Wow, seriously, last warning to this weather and all the air-cons in the buses. I don't usually complain when we get cold spells, especially since countries in the Northern Hemisphere get to experience winter in the truest sense and it's always so hot here, but this month has been really very cold! Winds have been howling away like nobody's business and I find myself scrambling for warmer places in shopping centres (seriously, last warning to the shopping centres too!!!) or drinking soups lol.

And and and, dafuq are the bus-drivers thinking? It's so cold out there and they still have the air-cons switched on so strongly. I boarded my bus this afternoon and found that the temperature in the bus was only 17°C AND the worst thing was I was dressed in shorts and slippers zZz. Never have I felt so underdressed here. -.-'''

Temperature dropped to 21°C on Wednesday/Thursday.

Anyway, since we were talking about the weather, Meepy finally asked me something.

Meepy: So when do you intend to go there?
Me: As soon as possible.

I think Meepy wanted to throw me out of the train heehee, but as the remaining days of the year tick by, I'll be closer to realising my dream.

P.S. I swear I'll really grow fat this holiday season, and it doesn't help that CNY is only a month after New Year. 2 buffets coming up fyeah!!!! Our Sydney clique (OK part of) will finally get to satisfy our sashimi craving lol. I really miss the fresh seafood from the Fish Market so much. T_T

Cousin's wedding


Christmas tree at the lobby of Four Seasons Hotel.

Christmas decorations at the lift lobby. It looked so magical that I thought it was from some storybook. ;_;

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding dinner. It's been really a very long time since I've last attended a wedding dinner. The dinner was held at Four Seasons Hotel, which is really a very atas hotel lol. Even the Christmas decorations were so good. o.O''' Food was really good as well; I think the only thing which I didn't really enjoy was the dessert 'cos I was probably too tipsy to enjoy it LOL, which will be the main reason for this post. ;P

I think I drank about 7-8 glasses of white wine throughout the whole dinner yesterday. Even my parents thought I was drunk because they said I talked too much, but I thought I have always talked a lot, especially to people whom I'm super close to. I didn't buy their logic lol, but I did finally experience what being tipsy was like. No, I wasn't drunk, because I was still perfectly aware of my surroundings and I could still understand what people were saying. I just felt that my head was spinning a little bit and I couldn't really walk straight, though not to the extent of knocking into people etc.

Anyway, being tipsy isn't an experience I'd like to repeat, because my head felt really quite heavy and though I was quite glad to be lying down on my bed (we reached home in 20 minutes), I couldn't really sleep well because of all the alcohol in my body. x.X But really, I can finally understand why one shouldn't drink and drive. It's really very dangerous.

My mum ended up nagging me about my alcohol intake and she's so afraid that I won't be able to survive in the place where everybody-drinks-alcohol-for-happy-or-sad-occasions. ._.

내 마지막


I think I tend to take many things for granted. I've been using English for almost as long as I have lived, and it is my first language. I can speak and write in English very fluently. In fact, English is just part of my nature. However, learning another language has made me realised that as much as I can proclaim myself to be really good at one language, there is still so much that I do not know about my so-called 'native' language, and so much more to learn about English.

My teachers are not native English speakers, so they have been taught English in a way that is so different from me. They really started from the very basic fundamentals which I did not have to go through since everybody here speaks and writes English, so there are really many fundamentals which I have missed, and therefore, do not know. Thanks to them, I now finally know more about English, in addition to whatever they have been teaching me.

Which is why people who know many languages have my utmost respect, and I am striving to become multilingual as well.

I have really learnt a lot throughout this past 1 year, and I'm really very thankful. It is now time for me to end my journey in Singapore here. A new journey awaits.


오늘 D-Day 입니다. 난, 정말 끝났어요. 시험이 넘 얼마나 어려운지 모르겠어요. 마지막 잘 하는 기회가 없어. 마지막 인사하는 기회도 없어. 넘 슬프더군요. 선생님, 난 여기에서는 인사해... 안녕히계습니다. 친구들, 난 보고 싶을 거!

싱가포르의 겨울?


요즘 날씨가 정말 좋아서 기분도 좋아. ㅅ.ㅅ 아침부터 밤에까지 비가 많이 왔어서 요즘의 날씨가 조금 추워. 물론 한국 지금의 날씨가 더더더더 추운데 한국에 지금 가면 난 죽겠어. ㅋㅋ

아이고, 넘 무서워. 긴장 많이.