, so we quickly checked in our luggages. It has become a routine for us to eat at Ya Kun every time we fly off, especially since we fly off from Terminal 3 quite often. So yup, we ordered the usual. I love their soft-boiled eggs the most. ^^ Since we didn't really have much time left after finishing our breakfast, we walked to the departure area and bade the parents farewell.

I understand why Singapore has the BESTEST airport in the world, and I'm really proud of this fact as a Singaporean. So far, I've never been to / seen any airport that is more stylish and makes me feel so pampered than Changi Airport. Especially T3. You really have to go inside to be just BLOWN AWAY by the interior design of it. It's literally a 5-star hotel inside, especially with all the very high-end brands like Hermes inside. And did I mention the toilets too? They were just superbly gorgeous and classy I can't even... It just makes me cry. ;_; Really, just come to Singapore for the airport, 'nuff said.

Anyway, it was my first time on board an A380. It's indeed a very huge aircraft and I kinda felt overwhelmed by it. It made the other planes look like toy planes next to it. I wished we had the chance to sit on the upper deck though, but those were already taken up when I booked our tickets. ;( But we got window seats at least.

Our plane...

Another A380 waiting to take off right behind us.

We were tilting so much that I really shifted in my seat lol.

Instead of catching up on my sleep, I decided to watch Frozen and Toy Story 3 haha. I managed to complete these two movies during the flight. Sis went to HK 3 months back on the same flight and she was miffed that they served her the exact same thing she had for breakfast on board 3 months back, with the same reason given LOL. ;P Otherwise, the flight to HK was rather uneventful.

It's HK babe! Look at those tall buildings!

Landing... was quite smooth haha. One of the smoothest ever. Oh and take-off was very smooth too. Don't know whether it's because of the plane HAHA.

Look at 'em suites!

Anyway, Aunt Mui picked us up from the airport. She passed us the SIM cards that Uncle Yip had bought for us and so we switched our cards. Mm goi sai, Yan Yan lo dau! ^^ We took the bus to CSW. Oh CSW, how I've missed you so much. It's been 3 years since I've last stepped foot here, and of course, many things have happened during these 3 years, especially the last half year. Thinking about this makes me sad, but let's move on to happier thoughts.

The bus trip back to CSW took about 1 hour. It's quite an experience because I got to see a side of HK which I would have never seen if I just sat on the MTR. I was feeling quite sleepy already but couldn't fall asleep 'cos Aunt Mui kept talking LOL. ._. And I was also afraid of our luggages falling off the racks on the bus.

Anyway, after reaching our bus-stop, Aunt Mui brought us to this cha chan teng which sold damn good wantons. Haha, I really still think that wantons in HK are the best. I forgot the shop's name, but apparently my family always comes here to eat haha. The wantons are super huge to say the least, and and and 'em prawns. ;_;

Look at the wanton! I just ordered the wanton soup 'cos we were going to meet le couz for food later on. Damn big, and damn good!

We met Long and Tsung to eat at the Australian Dairy Company. It was my first time there so it was great to have native Hong Kongers like them to go with us since we didn't know the route there (though there's always the internet) and I didn't know what to order except for the scrambled eggs LOL. Anyway, although I have read reviews saying that the service was really bad, but wow, I can tell you this since I have experienced this first-hand. It was really bad. ._. There were really many people in the eatery, and many people queuing outside as well. So I guess you must decide what you want to eat before entering the place. It's just chop chop eat and chop chop go out here, as with other cha chan tengs in HK as well. The cousins suggested we order the milk pudding first, so we ordered two bowls of it. The waiter serving us scolded us for wasting his time and didn't even stay to listen to our next orders. -.-'''

Anyway, we finally got what we wanted. Our orders were literally served in one minute LOL. That's HK's efficiency for you. The toast with scrambled eggs really lived up to its name, and so does the milk pudding. They were all SO GOOD lah! The char siu macaroni was also damn good. I really liked it leh. The char siu pieces don't taste like the conventional char sius that I have been eating all along. Anyway, no pictures 'cos I was too eager to try the food. But there'll be many more pictures to come heehee! ^^

We went window-shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui after our satisfying meal. Haha, I really needed to walk off the fats LOL, but in the end we didn't really do much. I felt too tired to continue walking so I suggested we go home. The aunts were surprised as to why we came back so early, but really lah, I couldn't take it anymore. I had such a hell week at work the previous day and I had to wake up at 6 am just to catch the flight today. How could I not be tired? =/ The cousins went home with us too 'cos they wanted to visit their grandparents lol.

Anyway, kau por made some cold wine (drunken) chicken wings. They were damn good. I think I ate like 3 of them. Help, I'm growing fat in HK!

Sunday 29/06/2014 (Day 2)
A little pineapple that was growing downstairs haha. It was really cute! ^^

The sun rises very early here. It was already very bright at about 5.30 am. I woke up thinking that it was about time to wake up, only to realise that it was only 5.30 in the morning. -.-''' I went back to sleep again before Aunt Mui came to wake us up at about 8 am?? Anyway, we got ready and took bus 6 to Sham Shui Po, where the original Tim Ho Wan (THW) with the Michelin star is located. Good thing about living in CSW is that there are so many good eateries located nearby. THW was just about 7 minutes by bus from CSW.

When we reached there, it was about 10 am, but the queues. Oh gosh, THEY WERE HORRENDOUSLY LONG. I can't even... and the weather... If the weather was cooler, I wouldn't have minded waiting, but wow the weather was really killing me. Aunt Mui then suggested we could walk around the vicinity while she waited, so yeah. It turned out that we waited for more than 1 hour just to get our seats.

I was getting too hungry and the weather was killing me, so we bought this pizza bread from a bakery for only $5.50. It was really super cheap, and it was a very HUGE slice as well. And it tasted so good. Maybe I was going to die from hunger haha that was why.

Anyway, we finally got our seats and THANK GOODNESS the interior of THW was air-conditioned. I can't imagine if it was just like a normal cha chan teng. The heat will definitely drive me crazy. ._. We ordered many dim sum items and I finally felt like a true-blue HKer haha. Yum cha on a Sunday morning with the fam. The cousins also joined us too. We ordered so many dishes that I've kinda lost count actually. And guess what? All for less than SGD$10 per person. THW in Singapore is seriously way too overpriced, although I do admit that the THW in SG does have standard as well. My first THW experience was in Plaza Singapura and we spent SGD$120 just on dim sum for 4 people. Looking back, that was seriously and crazily expensive. Even my aunts were shocked when they heard about it lol.

The iconic signboards of THW...

Their all-in-Chinese menu. Of course, I knew what I wanted to eat. *looks around shiftily*

Sis and I went to the supermarket while Aunt Mui was queuing up. I've always loved grocery shopping haha. And walao why they have such nice flavours one?!

Anyway, the char siu baos that got THW its first Michelin star, I can tell you, are HEAVENLY. And I already thought that the SG branches (I've been to Plaza Singapura and Westgate) already tasted very good. Wow, the Sham Shui Po ones are totally BOMBZXC. The osmanthus cakes (桂花糕) were really super duper good too! Haha I think THW is a very big deal in SG, but not so much in HK though. My HK fam has never eaten at THW before, except for Aunt Mui. o.O''' They agreed that the char siu baos were really good haha. There were some other dim sum dishes that we ordered that didn't really taste very good in my opinion, especially the deep fried ones. Below were the dishes which I really loved.

Them har gaus! My must-order every time I yum cha.

Chee cheong fun with prawns. I love this combination so much!

The most famous dish from THW. And it's really as fantabulous as everyone says.

Siew mais are also my must-order when I yum cha, especially in HK when siew mais are STUFFED with prawns.

The pan-fried carrot cakes were damn good too! ;D

THE OSMANTHUS CAKES THOUGH... They were of the right sweetness! Even my fam agreed.

The spring rolls stuffed with crab meat. This dish was also very good too. I found the rest of the fried items not very good. This was the only good one.

So after yum cha, the rest of the fam went back home 'cos Tsung had to pack for Taiwan and the old people couldn't accompany us to Mid-Levels, could they? Aunt Lai and Aunt Mui brought us to Mid-Levels in the end. We took the bus to TST and it was really quite a clear day though the sun was shining quite strongly. When I saw the HK skyline, I was reminded why HK is HK haha. All the feels. ;_;

I've stopped watching TVB dramas for almost a year now, but my sis and I will still 花痴 over the HK police haha.

Panorama of the HK skyline from TST. Ngor oi heung gong!

Le famous clock tower.

And so after acting like tourists at TST, we went to take the Star Ferry to Central. All my feels from 3 years back were coming back again. ;_; Damn HK, why you so beautiful? Although your weather is really !@#$#$, but my feels.

Anyway, the two aunts brought us around Central. And wow, the whole place was literally flooded with so many maids. We couldn't even walk and make our way past properly. ._. I don't even think the situation will be this bad at Orchard Road on Sundays. Central is like the maids' gathering point. The sheer number of them on the streets was just so scary. I thought they were going to participate in a protest.

The sign indicating that we were nearing Mid-Levels.

The escalators to bring us up the mountains? Haha it's the longest outdoor escalator in the world.

Look at how steep the slope is. And those people who live here are super duper rich lol.

I'd love to come here at night the next time round and soak in the atmosphere of the pubs and bars.

A tree growing out from a building. ._.

We went all the way up until there were no more escalators for us to take and had a painful journey of walking down without the help of escalators LOL. But at least there were many interesting shops we saw. We even stopped by a Marks & Spencer and bought some exotic-flavoured potato chips lol, 'cos it's so British and atas and I don't think they're sold in SG. ;P

I told my aunts I wanted to buy some cookies from Jenny's Bakery so since we were in HK Island, we decided to go to the branch in Sheung Wan but by the time we got there at 4.30 pm, all the cookies were sold out. Lol, what a wasted trip. ;X We then went back to Kowloon where they had another branch there. And wow, the queue really extended all the way to outside the building. ._. I have heard everybody raving about them, but thankfully we didn't queue very long and we managed to get the cookies before it started raining. I really pitied those people who queued up for so long but didn't manage to get the cookies because of the rain. Anyway, the cookies were so popular that there were touts everywhere trying to buy the cookies from other people who queued up and then selling them to people who didn't want to wait. My parents also encountered them when they were there a week back and was wondering what the fuss was about.

We made our way back home and rested awhile before meeting Yan Yan and fam for dinner at 8.30 pm. Dinner was really super duper good. I've been to Ka Ho so many times that I've lost count, but damn, the standard is still as good. In fact, I really love Cantonese food the best. It must be in my blood lol. The steamed grouper was damn fresh and good. The fried salad pork chop was also damn good. The onion oil chicken was also damn good. And I didn't take any pictures 'cos I was busy devouring the food. *two thumbs-up* Thank you so much for the treat, Uncle Yip! ^^

It rained when we were about to go back, but thankfully home was only a walking distance away. And thankfully the typhoon hasn't struck yet although it was supposed to be the typhoon season. It was the first time I saw rain in HK haha. Those water dripping from the air-cons totally cheated my feelings lol.

Monday 30/06/2014 (Day 3)
We woke up early today, 'cos we were going to Disneyland!!! It was the eve of a public holiday in HK, so the cousins could join us since they had no school. Long didn't join in the end 'cos she was sick, so only Yan and Tsung went with us.

My fam has the habit of switching on their radios early in the morning. Coincidentally, the radio DJ was talking about how there were long lines for cookies from Jenny's Bakery, and how popular it seemed to tourists, especially Ah Tiongs. She also mentioned that the shop keepers weren't actually very willing to sell the cookies to Hong Kongers. Oops...

Anyway, to start off, the two aunts and us went to McDonald's for breakfast haha. We had the sausage egg McMuffin set, which came with soya milk. I told Aunt Lai to buy me the black sesame soya milk though. Wow, that cup of soya milk was one of the best drinks I've ever had. It was really that good. Oh and anyway, the sausage egg McMuffin is made of pork, but apparently it didn't taste any different from the McMuffins we have back in SG lol, which is made of beef. ._.

Breakfast menu in HK. And I stand by what I've said 3 years back. McDonald's here is really very cheap. One Filet-O-Fish burger is only $9 in HK, whereas we pay almost $4 (HKD$24) back in SG just for a burger. o.O'''

We met the couz after breakfast and took the train to Disneyland.

Hi, we meet again! ^^

Hi Alice! ^^

One of my favourite places in Disneyland 'cos it's so colourful! ;D

Spot the Goofy haha!

I love Disneyland. There is always magic in this place and this time round, we got to play with the new rides, which were really good. The weather really killed though. It was so hot and humid, and it didn't help that there were so many people and we had to wait for so long in order to sit those rides. The minimum waiting time was at least 1/2 hour, and we did wait for almost 1 hour for some of the rides. Like I've mentioned, I wouldn't mind waiting if the weather was good, but unfortunately, we chose to come to HK at this time, so yeah... T_T

This was taken during the parade. Look at how hot and bright the sun was. And I really salute those people who were wearing the costumes, especially the character costumes. It must have been really very hot and uncomfortable for them. ;X

The fireworks started at about 9 pm, and boy it was still so humid even at night. But still, it was a magical night. Thank you Tsung for accompanying us even though she had to fly to Taiwan the very next morning. Haha, this cousin of mine is really a theme park junkie, just like us. ;P

Tuesday 01/07/2014 (Day 4)
Since we went home rather late after going to Disneyland, today was kinda a rest day for us haha. We woke up at almost 10 am. Aunt Mui brought us to a cha chan teng which sold super duper good porridge. I really love Cantonese porridge the best. I think that's because I'm Cantonese haha. And of course as a Canto I love eating century egg porridge lol. The porridge had lots of ingredients in it, and I loved the fact that they didn't mince on the ingredients. I think I had 2 whole century eggs for my bowl of porridge, unlike in SG where they'd only give me half an egg if they were feeling generous. The porridge was really good, but the sides were meh. We paid only $19 for it though, so not so heart pain lah (technically Aunt Mui paid for it heehee).

The aunts suggested that we should go and watch the protests haha. It's customary for protests to be held on every 1st July of the year. I really wanted to go, but the sis didn't want to. Tsk.

After our breakfast, we made our way to Jordan by ourselves. We walked around the area before we finally felt hungry enough to eat again. And when in Jordan, where should you go? Of course the Australian Dairy Company lah! This time round, we managed to get seats only after about 2 minutes of waiting although the queue was longer than the first time we were there. I think that was because there were many Ah Tiongs (Mainland Chinese) lining up so they didn't understand what the waiter was saying in Cantonese (he was actually saying there were two seats inside). Lalala, rocks to be a Canto in Cantoland.

After the first time there a few days ago, I now knew what to order so tada, the food came in 2 minutes LOL. And this time round, pictures! ^^



CHAR SIU SPAGHETTI. I liked the macaroni better actually lol. But the person didn't ask me if I wanted "tong fun" or "yi dai lei mein". BUT THE CHAR SIU THOUGH, IS GOOD.

After our satisfying meal, we walked for a bit more before going to Mak Man Kee for wanton mein. We ordered the lo mein, which meant the dry version of wanton mein. Mak Man Kee is located just right beside the Aussie Dairy Company. Mak Man Kee is actually opened by the same family which opened the Michelin-starred Mak's Noodle (which I ate 3 years back). I found the noodles at Mak Man Kee to be so-so only because it felt a bit "hard" to me. I don't really know how to describe it. Maybe we should have ordered the soup version instead. But oh wow, the wantons are totally the BOMB though. They were super huge and very "crunchy" due to the use of fresh shrimps. And we had 6 wantons in there, which was considered a lot. Lo meins in HK generally come in bigger portions, hence they're usually more expensive. We paid $42 for this dish.

Wanton lo mein. I really love how wanton mein in HK is just wanton and mein. Wanton mein in the truest sense of the word heehee.

The huge wanton!

What's inside...

After our lunch(es), we went over to Mong Kok. Funny how we used to come to Mong Kok so often 3 years back but this time round, this marked the first time we went to Mong Kok lol. We walked around Ladies' Market where we also found the Mister Softee ice-cream van. I ate this 3 years back in Stanley, and le sis hasn't tried it before, we bought ice-cream from there. And wow, hot weather was really hot. My ice-cream literally started melting RIGHT after it came out from the ice-cream nozzle. I was left quite speechless by such a sight LOL.

My melting ice-cream. -.-''' And sis had the cup 'cos she has braces on now and can't chew on hard things. -.-'''

It started raining soon after so we hurried back to the MTR station lol, where we went over to Prince Edward for Kam Wah's famous polo buns. I tried to follow a guide from the internet on how to get there, but it was so confusing and took us on a roundabout way zZz... Anyway, we managed to find the eatery so we bought one polo bun to try. IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD, especially when it was piping hot from the oven. ;_; But I was quite surprised to see that there weren't any butter slices in it, unlike what I have been seeing on Instagram. It turned out that I had ordered the wrong one. Instead of saying "bo lo bau", I should have said "bo lo yau". How was I supposed to know this haha... Everyone who ordered before me just said "bo lo bau". ;P

Anyway, we bought back 4 polo buns with butter slices for the fam, together with 2 egg tarts. It was our way of expressing our gratitude for having us over at the expense of their convenience.

We stayed home for dinner today anyway. Kau por cooked and yay, her cold drunken chicken wings made a comeback! I love home-cooked food the best. Her dishes reminded me so much of mama's cooking (Aunt Mui rightly pointed this out), which I won't be able to have anymore. ='(

Din din for tonight! And the fried eggs with shrimps... They reminded me so much of mama, 'cos she used to cook them for me as I LOVE eggs. T_T

Anyway, I slept quite early today 'cos I was feeling super tired. So tada...

Wednesday 02/07/2014 (Day 5)
We went to yum cha at Ka Ho again! ^^ We went down to chope places with Aunt Mui, who also bought newspapers while on the way. It turned out that yesterday's protests were the largest ever since 2003, when SARS hit. More than half a million people participated in the protests. I must say that from the pictures, the scenes do actually look very, very 壯觀, and I kinda of regretted not going to see the protests. It would really have been an once-in-a-lifetime experience for me since we don't get to see legit protests and on such a large scale in SG.

A picture I took off the internet, but I saw this picture being splashed on the headlines on all newspapers today.

Prawn cheong fun again! ^^

After yum cha, we took bus 112 to Causeway Bay. It was quite an experience to take buses, especially in foreign land 'cos we don't usually know where to alight. I've grown overly reliant on the MTR haha. Anyway, we went underwater hahahaha.

Cute toys. ;3

Anyway, we walked around Causeway Bay and window-shopped. I still love grocery shopping lol. #housewifematerial Causeway Bay has this HUGE Wellcome supermarket which sold even cooked food lol, so we went in and bought our lunch.

I kept seeing this bottle of milk at the Aussie Dairy Company, but didn't feel like ordering it at those times, so we bought 2 bottles from Wellcome. My first experience drinking milk from a glass bottle lol. I think the milk tasted OK haha, just like normal milk lor.

Our fried salmon fish from Wellcome. It would have tasted really good if we had heated it up, but unfortunately we had no means to. And we had sashimi which isn't shown here haha.

Causeway Bay is really a very atas place leh. I had to rely on the sister to become my tour guide 'cos she lived in Causeway Bay 3 months back lol. We walked around and also went to their Forever 21. IT'S SUPER HUGE PLEASE; like just a building itself. ;_; But they didn't sell the floral skater skirts that I saw in SG. Maybe I have to go back to SG and get them. =(

We went to Sogo and wow, the number of atas shops in there is too damn high lol. And Sogo is also just a building by itself. We finally went down to the supermarket in Sogo and my jaws dropped at the sheer number of food items they had there. Haha, I really do think that grocery window-shopping is fun! ^^

Hi, Mother's Crepe! We meet again! One year on, I'm eating this again, just in another country.

We met Yan's fam and Long at 6 pm at Hong Kong station. Haha, that station is HUGE I can't even... We had to get off at Central MTR, then walk within the MTR stations to get to Hong Kong. I think it is even bigger than Dhoby Ghaut MRT lor. Haha, we're back at Mid-Levels again, this time for the 1600 paper marche panda exhibitions.

Lol, the walk uphill was tedious as usual and I sweated like nobody's business. But guess what? I didn't know that the original Tai Cheong was located here as well! So Aunt Eva bought us egg tarts which had just come out from the oven. BLISSSSSSSS I tell you. I really think that Tai Cheong sells the best egg tarts in the world lor. *squeals in delight*

We continued our march up the hill before we finally reached PMQ, where the panda exhibition was held. PMQ used to be the HK police HQ before they shifted elsewhere, as I was told. Anyway, the pandas in there were really so cute I can't even... I hate you pandas. YOU ALL DON'T BE SO CUTE CAN OR NOT?! T_T

Cute sign leading to the place...

Pandas pandas everywhere! ;D There are supposed to be 1600 pandas here, to represent only 1600 pandas left in this world. ;X

It was about nearly 9 pm when we finally had our dinner. And Aunt Eva apparently saw the list of must-eats that I posted on my sister's Facebook wall, so she decided to bring us to Kau Kee to eat. Can I just cry at her thoughtfulness? *touched* We had to wait for quite a while because apparently Kau Kee is another famous eating establishment, so while waiting, we planned our Macau trip with them LOL.

We finally got to go in, but had to sit separately, 3 by 3. Anyway, like other HK cha chan tengs, their efficiency is really to be lauded. The noodles looked quite ordinary, but the magic happened when I started having my first bite. Wow, I swear that's like the BESTEST food I've had in HK so far. The noodles were very springy; the beef brisket were soft and chewy without being overly fatty. And the soup... Wow, words just failed me right here. This place is really a must-go! I swear those who don't eat beef are missing out on this (and a lot of other things lol. How can anybody resist wagyu and Kobe beef? ;P).I'll definitely return to this place (getting there is a bit of a problem though) again for my noodles! =D

At Kau Kee...

This, my dear (to whoever reads this), is hands-down, the BEST beef brisket noodles I've ever eaten in my whole life. ;_; We ordered the "yi mien", which isn't the brown crunchy noodles that you get in SG, but more of thin, flat white noodles (nope, it's not kway teow too).

We went home after dinner together with Long since she was taking the same line as us. Really many thanks to Uncle Yip and family for spending time with us and for the numerous treats! Saranghaeyo! *heart heart*

Thursday 03/07/2014 (Day 6)
We had polo buns from Kam Wah (initially we bought it for the fam, but the fam couldn't finish so we ended up eating them too LOL) and the malt-flavoured Vitasoy again. I swear I had been drinking malt-flavoured Vitasoy ever since I touched down in HK LOL. But seriously I love that thing. It's so good, and I don't think SG sells this flavour at all. =(

Anyway, Aunt Mui woke us up at 5.45 am. On other days I wouldn't need anybody to wake me up 'cos the sun rises too damn early here, so I always ended up being woken up by the brightness outside. But this time no. Aunt Mui had to knock on our doors for quite a long time before we woke up LOL.

5.45 am in HK zzz. If it didn't look like it was going to rain, it would have been much brighter.

We took bus 238X to the Hong Kong China Ferry terminal, where we bought our ferry tickets to Macau. There were so many Ah Tiongs and I was totally judging them. One of them was scratching herself so blatantly at her underwear in full view of other people. That wasn't the worst though. I could close one eye to that but when I went to the toilet... I don't want to mention it here. Seriously, you guys don't even know how to shit properly?! I swear I got so disturbed and disgusted that I nearly vomitted in the toilet. -.-'''

Lol, my sis and I nearly missed our ferry, but thankfully we found the correct berth and got our seats. And so, our 1-hour journey to Macau began. And I caught up on my very-well-needed sleep...

We disembarked at the Taipa Ferry Terminal, where there were so many hotel shuttle buses waiting to pick people up. We did our research before hand, so we boarded the bus that would bring us to The Venetian. One thing to note was that, we totally didn't spend ANY money at all on transport, and we still managed to go to all the so-called touristy places. Damn shiok!

We walked around The Venetian. I wanted to go into the casinos but le sis was underaged so too bad. =X The Venetian did indeed look super grand. We also felt super tempted to eat at the food court, but we decided to just get a few Snoopy shirts from the Uniqlo there before making our way to Galaxy Hotel, where they had shuttle buses to San Ma Lo. Thank God for shuttle buses, really! Senado Square was about a 2-minute walk away from where the bus dropped us off at. When we reached Senado Square, the very first thing we did was to buy a Portuguese egg tart from Koi Kei. That egg tart still tasted as good as it did the last time I had it. Every store selling food in Macau (especially those souvenir kinds of food) gives very generous samples where you can really eat to your hearts' content without feeling paiseh, so the sis and I didn't even feel hungry enough to eat lunch LOL. I was stuffed silly with slices of pork jerky, almond biscuits and all sorts of snacks.

Le sis and I followed directions given by the signs, and we finally reached the Ruins! Seriously, it was just an extra 7-minute walk from Senado to here. Why did we walk the other way the last time round? o.O''' Anyway, the weather was hot like nobody's business. I really felt like I was gonna die from the heat.

We finally entered the Ruins and I did feel that it was a bit eerie although it was bright daylight. I blame the music played in the chapel for it. And gosh, it was really damn cold inside. =X

We were finally at the Ruins of St Paul's. How the heck did we manage to miss this the last time round?! T_T

The view of the streets from St Paul's...

Koi Kei is seriously literally EVERYWHERE in Macau. Their branches are just next to each other LOL. Wherever you turn your head in Macau (especially in Senado Square), you'll definitely see a Koi Kei. ._. And after seeing this, I feel so tempted to start on Brother's Keeper. Damn, all my TVB feels are coming back. ;_;

When in Macau, eat the pork chop bun, especially from Tai Lei Loi Kei. We ordered the pork chop bun set, which cost about HKD$38 and came with a can drink, which we really needed 'cos walao the weather really could kill people lor. x.X The bun was quite ordinary. I've tasted better buns (I still can't forget how good the burger from Queen Victoria Market was!) but wow, the pork chop was indeed very flavourful and soft! I can assure you that they really gave a whole pork chop 'cos ours had some bones in it.

No photos of the pork chop bun 'cos it isn't a very photogenic dish lol and I didn't want to get my hands oily.

Our ferry back to HK was at 7.30 pm, so we still had quite a bit of time in Macau. We continued walking around and buying back souvenirs. I saw this Turkish guy selling Turkish ice-cream and I was dying to try it because le sis told me that it's super chewy and I didn't get how ice-cream COULD be chewy LOL. OK, curiosity satisfied! ;P

We bought this Turkish ice-cream for $30. It was my first time eating Turkish ice-cream. The ice-cream was really very, very chewy. It didn't seem to melt haha. But it wasn't really sweet, so I don't think I'd try it again LOL.

We continued exploring the streets of Macau before my battery (not phone ah) depleted and I decided to just sit down at Senada Square while the sis continued exploring the place. I couldn't help it. The weather was really sapping away my energy. T_T And lol, I leeched Giordano's Wifi like crazy while resting. Thanks and sorry ah! ^^

We took the shuttle bus back to Galaxy Hotel, where there was also another bus back to the ferry terminal. Thankfully, we bought the 7.30 pm ferry ticket, if not we would have missed our ferry.

After reaching HK, we went over to Mong Kok for some street food which was sorely lacking in other parts of HK (or maybe we just didn't know where to find it). We bought the curry fishballs and smelly tofu. Wow, I swear the curry fishballs were really DAMN SPICY. O.O''' I am able to take spicy food, but even I myself found it actually quite strong and overpowering. ;_; We told Aunt Mui about it and she said we should have chosen the mildly-spicy one. I didn't see such an option leh? ._.

Anyway, we went back home and on the way back, we decided to try the desserts at McDonald's. The ice-cream kiosk was already closed, so we couldn't try the other desserts, but we did manage to try the bubble sundae, which is actually caramel sundae with black and white pearls. It was really unique and cost only $7. Super duper cheap please.

Sis was having a headache (I think from breathing in too much second-hand smoke) so she wanted to buy Coke from 7-11. I saw the cheese bokki as well, so I bought it. I have no idea what it is though.

Friday 04/07/2014 (Day 7)
I HAD VITASOY FOR BREKKIE AGAIN!! ^^ And I ate the cheese bokki. I thought it tasted rather tasteless, then I realised that it was supposed to be lo mein, so although the bokki was in a cup, it wasn't meant to be eaten like how you usually eat cup noodles. T_T No wonder kau gong was wondering how come we only had seasoning powder 'cos sauces usually accompany the lo mein.

The sis and I made our way to Admiralty MTR after brekkie. Peak hour in HK is really scary, but SG really beats it anytime, and I blame the inefficient MRT system for this. HK's trains come every one minute so although the train does get crowded, I didn't feel as SQUASHED as I do back in SG. T_T

Anyway, the wait for bus 629 was horrendously long. We even had to queue outside the bus interchange. ;_; We decided to buy our tickets first, but it turned out that we couldn't get the discounted tickets using the KrisFlyer card here so we decided to just join the very long queue for the bus. I was quite shocked about the long queue 'cos today was just a normal weekday (we purposely went on a weekday to avoid the human jam) and we did actually reach quite early.

We finally reached Ocean Park and managed to get our discounted tickets there! ;D No words could describe the joy that Pluppy, Fluffy, Squeaky and Jelly felt, returning home after 3 years (3 months for Pluppy though). ;D Since we reached early and the gates to Ocean Park weren't opened yet, we spammed pictures with the toys and their home. ^^

We're finally home! ;3

The weather today was really very hot and humid. I swear I really won't come to HK again during summer time. The wait for the cable car (we had to wait until 10 am) was very torturous 'cos of the blazing hot sun and humidity. And also 'cos of the number of people who were all huddling around.

Our reprieve from the heat came when we finally got the ride the cable car. I swear that riding the cable car up to the summit of the mountain makes me feel good. The wind was strong enough to dry up all my sweat. And I could see how blue and wide the South China Sea was.

About to take the cable car.

Finally in the cable car!

Mandatory shot at their home. Stupid seal is looking elsewhere. >;(

Look at how blue the sea was, and how blue the sky was. The blue sky was really gorgeous, but it only meant that there was not much cloud cover and therefore, hotter weather. >.<

The good thing about Ocean Park was that we didn't have to wait very long for our rides, unlike in Disneyland. The longest we had to queue was only 30 minutes, which was the mean waiting time in Disneyland. In fact, after we disembarked from the cable car, we went straight to the roller-coasters where we didn't even have to wait at all. Shiok or what? But the sun rays were really merciless lah, so shorter waits were actually all for the better. I have stopped drinking gassy drinks, but this time round, the weather was too hot for me to even handle. We decided to have the fries + drinks combo which cost $45. It was seriously overpriced but what to do? Theme park leh. The Fanta Orange was totally shiok and I was glad I ordered it lol. The Ah Tiongs who couldn't speak Canto all got Coke LOL.

I won't really elaborate more about Ocean Park. This place will forever remain as my must-go place whenever I'm in HK. Due to the short waiting times for the rides, we actually did manage to cover nearly the whole park (both the summit and the ground level) except for one small area which was built specially for kids only. #achievementunlocked And I love how Ocean Park always has this carnival-like atmosphere to it.

The first ride we sat on. The Hair Raiser wasn't really very scary haha, but still, shiok! ;P

This ride wasn't scary too but shiok lor! ^^ We sat on almost all the rides in Ocean Park this time round!

The Rev Booster. The saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" applies VERY APTLY to this ride LOL. This ride really has the potential to fling you out of your seat if you aren't strapped down properly. But it was so good that both of us didn't mind queuing for it again heehee.

One of my favourites! ;D

My favourite too!

Such a wonderful sight, and you might be thinking that the weather was beautiful as well. I can tell you it was the totally opposite. -.-'''

I really love such game booths. It gave the park such a carnival-like feel.

The view from the top!

We went to see the penguins too. I had been complaining about the weather haha, but this place was really too damn cold! I totally understand why the keepers had to wear down coats 'cos there is really a need to. Despite me going in feeling all sticky and sweaty, I didn't stay inside very long 'cos I was about to freeze to death. The inside was really FREEZING COLD. I guess they were supposed to replicate the Artic temperatures which the penguins are so used to. I can't imagine going in there during winter. ;X

Froze my butt off in here. *brrrrrrr*

As the park was closing soon, we made our way down to the ground level where we walked around the old HK street. Haha, all my TVB feels all coming back again. ;P I must say that they really did a good job with this although there aren't any rides here, just mainly food. And for a glimpse of how old HK looked like.

A taste of old Hong Kong.

And with that, we bade farewell to this park. My toys are crying right now byeeee. T_T

We took the bus back to mainland HK where we went to Jordan for the very last time for this trip. What was our purpose for coming here? To eat at the Australian Dairy Company of course! Haha, it was my third time here in a week. I can now get how Long always keeps eating at this place LOL. Our last order here for this trip went well, all according to my wishes. Even the iced coffee tasted damn good. ;3

I'll miss you very much, milk pudding! ;_;

This waiter finally asked me if I wanted "tong fun" or "yi dai lei mein". Of course "tong fun" lah!

I'll miss you very much, scrambled eggs toast set.

Some egg porn for you?? Grah, posting this up makes me miss the food there even more. T_T

After dinner, we went over to Prince Edward to get our polo buns. It turned out that the polo buns were already sold out. Walao, I was damn sad please. I really wanted to eat the polo buns from Kam Wah for one last time leh. ='( Anyway, le si bought sashimi LOL and I bought the cheese bokki again. They were so much cheaper here than in 7-11. 3 for $14.90 only.

After that, we made our way home. I was about to get ready to sleep when Aunt Mui told us to change and go down for desserts LOL. It was such an impromptu trip down. Apparently, Chung Kee is a dessert joint famous for its desserts. They open at around 3 pm until the wee hours of the morning. When we reached there, it was almost 12 am already and there were still so many people queuing up to go in. o.O'''

There were so many choices of desserts that I really didn't know what to order, so I just went with the tried-and-tested mango sago with pomelo. The people next to us had a chocolate lava cake. I swore I shouldn't have hesitated and just ordered that, 'cos it really looked damn good. ;_; Anyway, the desserts we had were really very good as well! ;D This trip has really been all about eating eating and eating. I'm really growing fat in HK.

Our desserts at Chung Kee. Thanks Aunt Mui for the treat as well! ^^

Tonight marked our last night in HK. I'll really miss this place very much, and of course, not forgetting the security auntie. She has been so nice to us ever since the first day we moved in. It's just such a pity that I may not be able to see her again when I return to HK again 'cos she would have already retired. She is due to retire on the 25th of this month. Thank you for always asking us how our day was, and for always opening the door for us whenever you see us walking in. 學佢所講,有緣再見。

Saturday 05/07/2014 (Day 8)
I woke up earlier today to continue packing, but to be honest, there wasn't much to pack LOL. I just had to make sure that I didn't leave anything behind if not it'd be a few years before I get them back again. ;P As usual, I love ending my overseas trip with a trip to the local supermarkets, so I went to ParknShop and bought many things LOL. We went back home to put down the items then went to Ka Ho again for our last yum cha in HK for this trip.

We took some fam photos in the restaurants but I won't post any here. We ate our fill before taking the cab to the airport at 12.30 pm. The ride to the airport was rather long, and kau gong didn't follow us 'cos there was really no space in the cab, so till we meet again next time!

We checked in our luggages and I'm really thankful for SQ's generous luggage allowance, but although my luggage was really packed to the brim, it came up to only about 20 kg, with my sister's one weighing even less. o.O''' Anyway, we bade farewell to the fam and went to the transit area. ='(

Our flight was at 3.20 pm, but we nearly missed our flight 'cos le sis and I were so busy browsing through the shops in the transit area that we lost track of time. I saw this flight status machine and curiosity got the better of me so I scanned my boarding pass in. Imagine our shock when our flight status flashed "FINAL CALL" in bold red some more. I swear I was panicking like shit 'cos our boarding gate was really far away from where we were and we still had to board the skytrain to reach our gate. @_@ Thank God after all that drama, we managed to reach our gate RIGHT on time before it closed. I really felt like I had just lost 10 years of my life. O.O'''


I love HK, but I don't think I'll go there during summer again. One, the weather is just too hot and humid, even worse than SG actually. Since we were always at home whenever TVB had news broadcasts, it was inevitable that we'd stay to watch the weather reports as well. TVB's weather reports were really cute and animated. But for the days that we were in HK, the sun UV rays were rated 11 out of the maximum 12. NO WONDER WE GOT SO TERRIBLY SUNBURNT LAH. Second, air-cons in HK ALWAYS drip water, and it always makes me think that it's raining. I was wondering why I didn't encounter it before, but it turns out it'll only drip during summer LOL. -.-'''

And I really can't stand 'em smokers. There're really so many smokers in HK. Everywhere I go there'll be smokers / smell of smoke around, even in air-conditioned places. I totally hate the smell of smoke. And for this, I'm really super thankful for Singapore's strict law on smoking only in designated areas.

Anyway, all photos here are taken with my Note 3, 'cos my dad refused to lend us his Samsung NX300. -.-''' We got resigned to using some digital camera which my aunt had abandoned and another camera which was given free 'cos we continued our subscription for the newspapers, but honestly, my phone takes way much better photos. So sorry for all the unpro shots lol. These photos have to be taken in a hurry, especially at those eating joints 'cos the waiters there do actually walk around you and make you feel pressurised to eat faster. >.<

P.S. Got so badly sunburnt in HK that as of now, I am still peeling. ;_;


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