I haven't blogged for about a month now. The final exams of my university life are just about a few weeks away and I just can't wait for them to be over and done with. Trying to cramp as many things into my head now, so hopefully I'll get the grades I desire. =X

Anyway, it was announced that MH370 did end its journey in the southern Indian Ocean and so many reporters were tearing up as they were breaking this piece of bad news to their respective bureaus. It is indeed very heartbreaking. I already felt like crying after hearing such a bad piece of news; what's more those people whose loved ones were on that ill-fated flight?

Such is the fragility of life. One can just leave our lives suddenly and unexpectedly, without any last words of farewell. It is exceptionally horrible for those families because they may never get to retrieve the remains of their loved ones and have a proper closure.

This piece of news is indeed very depressing for me, and I kind of have a phobia for plane flights now. If a seemingly normal flight can just go down without a trace, it can just happen to any flight in the world at any time. And the worst thing is, it happened so near to where I live. You know, it could have been us. It could have been an SQ flight which had gone down. It could have been fellow Singaporeans who would never live to see another day again.

My heartfelt condolences to those affected, and RIP to all on board MH370.



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