Busan Vacance


Busan is indeed a city different from Seoul. In fact, while Busan is still within Korea, it feels like a foreign country because while I am used to seeing skyscrapers in Seoul, buildings in Busan are generally not as tall and Busan has a more laid-back vibe to it as compared to Seoul. To add on, Busan people speak the Busan dialect, which I found it hard to understand at first because Seoul's variation of Korean is pretty monotonous, but the Busan dialect has some intonations to it and some of the expressions used are different as well.

Anyhow, this should be my last long-distance trip of the year, and I really enjoyed my stay in Busan very much. I'll definitely be back! ;D

Birthplace of bibimbap


A and I embarked on a one-day trip to Jeonju. Since there was a free bus for foreigners to that place, why not? Waking up was torturous as usual, with the temperature dipping down to -10c. Sinchon's subway station is probably the coldest subway station ever LOL. Can you imagine we could still breathe out "smoke" even when we are underground? Yes, that was how cold Sinchon's station was.

We took the train to Gwanghwamun and had to RUN in order to reach the shuttle bus at 8 am SHARP. As A aptly put it, we ate cold wind for breakfast. ._. Anyway, thus began our 3-hour journey south to Jeonju. One would think that it would snow often in Seoul, given that Seoul is located pretty far up north, but in actual fact, while Seoul was indeed much colder than Jeonju, it snowed a lot more in Jeonju and the countryside than in Seoul itself.



I'm finally back from Japan, and how I miss this country so much. ;( I was pretty neutral about this trip initially since my main purpose of going there was just to renew my visa so that I could continue staying in Korea, but this has turned out to be one of my most memorable trips to date. I am now VERY SURE that I will definitely return to Japan. In fact, while I still love the Korean culture more, I must say that I actually do like (maybe love HAHA) the Japanese people more than Koreans. Them trying to cover up / distort their history (especially war atrocities) aside, the Japanese are really the friendliest and most helpful people I've come across to date. And for this, no words can express how grateful and thankful I am to them. T_T

Snowy Seoul


About 2 weeks after it last snowed in Seoul, it finally snowed for good today in the morning. This also marked the beginning of a very harsh winter. The temperature yesterday still felt quite pleasant although it was still in the single-digit range, but wow, today's temperature is really brutal. The walk to school was torturous 'cos of the winds, and the winds blew even stronger in the afternoon when our lessons ended.

I love the snow, but the cold that accompanied it was really brutal especially with the winds. My hands and ears were exposed just for a few seconds and they felt really super painful. I swear that the cold really cannot be messed with. I had my gloves on, but even then, my hands felt really damn cold until I couldn't feel them. My ears really hurt and although I had my hood on, the wind kept blowing my hood off lol. x_X

Updates + Seoul Latern Festival 2014


After last week's extremely cold weather, I thought that it would be winter for good here in Seoul. Apparently, this isn't the case LOL. For the past few days, the temperatures have been above 10°C and it even shot up to 16°C yesterday, with the lowest being only 7°C. It feels like autumn has returned again, because the weather forecast for the week showed as such. Haiz, I was really looking forward to seeing snow, so while I do wish that the temperature will drop again, I am not anticipating the cold.

That being said, although it is currently only 12°C as I am typing this post, I had to switch off my room heater as it was getting uncomfortably warm and open up my room window. I haven't done that in weeks huhuhu. And I am still rocking the 12°C temperature in my SG-style pyjamas, which means FBTs and a T-shirt LOL. And yes, I don't feel cold. I think I will really be a goner when I return to SG. ;X

First snow + Nene Chicken


Remember my last blog post in which I mentioned that the weather turned really cold? Guess what? It really snowed that day. And guess what? I was sleeping away while it was snowing LOL. The first snow fell on Seoul in the wee hours of the morning on 14th November 2014.

Unfortunately, by the time I woke up to go to school, the snow had already melted. -.-''' And ever since then, the weather has turned much warmer (it's still cold, but compared to the previous days, it is really much warmer) so I guess there is not much chance for snow for the rest of November LOL.

Anyway, since Nene Chicken was such a big deal when it first came to SG, A and I decided to have 치맥 (pronounced as "chimaek", short form for fried chicken and beer) for dinner yesterday. I haven't eaten Nene's in SG before, so I don't really know about the pricing back in SG, but A has apparently eaten chimaek in another chimaek shop and said that Nene's is much cheaper.

Both of us ordered the "snowy" chicken, which we split into half cheese and half vegetable flavours. It costs 18 000 won for the whole set of chicken. We also ordered 500cc of beer each. Beer sold in restaurants like this are comparatively cheaper than in SG, but according to Korea's standard, it's really way overpriced 'cos you can really get it much cheaper in the supermarkets here. ;X

Anyway, eating fried chicken has always been what I wanted to go in Seoul, so another thing struck off my to-do list in Korea. ;D The chicken was really good, especially the batter. It was really crispy but not overly oily and they really spammed the cheese powder. I approve! I shall just let the pictures do the talking heehee. Apparently Yoo Jae-seok endorses Nene's too so it's an added bonus! ^^

Our chimaek! ;D

Close-up of the chicken heehee. I'll definitely be down for another round! ;3

Off to study for a bit before going to sleep. My finals start on Friday. ;X



Yesterday and today's weather are the coldest I've ever experienced here in Seoul. The temperatures have gone down to negative already and even with the heater in my room, I was still shivering last night. It must have been because I opened the window (just to feel how cold it was outside) for a while. OK, I asked for it.

Anyway, going to school was torturous today because of the weather. I was breathing out "smoke" haha but I kinda enjoyed it though my hands were freezing zZz. I should have worn my gloves. The good thing is that it seems like tomorrow's temperature will be higher than today's. The bad thing is that, this is only the starting of winter and many more freezing days to come.

Temperature in the morning. It was even colder 'cos the winds were very strong. My face and hands were totally numb when I reached school.

Temperature in the afternoon was no better huhuhu.

Seokchon Lake and Seoul Forest


I missed the rubber duck when it was in HK, so I specially made the trip down to Seokchon Lake although it wasn't very near Sinchon. The exhibition will be held until 14th November 2014, so for those in Seoul, hurry down to see it if you wish to!

South Korea isn't exactly very single-friendly HAHA. In fact, it is probably the "couplest" place I've ever known LOL. My friends decided not to visit the rubber duck art exhibition for various reasons, so I decided to head out on my own. I have no qualms about heading out by myself. In fact, I really love it for I get time to myself without having to entertain other person/people around me.

자신 만든 음식


Yonsei is really quite a money-sucker lol. I paid so much for my school fees but I end up having to pay extra for cooking lessons zZz. OK lah whatever. I really wanted to learn how to cook Korean dishes and it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so just pay lor. ;X

Anyway, WK and I managed to whip up some delicious meals. I swear I'm totally housewife material HAHAHA. #selfpraise And I can tell that WK doesn't cook often LOL. But honestly, the Japanese couple who were using the stove opposite us also commented that our soup was exceptionally tasty. And mine you, they're about 60+ years of age and I do trust the Japaneses' tastebuds more HAHAHA.

I've also gotten the recipes so hopefully I'll be able to whip up some nice Korean dishes when I'm back in SG.

Our pollock dish!

Mushroom soup and pollock dish. I'm damn proud of the soup especially HAHA. It was really good!! ;D

Cooks for today! ^^

P.S. And I thank God for hearing and answering my prayers. I am slowly warming up to my form teacher now. I miss Ms Jang's chattiness; I really do, but Ms Jung really is a good teacher as well. And I'm actually liking my elective class teacher more, maybe because I have gotten used to her style and she doesn't seem as intimidating as she was when I first saw her. Thank God for all these.

Oh, weather today has turned colder again zZz. OK abrupt end to the post.

New hairstyle


How ah? I really miss Ms Jang more than I have previously thought. The new teachers came in today and I totally felt resistance pouring right out from my heart. Ms Jang did mention that Ms Jung (my new teacher) has a very nice voice and to this, I totally agree. Ms Jung totally sounded as if she is one of the narrators in the CD. Perhaps she really is. But other than that, I still like Ms Jang a lot more. I went around asking my friends how they found the new teacher and they all liked her. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just resistant to changes. ='( Hopefully the subsequent lessons will get better. I'm really totally envious of the class who gets Ms Jang now. ;X

My reading teacher seems alright though, probably because I am neutral towards the last reading teacher. This reading teacher seems more "animated" although I find that she tries a bit too hard to "act aegyo (cute)" and she isn't exactly very young LOL. There was one point during lesson where she went "OH NO BABY!!!!!". #siaozhabor Funny thing is that both my reading teachers share the same 2 surnames and middle names.

Anyway, I've been dying to get my hair cut since time immemorial and I finally did so today, all by myself! I feel very proud of myself actually HAHA. I managed to get my points across to the hairdresser at Edgy Hair Salon who spoke only Korean although there were some hiccups here and there. And it's cheaper than what other hair salons in Ewha and Sinchon are quoting, probably because this isn't very well-known. I got my digital mermaid curls for only 70 000 won!! It's much cheaper than in SG too. Such perms cost about $130+ back in SG.

I am pleased with the end results because I think I look more Korean now. Something needs to be done about the state of my hair though. It's getting drier and drier. ;X I think I should stop washing my hair everyday. I've tried it a few times here because I rarely sweat here anymore but I still felt really uncomfortable about not being able to wash my hair everyday.

New hairstyle!!

Off to study again zZz... I WANT MS JANG BACK PLEASE. T_T



I realised that I've been blogging quite often these days. Such days won't last haha, so just let me warn my readers first. Anyway, I happen to watch this KBS2 documentary quite often as I always watch the TV while eating my dinner. It turns out that my Korean now is rather good enough to understand about 70-80% of the dialogues in that documentary but sadly, I can only probably understand about 50% of the news HAHA.

This particular episode of the documentary was aired before my mid-terms started. It was about this sweet and sour pork (탕수육) which cost only 1500 won and yet is bursting with flavour. This, the commentators said, is probably the cheapest and best sweet and sour pork in South Korea. The problem with such documentaries is that they usually don't reveal where the places are (I think they don't want to be seen as "endorsing" the stalls), so it is really up to the viewers to check out where the places are themselves, and this is where knowing Korean comes in very handy. If you really cannot understand what they're talking about, there is a high chance that you won't be able to find the place at all.

Mt Seorak


Today was really such a long day for me. We had to reach Gwanghwamun at 8 am, so I woke up at 6.30 am in order to get ready. It turned out that WK came much later than we had agreed on and I was really so worried that we would miss the bus as it would leave exactly at 8 am. Thankfully, we really managed to arrive at the meeting place at 8 am SHARP and after paying 5000 won, we got onto the bus. Honestly I didn't mind paying the 5000 won because it was cheaper as compared to taking the public transport there. My peeve was that they didn't mention on their websites (in all languages) that we had to pay for it. I was under the impression that it was free. -.-'''

I've been living in Seoul for such a long time that the countryside of South Korea really blew me off with its tranquility and the freshness of the air. The countryside really does look like it was straight from a Chinese painting.

장 선생님과 함께의 마지막 학급


Mid-terms were over yesterday and we got back our results today. To be honest, I did so much better than I had expected for my speech test, especially when I came out of it feeling damn wretched and was quite certain that I wouldn't be able to pass that module. God must have heard and answered my prayers, and for this, I give thanks. But then at the expense of other modules HAHA. Never mind, can pass all happy liao. To be honest, the standard here in Yonsei is really way much higher than back in SG. I was so certain that I would be able to score for the reading part of the reading module (there are 2 parts to this), but to my shock and horror, I only managed a 6/10? Did I just managed to just pass reading (FYI, 60/100 is the passing mark in Korea. This applies to all standards of education.)?! O.O''' I think my reading teacher must have really hated me or something LOL. I am very sure I was at least deserving of a 7.5, and to my chagrin, those whom I had thought did worse than me actually ended up getting 8s and 8.5s. My reading teacher probably hated my accent. I was pretty sure my pronunciation of the words were rather spot-on as compared to those who got 8s and 8.5s. I did probably sound quite nasal to her though 'cos I was still in the midst of recovering from my flu. =(



Today's weather is really the coldest I've ever experienced ever since I touched down in Seoul. The lowest today is 0°C. I was already not feeling very well on Saturday, but I still found the strength to study, go to church and do some shopping/marketing the following day. However, when I woke up today, all I felt was ache all over and because I felt so uncomfortable, I actually overslept and was late for lessons as a result. In fact, I had even harboured thoughts of giving today's lessons a miss, and how I wished I did just that. T_T

The walk to school was nothing short of torturous, especially when the weather was really, very chilly. I profess to liking and having a strong resistance to cold, but even I couldn't really take it, given the weakened state of my body right now. I swear that when I was walking to school, I felt like turning back and going home. But I decided to walk on because the next few lessons are especially important, given that my mid-terms start on Wednesday. I really can't afford to miss lessons, can I?

Table A


I'd better blog while I can still afford to squeeze out a bit of free time today. I guess today will be the last day I will be so "carefree" because next week will totally be hell week for me due to my mid-terms. T_T

My speech test was yesterday, and I felt that I actually did better during the practice session 2 weeks back. Sad die me. And this isn't the worst part. The worst thing is the speech I did will only be 20% of my speaking component. My teacher will be conducting a one-to-one interview in KOREAN for the rest of the 80%. Just kill me now. I nearly shitted in my pants during the one-to-one interview part of the placement test, and now this?! #justkillme

I really want next week to be over quickly. I really can't stand it anymore. And wait. There's still finals? T_T

Anyway, in an attempt to relax before the killer week comes, Asari, WK and I decided to go to a cat café LOL. What's Korea without its numerous dogs and cats (and even sheep?!) cafes? Something struck off my bucket list! ^^

The cats at Table A, which is located at Ewha, were really very cute and fluffy! I think I still love dogs more, but I am slowly getting over my dislike for cats because of Kitty Kitty, the stray ginger cat which always roamed at the next block. Sadly, I think it has gone to other places now, because my sister doesn't see it anymore. ;(

The cats really roamed very freely in the café. They even took up my seat and drank water from our cup. o.O''' They really treated the café like their own home LOL (well technically I guess it's true?). Anyway, drinks here are pretty reasonable and there's no such thing as an "admission fee"? Just pay for your food and drinks and stay here as long as you like. ^^

My 4500 won hazelnut. I was quite shocked when I first got it 'cos the coffee was dark, meaning there wasn't any milk in it and the first thing that came to my mind was "DID THEY JUST SERVE ME AMERICANO?! I EFFING HATE THAT DRINK!!!!". Koreans are DAMN CRAZY over Americano. Jin-seul even said she drinks it like water and I could only stare at her incredulously LOL. -.-''' Thankfully the hazelnut taste was pretty strong and there was sugar in it, so the drink turned out really good. ;3

Our octopus fried rice which was really very good! Nyam! ^^

One of the smallest kittens there.

The cat which made itself so at home at my seat. ;3

My favourite kitty 'cos it looks just too damn cute! ^^

I guess that's all for now. OK back to studying. T_T



I thought I'd be able to post more often, but it seems that I don't really have the luxury of time right now. School is really more intense than I have previously thought. It feels like I don't really have much time to do what I want, which is actually to go to different parts of Seoul and explore the places.

I'll be having my mid-term speech test tomorrow. The thought alone is really terrifying me huhuhu. And my written mid-term papers will be next week. I can't wait for next week to end so that we can finally go to Mt Seorak. And there are so many things I want to do as well, before finals start about one month after the mid-terms.

I do feel that time is passing by quite quickly. And the weather has been really cold these past few days. I'm even breathing out "smoke" already. Today was really much better as compared to the previous 2 days when it really rained for 2 days 2 nights without stopping, but still, one word: COLD.

I'm really looking forward to December because I have so many plans for that month alone, but that will also mean that I will be leaving Korea soon. Man, I really love my life in Korea so much that I don't really want to go back to SG now. For one, I really am not looking forward to facing SG's notoriously hot weather. I will definitely miss Korea's weather a lot when I go back.

And all the friends and teachers... I will definitely miss them a lot! T_T

Start of school


Time does indeed fly. I've been in South Korea for about 18 days now. I'm actually starting to miss my bed, my home, my family members and of course, Singapore food. I love food, I really do. So I really have a liking for Korean food, unlike A who professes to liking Japanese food more than Korean. But I really miss things like orh luak, chai tow kuay, chicken rice etc. I did actually ask my mum to send a bottle of Ya Kun kaya to me, but she told me to continue dreaming. So much for being my mum. -.-'''

Anyway, school started on Thursday for me. The lessons so far have been quite interesting and I am coping well. It's just that the workload is really starting to increase and we actually cancelled our Busan trip due to the impending workload. Sigh, hope to find another host in December. During the 2nd day of class, we already have to come out with a 3-minute speech in Korean. ._. Not really looking forward to the rest of the lessons already LOL. I feel stressed because I do actually want to enjoy myself here, but don't think I will be able to. ;X

My class is not as diverse as I expected it to be. My classmates only come from 3 countries; China (there's one HKer), Japan and Singapore. And I don't really consider the other Singaporean a Singaporean 'cos she's been living in Korea for 5 years LOL. So far I have made some new friends, but I feel that we don't really have many chances to talk to each other a lot. ;X Hopefully the situation will improve a bit more when we are more open and comfortable with each other. And when will I get to meet an ETHNIC Korean friend? T_T

Before school started, I've been chasing 2 TVB dramas. Haha it's strange how I pine for TVB dramas especially when I'm overseas. I'm currently on par with HK's broadcast of Line Walker, and I finished Black Heart White Soul yesterday. Roger Kwok was FANTABULOUS in Black Heart White Soul. He honestly scares me in there. I do know that people like Matt will definitely exist in this world, but if I do really personally know of such people, the world will really become such a scary place to be in. ;X Line Walker is also another must-watch, but the past 2 episodes have been nothing short of depressing. HK still does police dramas the best.

OK, ending here now. I have to wake up for school tomorrow. ^^

P.S. Yonsei's cafeteria food is actually quite good and value-for-money too. I had a hamburger rice set for only 2700 won the other day. And ever since lessons started, I have been buying the rolls of kimbap for only 2000 won. The kimbap was really very delicious. So far I've tried the anchovies and tuna ones. I aim to try the beef and ham flavours soon! #greedypig

Gwangjang Market


Today, I went to Gwangjang Market with my new Malaysian friend, R. R happens to be quite good-tempered and is rather good with directions, so going out with her was less of a stressful affair LOL.

Gwangjang Market happened to be one of our to-go places because of the sheer amount of food tthe market has. Both of us happen to be foodies, so we thought we had to make the trip down. And of course, the food turned out to be as good as hyped. ^^

The entrance of Gwangjang Market.

The interior of the market. The market is HUGE to say the least, and I read that this is the oldest traditional market in Korea.

First food from Gwangjang Market is the mayak kimbap, also known as "drug" kimbap in English. Although it doesn't look much, but it's really one of the best kimbaps I've ever eaten. Yes, it's addictive! ^^

Many many things sold in the market. ^^

This stall sold mayak kimbaps thatw were 500 won more expensive than the rest LOL. On the basis that Running Man came to that stall for their games. xD Way to profit from the show.

Bindaeddeok, otherwise known as mung bean pancake. I didn't really like it, but it seems very popular with other people though.

Raw beef with sweet pear and bean sprouts. THIS IS DAMN GOOD. NO JOKE. If I am feeling rich, I'd just eat eat everyday.

I realised I've been on a hunt for good food ever since I landed in Korea. Food in Korea is generally delicious. I think so far, except for the bindaeddeok which really isn't my cup of tea, I have really enjoyed the rest of my food. Although I am always eating here, I have also been doing lots of walking as well. I skipped the part about the Cheonggyecheon stream because I am feeling tired and feel like sleeping now, but R and I lost our way earlier on and had to walk about 2 km worth of route along the stream before we finally found Gwangjang Market HAHA. Good exercise eh? The search for houses also required lots of walking and dragging of heavy luggages around. Good toning exercise? Heehee.

Alright, that's all for now. 여러분, 잘 자.

First day in Korea


Not sure if moon or sun. I think it was the moon haha.

As my readers may have known, for the past few days, I suddenly resisted the thought of going to Korea for such an extended period of time. Even on the days of departure itself, I kept telling my mum that I didn't want to go. She must have thought that I was joking, but in fact, I meant half of what I had said for the past 2 weeks.

Anyway, I finally got my ass moving and boarded the Asiana plane to Korea, the country of my dreams for 10 years and counting. I have never felt so out of place in Singapore, especially when I was the only Singaporean in the queue of Koreans who were presumably returning back to Korea after spending their Chuseok holidays here. Even the queue-minders were speaking in Korean, and thought that I was one of them. Thankfully, I knew what they were asking me so I could still answer them.

After checking in, I ate my final dinner in Singapore, a basket of steamed Ya Kun kaya and butter bread. That tasted really heavenly. So photo-taking sessions later, I made my way to the boarding gate by myself. Asiana is really a Korean airplane haha. I've never heard so much Korean ever in a place in Singapore, except maybe during my stint in the Korean school. I couldn't really catch the air stewardesses' addresses in Korean. Sian, how to survive in Korea like that? Anyway, it was an overnight flight, but I couldn't sleep well at all because the flight experienced quite a lot of turbulences. My whole food tray was shaking like crazy and thankfully, I had finished up my water if not the water would have spilled. I finally got to watch Maleficent after putting it off for so long until it was taken off screen, and I must say that I was glad I didn't manage to have the time to go at that period of time. ^^

Anyway, my luggage, especially my hand-carry luggage, was heavy like toot 'cos my original check-in luggage was already 30 kg, and Asiana was being such a miser by offering only 20 kg. Man, I should have just booked with SQ. ;X Today wasn't a good day because A said she was feeling sick, and therefore I had to be the one who bore with her temper all that etc. I know she was feeling uncomfortable and her irritability was probably a result of her sickness, but it still irked me that I had to bear with her short-temperedness and irritability while I myself was already struggling to handle my own luggage while hunting down rooms to rent.

To cut the long and tedious story short, we each finally found a room that wasn't too bad for its price. In fact, I am starting to love this room for the privacy it offers heehee. I think I really can't stay with A because I just realised that what she thinks is very different from what I think and feel. We'd probably end up quarrelling lol, so I thank God that things have been resolved in this manner.

Hopefully this will probably be the worst day of my life in Korea lol. I can't imagine if there will indeed be subsequent events like this. I might just go back to Singapore altogether. But I thank God for this memorable first-day experience in a foreign country. I am thankful for being able to understand most of what the ahjussis and ahjummas have been saying to us. I am thankful that so far, they have been very nice and welcoming to us, especially the flower shop ahjumma. She really went all her way in helping us find our necessities despite her still having to manage her flower shop. When I told her that I didn't and couldn't find any toilet rolls, she just gave me a toilet roll and said that we could use it because we are like daughters to her. I immediately felt so touched. I barely knew her, a few hours' at most, but wow, I'm just blown away by her generosity.

My bibimnaengmyeon, which came with bulgogi. This was my first meal in Seoul, and in Korea. We were too busy finding houses that I didn't have time to eat before that. This was my first time eating naengmyeon, and the noodles were really very chewy! This dish also had slices of fruits and vegetables in it. I must eat this more to replenish on the lack of affordable fruits here. Damn nice, especially the meat, but the portion was really big! But sadly food here is not as cheap as in Singapore. My dinner already costs 6000 won! ;( And fruits here are !@#$%^& expensive! I saw one bunch of bananas going for 3000 won here. T_T

On the other hand, I don't find most of the Korean men very gentlemanly. Korean pathways (at least in Seoul) are not very even, and the problem is even further exacerbated because they have been laying down paths for the blind to follow as well. This results in the pathways having more ridges than usual. My luggage was already bursting at its seams, so naturally, it couldn't go over the ridges and uneven pathways very well. There was once it even toppled, but the guys just stopped, stared and moved on. Wow, gentlemanly much? -.-'''

I've always loved Korean street food, but somehow I don't really see many of them around. Maybe not in Sinchon I guess. And yes yes yes, there's ddeokbokki! <3 I shall patronise from her soon!

Sinchon at night!!

This pretty much sums up my first day in my dream country. Sinchon is indeed a very vibrant place to be in, especially during at night. Oh it's still summer in Korea. The weather is hot because of the sun rays, but the wind that blew was quite bone-chilling. And at night, it's even worse. Can you imagine being dressed in summer clothes but experiencing cold winds? I think I will be a goner for winter.



So... it has finally come to this day, a day which I used to look forward to but now, I am just filled with dread and all kinds of negativity.

I couldn't really sleep last night, knowing that it was really my last night here in the comforts of my own home. I guess I am still a very homely person at heart despite me wanting to go overseas all the time. By overseas, I mean tour trips haha, not going overseas for work or studies.

There's still no news on accommodations haiz. I'm just trying to take it easy and make myself relax despite all the myriad of feelings I'm currently experiencing now.

I guess I have eaten most of the local delicacies I wanted to eat before flying. My last local fare was an egg roti prata. I wanted an egg and onion one but I think the stall-holders were too lazy to make one for me so they just told my mum that they had run out of onions. -.-'''

Hopefully, the egg roti prata will last me the whole day. I really have no mood to stomach anything else. ;X

And to all those who have sent me their well-wishes and prayers, I am beyond thankful and grateful.

I was reading my daily encouragement in the Bible when I came across this:

God's work is done through the overcoming of difficulties. He specialises in making mountains into level ground before his people. As they go forward by faith, they find that the mountains have become plains. We cannot remove the mountains, but we can exercise faith in the Remover of mountains.

I shall just leave all my worries with God, and maintain my faith in Him. All things will work out, somehow.



Does everybody who leave Singapore to go overseas for a long period of time all feel like this? Be it for studies, work or even migration to another country, do they all feel the same as I do right now? To be honest, as the days draw nearer, I can't, and don't feel excited anymore. My initial excitement at being able to go overseas again is now being replaced more by worry, trepidation and even homesickness. Yes homesickness even when I haven't even left yet. ;X

I told myself I had to at least get away and experience what life away from Singapore is like. I know that I will not have the chance anymore once I start working and that I will sorely regret it for the rest of my life if I don't go ahead with my plan.

I have never left my parents' side for more than 2 weeks at a stretch. Living without them by my side will really need some time getting used to. If I were to go to HK, I think I wouldn't really be feeling this way 'cos I know the language, I have relatives there, and perhaps 'cos after all, the environment is still "Chinese", which is the environment I have grown up in, the culture I've grown so accustomed to.

On top of that, I am very afraid that I won't be able to get along well with A. Being friends is one thing. But being stuck together for 4 months with another person is another scary thought. You get to see all their flaws, and probably what they are is different from what I thought they were. I must say that I don't think I have a very good temper. The reason why not many people (save for my family members) have seldom seen me lose my temper is because I know how to keep it in check very well. But I hate it when things don't get done quickly. I need to learn to be more patient, but time is running out and the worse thing is we haven't even settled on finding our accommodation.

Update: Guess what? A just told me that the host got back to her and said that she let the room out to another person. So that means we're without accommodation. -.-'''

I've been praying for a smooth journey for this trip, praying that there won't be any major hiccups, praying that I will come back to SG a better person. Now, I will need to pray that I will get along with A well. It will be damn awkward if we are living together and yet not on talking terms. And I shall pray that we can find our accommodation before we reach there or on the day we reach there.

Staying on the streets in a foreign country is damn scary please.

God, please save us all. T_T

Happy times!


I have ended my contract for about a week now. Liberation is indeed a very nice feeling, and I can say that I don't miss having to wake up so early in the morning, I don't miss squeezing with the morning crowds to get to work etc. When my FC asked me whether I could work from home and that she could pay me any amount I wanted, I decided to reject her outright although the offer sounded really tempting. I finally had time for myself, which really is a very liberating experience 'cos I could finally enjoy my weekends without worrying about what's going to happen for the next 5 days.

I must say that I am proud of myself for having successfully fulfilled my contract because there were so many times I felt like throwing in the towel and quitting on them, and I thank God for making me persevere through. My last two weeks were less hectic, probably because the internal auditors were here so we had to do things more discreetly, and also because I decided to move to the sales department. One, my seat in the finance department was too cold, and two, I couldn't really work well with so many people chatting LOUDLY (eyes some people in a certain department), so I decided to move out haha. Nevertheless, I have really learned much from my Finance heads, and for this, I'm really thankful, both to them and the Lord for their graciousness.

Because of my impending departure, I've had many rounds of farewell lunches and dinners. Thank you for treating me so well even though I was just a temporary staff (and maybe 'cos HF and I were one of the very few temp staff who decided not to quit on them halfway LOL). Seriously, I didn't expect that I'd get such a treatment from them, especially from the sales department 'cos I wasn't even part of them in the first place. I just merely shifted my seat to their area only. ;P

Anyway, my jaw hasn't been really functioning well for almost 2 weeks. It has been getting better but I still can't really eat as I did before. I do really hope that it'll be better before I leave. I did go for acupuncture in order to reduce the problem. The sensation was quite special. When the needles went in, I felt a bit of pain but that was all. After that the needles started vibrating and all I felt was tingling sensations all over. It was quite ticklish lol.

11 more days! I haven't started packing. And I am feeling quite nervous now. ;X

So blessed.


The week didn't really start off right. I had to spend my long weekend doing bank reconciliation 'cos the FC wanted it done urgently and yet even after the long weekend had passed, I still couldn't get it down to zero dollar zero cent. It really frustrated me more, to find out that the GL that I had been working with was filled with errors. No wonder no matter how hard I worked, I could never get the damn account to reconcile. It was even made worse when all the transactions from even last year (gasp!) were posted into the wrong month. I was seriously wondering what the previous people were doing and why I had to be dragged into this BS and be answerable for all their mistakes. Everybody must have seen my black face, if I had even bothered looking at them straight into the eye.

Then on Thursday, thankfully the FC was on half-day leave, so I felt a lot more relaxed and decided to retreat into the meeting room, where nobody could disturb me (seriously, I have a beef with some people in the other department. Can't you see that other people are busy doing their things? You very free I know lah, can still go around telling jokes so loudly and laughing so loudly. And your laughter sounds HORRENDOUS I swear. OK rant over.) and I could do my things in peace. That was when I felt truly cut off from the outside world, and then I prayed.

Although I didn't managed to solve it on Thursday, I felt a lot more at peace, and finally after 45 minutes into yesterday, I managed to get it down to zero dollar zero cent. He has heard, He has answered. Although not instantaneous, I still felt that He was around me all this while, and for this, I am very thankful.

I attended my first cell group session yesterday after all these while. Although I felt really very drained out from work, but having people to share my grouses with, and feeling His presence all among us is indeed very therapeutic. We ended at 10 pm, but I've never felt as energised as I did yesterday. Although I only had my dinner at home at about 10.30 pm, but for You, all is worth it. =)

Another reason to be thankful for: I have finally gotten my admission email. Praise be to God!

Back to HK!


It was back to HK for the both of us. I went there with my sister only this time round because my parents went to HK a week back. LOL. So for the month of June, I only got to see my parents for only 2 weeks. ._.

Anyway, because this isn't our first trip there, we skipped many of the tourist attractions and instead, went around eating at famous establishments. Well, I really can't help it 'cos I'm an absolute foodie, though work has caused me to lose my appetite. ;X I'm really so glad for such a break from work.

I was so busy for the whole week that I didn't even start packing my luggage until the night before I was due to fly off. AND MINE WAS A MORNING FLIGHT! !@#$% My FC even had to hold me and my other colleagues back just before I was about to run out of the office to catch the company bus back to the MRT station zZz. I had to shake her off by saying that I had to go to the recruitment agency and therefore I couldn't OT. And yeah, she did finally let me go, but the 2Rs, HF and I missed the company bus and had to walk out to take the public transport. Damn her, really. -.-'''



Accountants really never, and won't have it easy. It's been about a month since I have started on this job, and wow, I come back home feeling damn tired every single day.

This week (meaning 16th to 20th) was the slackest week because our FC had gone for a holiday, so all of us in the Finance department could finally rest easy as she wasn't there to breathe down our necks and chase us for reports. It's such a rarity to finally see my FM unwind and chat with other people when she wouldn't do it when the FC was around. I really did try to enjoy the week as much as I could because the past few weeks had been nothing short of hell. This very week, I could finally go home RIGHT on the dot. In fact, I felt really damn happy when the lights in our area were switched off, which meant that ALL of us could go home on time, which really is a rarity.

When my FC was around, I had to work OT every week. The week before she left was the worst for now. I was staying back until 10.30 pm, and I did ever only knock off at 11.30 pm, just minutes shy of a brand new day. -.-''' My FM stayed back until 1 am I heard. It's just madness, and this stint is really making me have second thoughts about joining the finance industry.

There is really no such thing as a work-life balance in this industry (or maybe it's just for this company, but the horror stories I've heard for the auditing industry is just as bad). The turnover rate for our department is really very high, with 2 people leaving each month. I can really understand why people want to leave. When HF and I joined, 2 other seniors had just left so we (especially HF) got thrown to do many of the things that only people with experience could handle. It was just plain ridiculous how they expect newbies like us to work like people who have been working here for a few years already.

For me, I had to do bank reconciliations, ageing reports and sales reports all by myself without any guidance or whatsoever. I swear that I nearly felt like quitting because nobody ever taught me how to do all these and I was feeling quite helpless because everybody was just busy doing their own things and had no time to teach me what to do. I had to literally figure out how to do everything by myself. What I did in school was just school work, in the context of school. What I handle here is very vastly different from what I have done and learned in school, as I've realised. I just go home everyday feeling damn burnt out, from seeing too many numbers (I had to read like 62 pages of bank statements just for one bank account) and from staring at the (damn small and wordy) Excel sheets for too long. I'm just literally counting down the number of days I have here now.

Thankfully, the colleagues I have are nice and friendly, so far. Maybe except for my FC LOL. I'm dead terrified of her, ever since the first day. I just wished she took a long holiday instead, but aiyah...

Here's to another week of hell before I don't have to see her again. And maybe not return to this company ever again lol.

An amusing dream


Hahahaha, I think I slept really well today. So well that I even had a very funny dream.

I dreamt that as my sister and I were in the train making our way to the airport, we suddenly saw an Asiana plane being parked at Jurong East bus interchange (please, I know, it's damn ridiculous). We immediately wanted to cancel our booking and board the Asiana plane to Korea.

And why did I have such a dream? I think it's because of what I have discussed with my friend yesterday regarding our trip there. My sis and I really did intend to go to Korea in the first place anyway. ;X

It wasn't a bad dream. And it's a very amusing start to a brand new month. ^^

27 more days to seeing my cousins and eating my favourites! ;D



People need to have goals.

Without goals, there is nothing in life worth working for. Without goals, there is nothing in life to look forward to.

Without anything to work hard for, without anything to look forward to, is life still worth living then?

What happens if someone just so cruelly strips you of a goal that has given you life for the past few months? What happens if someone has taken away your sole motivation for enduring this gruelling period, right after the period comes to an end?

Everything would have been for naught, wouldn't it? Time would have been wasted, wouldn't it?

And life would have been wasted, wouldn't it?

Don't give promises you can't keep.

Loneliness? What loneliness?


They all knew each other. I came earlier than the rest of them this morning, so when I saw a familiar face, I sat down with that person, who was also friends with other people whom I do not recognise. But the seat wasn't meant for me; I knew that person had wanted me to move elsewhere 'cos that seat was not meant for me, but that person was just too nice to say it though. The rest of their clique just sat somewhere else.

I've never felt so left out before.

This is why I've never had any long-lasting friends here.

And this is why I'm perfectly alright with being alone, eating alone, and doing everything else alone.

I've done this for three years already.

What's more a few more lectures before I bid this place adieu forever?



I haven't blogged for about a month now. The final exams of my university life are just about a few weeks away and I just can't wait for them to be over and done with. Trying to cramp as many things into my head now, so hopefully I'll get the grades I desire. =X

Anyway, it was announced that MH370 did end its journey in the southern Indian Ocean and so many reporters were tearing up as they were breaking this piece of bad news to their respective bureaus. It is indeed very heartbreaking. I already felt like crying after hearing such a bad piece of news; what's more those people whose loved ones were on that ill-fated flight?

Such is the fragility of life. One can just leave our lives suddenly and unexpectedly, without any last words of farewell. It is exceptionally horrible for those families because they may never get to retrieve the remains of their loved ones and have a proper closure.

This piece of news is indeed very depressing for me, and I kind of have a phobia for plane flights now. If a seemingly normal flight can just go down without a trace, it can just happen to any flight in the world at any time. And the worst thing is, it happened so near to where I live. You know, it could have been us. It could have been an SQ flight which had gone down. It could have been fellow Singaporeans who would never live to see another day again.

My heartfelt condolences to those affected, and RIP to all on board MH370.


The face of a true champion


Long live the Queen!

This is definitely one of the biggest upsets of the Winter Olympics, and one of the most controversial ones ever.

I was watching both the short and the free skate programs for the figure skating ladies' single. Kim Yuna, the reigning 2010 Olympic champion, skated earlier than the world's top skaters, which is considered disadvantageous because lower scores are usually given there. But she had to skate earlier because she hadn't been competing much for the past few years. She had originally planned to retire after the 2010 Winter Olympics but stayed on so that Korea could get in more people into the 2014 Olympics. Therefore, when her score for the short program came up, many people thought she was severely underscored but I was quite OK with that. She did phenomenal considering the fact that she had an injury which forced her to skip the major competitions and thereby lowering her standings. She still went on to win it though. Beat that stupids.

My beef is with the free skate program. Why and how this Russian girl by the name of Adelina scored only decimal places (0.11 to be exact) less than Yuna's WORLD RECORD (which was set in the 2010 Winter Olympics and is considered the BEST skate EVER in the history of figure skating) is beyond my belief, and many others as well. Hello there? That Russian nearly fell during landing one of her jumps and she isn't as graceful as Yuna was, and is. Kim Yuna literally dances on ice, makes ice skating look so easy and I haven't seen anyone who can top that. As people say, Kim Yuna has no equal. Nobody compares to her. Only she can compare to herself. Are the judges trying to tell us that Adelina's skate is the second best skate that the world has seen in history? Absolutely not. That'll be such a travesty to the whole sport. Watch this video here to see the DIFFERENCE between this year's gold medallist and Yuna when she was the gold medallist in 2010. It's such a huge difference that even the untrained eye can see the huge difference between them.

Watch Adelina's free skate program here and go to YouTube and find Kim Yuna's 2010 Winter Olympics free skate program. Then you tell me how this Adelina comes even close to the perfection that Yuna was back then. No way man. This is just bullshit. I cried when I watched Yuna's 2010 Winter Olympics programmes because they were just so beautiful, the very pinnacle of artistry and techniques melded into 2 very spectacular performances. I was mesmerised and spellbound to say the very least. Adelina didn't give me this effect at all. While I appreciated her technicality, that was it. I couldn't "feel" her at all.

This is Yuna's free skate program for the 2014 Winter Olympics. While she wasn't as phenomenal and mind-blowing as she was 4 years back, but nobody can still deny that she still did better than Adelina right? That grace and elegance is something Adelina and many others haven't matched up to yet. Her emotions exactly matched the mood of the music, and what a beautiful farewell skate that was.

The controversy surrounding this now is the way the judges arrived at the scores. It's been said that out of the 14 judges, 4 of them were Russians, with one of them being the wife of the Russian Skating Federation. Like seriously? Conflicts of interest much? This totally screams scandal. And they even allowed a judge who was once suspended for fixing an Olympic figure skating competition to judge the competition this time round. HELLO??!! And after Adelina skated, one of the Russian judges went over to her and patted her head. Appropriate much? ._.

Adelina showed off some very good skating. She definitely has the potential. But isn't something very fishy when she came SO DARN CLOSE to beating Yuna's WR when she made so many mistakes?! Yuna did everything literally perfectly when she scored 150.06. Isn't something very fishy when she got more than 20 points (in this sport, every decimal place counts, so you can really imagine how "much" those 20 points mean) more than she had in the last competition which was just in January 2014? Nobody can "improve" that tremendously in just 3 weeks. What sorcery is this? It's impossible unless those scores were cooked up.

Anyhow, Kim Yuna will live on as the Ice Queen whether she wins gold or not. She has already participated and won in every figure skating competition she has participated in. It's just such a pity that this Olympics is the last time she'll be skating competitively and she has to be subjected to such unfair treatment. It just makes me feel that the judges are racist.

Sign the petition to relook into the judging here.

Yuna, you will forever be the Queen. The world has long acknowledged what you're really capable of. Long live the Queen!

P.S. With the end of the figure skating event in the 2014 Winter Olympics, Kim Yuna ends her career with a silver medal from this event, never a step away from the podium since she started skating. Which means to say that she has never gotten lower than 3rd place in every competition she has participated in. And this is why she'll only be the one and only Queen that the world acknowledges and recognises.

감사하는 이유


요즘 생각이 많이 있어. 내 친구가 왜 남자친구가 없어는 이유 자신 물었어. 그 친구가 아주 좋은 사람입니다. 그 친구가 아는 사람 중에서 제일 친철 사람입니다. 그 친구의 얼굴도 예쁘네요.

내 상태도 그 친구의 상태가 비슷합니다. 다른 사람들 나한테 예쁜 여자 자주 말해요. 말다고 그랬는데 난, 지금까지, 남자친구가 한 명도 없어요. 내 동생도 난 왜 남자 없는 이유 물었어. 왜 없어요? 난 몰라요. 난, 이상한 것이 있어? 어디? 무슨?

생각 많이 한후에, 최종 결론이 있어: 하늘님 나를위한 계획을 가지고 있습니다. 기다리는 것은 너무 힘들지만, 하늘님께서 내 곁에 있어서 난 감사드립니다.

하늘님, 그 동안 내 가족과 나의 곁에 있어서 난 지심으로 감사드립니다.

지금 아직 하늘님에 대한 배우고 있어서, 하늘님 잘 부탁합니다.

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

- Romans 8:25

God says "no" now, for a better "yes" in the future.

My sisters and brothers, you and I shall wait and we'll receive.

Have faith. ;)







But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;

they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

- Lamentations 3:21-23

Thank you God for giving us strength to pull through this difficult period as a family. I know You'll keep her safe, and till we meet again.

One week...


Today marks the first week since everything ended. You know, life still goes on for the rest of us, but knowing how to move on without a person whom you have grown up with is indeed very hard.

My mind do sometimes wander back to what had happened a week ago. Everything seemed so surreal. It feels as though I don't see mama just because I haven't gone back for dinner, not because she really isn't here anymore. I haven't plucked up the courage to go back because I'll be reminded of how she isn't here anymore; how I won't get to eat nice home-cooked dinner anymore; and how I won't get to hear her voice anymore. I don't think I'll be able to take it. I'll have to face it sooner or later, but just not now.

I've been meeting up with friends. I went to eat hawker food with Girly a few days back at Bukit Timah Food Centre. You know, when you have really good company, eating even the most ordinary food at the most ordinary place is a blessing to have and a blessing I've had. Here's to many, many, many more years of friendship! And thank you for the gifts from Korea. I really love love them! ^^

Life is slowly returning back to normal for us I guess... And the new 7 pm Korean drama on Channel U is really making me laugh loads. I'll blog about Twinkle Twinkle when I have more time, but for now, this will be it.

The end?


All things seem to have been pre-destined.

What happened if Mama didn't go to HK for the one last time to meet her brother and the relatives?

What happened if my dad didn't even suggest going to HK in the first place? My Mama wouldn't have even gone there if my dad didn't suggest going at all.

What happened if I went ahead for my 1-month exchange to Korea, of which I'd only return on the 17th? My mum initially agreed to let me go but I decided not to sign up for it in the end 'cos I had harboured thoughts of staying there longer after my graduation.

What happened if Mama didn't get to see Jiang and Nicole get married?

What made me and my sis suddenly want to take pictures with Mama during Jiang's wedding?

They all pointed to one thing: she was going. But we all just didn't know.



This has not been a very good start of the year. My mama (grandma) suddenly got ill over New Year's eve and is now fighting for her life. Aunt called me on my phone at around 1 am and I haven't been able to sleep ever since. How did things escalate so quickly? We last saw her on the 30th and I did think that she looked a bit tired but nothing really out of sorts. She vomited blood on 31st but after that things seemed under control until my aunt called.

Now I dread every phone call. It just puts me on tenterhooks.

I got another phone call. Her condition is deteriorating too quickly for me to even comprehend.

We're off to the hospital now.


It's over. She is now dwelling in the House of the Lord forever. How she just managed to go like that is beyond me. Earlier on in the morning I saw tubes being poked through everywhere while my aunts, uncles and dad were reciting Bible verses and just telling her to go. It was such a painful moment for me. How can someone who seemingly looked so healthy just go like that in two days?

My dad called back to Hong Kong and broke the news to Aunt Mui when we couldn't get hold of Aunt Lai. I could totally hear Aunt Mui's shocked voice over the phone. Of course, who wouldn't be shocked? They have just last seen her in HK a week back. And she was seemingly healthy too. She was seemingly more mobile and healthier than kau gong, who has to rely on a walking stick for movements and could only take small little steps at a time after suffering from repeated strokes. She was even seemingly healthier than my por por, who has known heart problems after a transplant. Yet she went even earlier than them. The doctors don't even have a clue as to what triggered those bloody vomiting.

I didn't know how to react when I got a call from my dad in the middle of having lunch with my friends (I'm really sorry for pangseh-ing you all) telling me and my sister to rush to the hospital quickly. I didn't know how to react when my aunts told us that we were too late. I didn't know how to react when we were brought into the room with the life support machines all switched off. I didn't know how to react when I saw the words "do not resuscitate" on the whiteboard next to her bed. I didn't know how to react when I saw blood stains on the bedsheet. She must have puked blood again before her heart stopped beating, as it already had for 20 minutes earlier on, in the wee hours of the morning. I didn't even see her conscious before she left. I was told that she was very alert and seemed to be getting better on New Year. She could even walk by herself normally, without any assistance. Why didn't I visit her yesterday? I was just in a daze as I tried to make sense of everything which has happened for the past two days.

Then when my dad came into the room and cried, it was just such a heart-wrenching scene. I cried too. I can't take it when my dad cries, because I really haven't seen him cry before. Yeye passed away nearly 10 years back, so I couldn't really remember if he did cry back then, but he definitely did not cry in recent memory. Mama had relied heavily on him. We lived the nearest to Aunt and Mama, so we were also the ones who went back for dinner the most number of times. No more Mama to cook dinner for us, no more soups, and no more naggings. Aunt must be feeling really terrible since she has lived with Mama literally her whole life. She has it harder than anybody else. She even told me personally just now during the wake that she totally didn't see this coming at all. All of us didn't expect this to be honest.

I am still half-expecting Mama to suddenly call and tell us to go back for dinner. But will there still be such a call? I am still half-expecting Mama to call and look for my dad, but I guess such calls won't come anymore. I am still half-expecting Mama to call and ask whether I have eaten or not, but I know I'll never hear her voice again.

These past two days are just passing by in a blur. I don't even know what's going on anymore. Am I living real life, or is this all just a bad nightmare?



I was rewatching Tree with Deep Roots (TWDR) a few days back, this time together with my mum. Then I looked back on what spurred me on to pick up an entirely new language, paying for the school fees and travelling to one of the richest districts in Singapore for lessons. It was this very drama. I picked up Korean by myself back in secondary school, but that was all. I learnt how to read and write but not understand. Dae Jang Geum did really get me interested in Korean culture and whatnot, but I did not feel the urge to pick up Korean seriously.

Then all that changed when I first watched TWDR in 2012. I was not contented with just knowing how to read and write. TWDR was the very drama that triggered my 초심. As the characters in the drama never once forgot their 초심 and worked tirelessly towards their goals, I, too, will also hope that I'll never ever forget my 초심. C won't be able to go anymore, and I'll have one less friend going with me. In fact, if A is not able to go, I'll have to go by myself. The thought itself is really very scary, and it'll be potentially lonely, especially in a place where I don't know anybody at all. My decision to go was shaken, but thinking of my 초심 makes me even more determined to go there.

맨디야, 네 초심. 꼭 잊지 마세요.

2014 is finally here. This year will be a watershed year for me. This year will be my very last year in university and my very last year in mainstream education before I go to work. I don't have the habit of having New Year resolutions, but since it'll be my last year in education, here goes.

1) Maintain my second uppers and try to aim for first (a bit impossible since it's my last semester already lol...)
2) Strike off something in my bucket list. It's there for a reason
3) Be more sociable lol. Stop being so cold and cynical of everybody who tries to be nice to me.
4) To make more friends. Not from university but other places.
5) Be more daring and learn to speak out my mind.

Hola 2014! 새해 복 많이 많이 많이 받으세요!