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Long live the Queen!

This is definitely one of the biggest upsets of the Winter Olympics, and one of the most controversial ones ever.

I was watching both the short and the free skate programs for the figure skating ladies' single. Kim Yuna, the reigning 2010 Olympic champion, skated earlier than the world's top skaters, which is considered disadvantageous because lower scores are usually given there. But she had to skate earlier because she hadn't been competing much for the past few years. She had originally planned to retire after the 2010 Winter Olympics but stayed on so that Korea could get in more people into the 2014 Olympics. Therefore, when her score for the short program came up, many people thought she was severely underscored but I was quite OK with that. She did phenomenal considering the fact that she had an injury which forced her to skip the major competitions and thereby lowering her standings. She still went on to win it though. Beat that stupids.

My beef is with the free skate program. Why and how this Russian girl by the name of Adelina scored only decimal places (0.11 to be exact) less than Yuna's WORLD RECORD (which was set in the 2010 Winter Olympics and is considered the BEST skate EVER in the history of figure skating) is beyond my belief, and many others as well. Hello there? That Russian nearly fell during landing one of her jumps and she isn't as graceful as Yuna was, and is. Kim Yuna literally dances on ice, makes ice skating look so easy and I haven't seen anyone who can top that. As people say, Kim Yuna has no equal. Nobody compares to her. Only she can compare to herself. Are the judges trying to tell us that Adelina's skate is the second best skate that the world has seen in history? Absolutely not. That'll be such a travesty to the whole sport. Watch this video here to see the DIFFERENCE between this year's gold medallist and Yuna when she was the gold medallist in 2010. It's such a huge difference that even the untrained eye can see the huge difference between them.

Watch Adelina's free skate program here and go to YouTube and find Kim Yuna's 2010 Winter Olympics free skate program. Then you tell me how this Adelina comes even close to the perfection that Yuna was back then. No way man. This is just bullshit. I cried when I watched Yuna's 2010 Winter Olympics programmes because they were just so beautiful, the very pinnacle of artistry and techniques melded into 2 very spectacular performances. I was mesmerised and spellbound to say the very least. Adelina didn't give me this effect at all. While I appreciated her technicality, that was it. I couldn't "feel" her at all.

This is Yuna's free skate program for the 2014 Winter Olympics. While she wasn't as phenomenal and mind-blowing as she was 4 years back, but nobody can still deny that she still did better than Adelina right? That grace and elegance is something Adelina and many others haven't matched up to yet. Her emotions exactly matched the mood of the music, and what a beautiful farewell skate that was.

The controversy surrounding this now is the way the judges arrived at the scores. It's been said that out of the 14 judges, 4 of them were Russians, with one of them being the wife of the Russian Skating Federation. Like seriously? Conflicts of interest much? This totally screams scandal. And they even allowed a judge who was once suspended for fixing an Olympic figure skating competition to judge the competition this time round. HELLO??!! And after Adelina skated, one of the Russian judges went over to her and patted her head. Appropriate much? ._.

Adelina showed off some very good skating. She definitely has the potential. But isn't something very fishy when she came SO DARN CLOSE to beating Yuna's WR when she made so many mistakes?! Yuna did everything literally perfectly when she scored 150.06. Isn't something very fishy when she got more than 20 points (in this sport, every decimal place counts, so you can really imagine how "much" those 20 points mean) more than she had in the last competition which was just in January 2014? Nobody can "improve" that tremendously in just 3 weeks. What sorcery is this? It's impossible unless those scores were cooked up.

Anyhow, Kim Yuna will live on as the Ice Queen whether she wins gold or not. She has already participated and won in every figure skating competition she has participated in. It's just such a pity that this Olympics is the last time she'll be skating competitively and she has to be subjected to such unfair treatment. It just makes me feel that the judges are racist.

Sign the petition to relook into the judging here.

Yuna, you will forever be the Queen. The world has long acknowledged what you're really capable of. Long live the Queen!

P.S. With the end of the figure skating event in the 2014 Winter Olympics, Kim Yuna ends her career with a silver medal from this event, never a step away from the podium since she started skating. Which means to say that she has never gotten lower than 3rd place in every competition she has participated in. And this is why she'll only be the one and only Queen that the world acknowledges and recognises.


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