Accountants really never, and won't have it easy. It's been about a month since I have started on this job, and wow, I come back home feeling damn tired every single day.

This week (meaning 16th to 20th) was the slackest week because our FC had gone for a holiday, so all of us in the Finance department could finally rest easy as she wasn't there to breathe down our necks and chase us for reports. It's such a rarity to finally see my FM unwind and chat with other people when she wouldn't do it when the FC was around. I really did try to enjoy the week as much as I could because the past few weeks had been nothing short of hell. This very week, I could finally go home RIGHT on the dot. In fact, I felt really damn happy when the lights in our area were switched off, which meant that ALL of us could go home on time, which really is a rarity.

When my FC was around, I had to work OT every week. The week before she left was the worst for now. I was staying back until 10.30 pm, and I did ever only knock off at 11.30 pm, just minutes shy of a brand new day. -.-''' My FM stayed back until 1 am I heard. It's just madness, and this stint is really making me have second thoughts about joining the finance industry.

There is really no such thing as a work-life balance in this industry (or maybe it's just for this company, but the horror stories I've heard for the auditing industry is just as bad). The turnover rate for our department is really very high, with 2 people leaving each month. I can really understand why people want to leave. When HF and I joined, 2 other seniors had just left so we (especially HF) got thrown to do many of the things that only people with experience could handle. It was just plain ridiculous how they expect newbies like us to work like people who have been working here for a few years already.

For me, I had to do bank reconciliations, ageing reports and sales reports all by myself without any guidance or whatsoever. I swear that I nearly felt like quitting because nobody ever taught me how to do all these and I was feeling quite helpless because everybody was just busy doing their own things and had no time to teach me what to do. I had to literally figure out how to do everything by myself. What I did in school was just school work, in the context of school. What I handle here is very vastly different from what I have done and learned in school, as I've realised. I just go home everyday feeling damn burnt out, from seeing too many numbers (I had to read like 62 pages of bank statements just for one bank account) and from staring at the (damn small and wordy) Excel sheets for too long. I'm just literally counting down the number of days I have here now.

Thankfully, the colleagues I have are nice and friendly, so far. Maybe except for my FC LOL. I'm dead terrified of her, ever since the first day. I just wished she took a long holiday instead, but aiyah...

Here's to another week of hell before I don't have to see her again. And maybe not return to this company ever again lol.


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