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I really, really can't believe that should nothing go wrong, I will be graduating next year. It's not even a year. It's only about 6 months before I say adieu to mainstream education proper. Time flies really quickly, especially when you're getting older. It's kind of scary to think that once I start working, there will really be no end to it. I may work till I get married, work till I retire or maybe work till I die. ;X

To be honest, I'm not sure if I will really stay on with accounting until the end. I have heard of the horrendous hours that accountants and auditors (especially) put in. The money will definitely be good, even more so for auditors because they are the revenue-generating centres whereas accountants are more like cost-cutting centres. I want, and need money definitely, for all sorts of reasons, frivolous and essential. Without money, you literally won't be able to survive in SG 'cos we don't have such thing as a welfare system at all. I don't exactly love accounting and its related subjects, but I can say that I won't mind doing it too. I mean, I've done pretty well on the most-dreaded modules like FM and MA, and I like doing MA too actually, even more so than FA.

I don't know. I have more interest in PR-related events since I love meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life and can write well (when I'm in the mood). I had spoken to a career counsellor recently and she told me to forget about my CPA and just work in a PR company. I have a company in mind (I won't disclose it here for my family's privacy reasons) but it's all the way in HK. I don't mind working in HK to be honest since I am able to assimilate there quite easily, but really? PR? Should I really go for it and forget about my CPA? Haiz... and I have to find a way to enquire about working there. So many things to think about.

I'll definitely find a couple of internships before I set off. All I feel like doing after my final exams end is just to travel the world and do whatever I like, but I know that won't be possible at all. People say that you should do whatever you want when you're still young and have the energy. It's not all possible, but I can say that I won't regret not applying to work immediately after graduation, because I have so many other things I have not done and will wish to fulfil all these so as to set my heart at ease when I'm older.

P.S. Online shopping is really my addiction! I've found so many pretty cases for my phone! Thankfully sissy is now using the same phone as me, so we can share and I don't feel as guilty for just swiping my card indiscriminately. ;P


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