Back to HK!


It was back to HK for the both of us. I went there with my sister only this time round because my parents went to HK a week back. LOL. So for the month of June, I only got to see my parents for only 2 weeks. ._.

Anyway, because this isn't our first trip there, we skipped many of the tourist attractions and instead, went around eating at famous establishments. Well, I really can't help it 'cos I'm an absolute foodie, though work has caused me to lose my appetite. ;X I'm really so glad for such a break from work.

I was so busy for the whole week that I didn't even start packing my luggage until the night before I was due to fly off. AND MINE WAS A MORNING FLIGHT! !@#$% My FC even had to hold me and my other colleagues back just before I was about to run out of the office to catch the company bus back to the MRT station zZz. I had to shake her off by saying that I had to go to the recruitment agency and therefore I couldn't OT. And yeah, she did finally let me go, but the 2Rs, HF and I missed the company bus and had to walk out to take the public transport. Damn her, really. -.-'''