USS Halloween Horror Night + RG's 21st!


It has been awhile since I've had such good weekends, the last one probably being 2 months ago. Anyway, Zoey got us 4 tickets to USS for the Halloween Horror Night. Since the tickets were free, I decided to go for it. Anyway, I've always wanted to go for Ocean Park's and HK Disneyland's Halloween Nights since they did look really very cool (as seen on Facebook haha), but I still have school in October, so there's literally no chance for me to go there during that period of time. =X

Anyway, Michelle and I met up with Jennie at Vivo City and we had dinner there while waiting for Madeline the slow-poke haha. We only reached USS at 8 pm due to waiting for Madeline hmph. To think we were supposed to meet for dinner at 5.45 pm. ._. Anyway, thanks to Michelle we beat the horrendous queues of people who were waiting to board the monorail to Sentosa. Heehee. ;3

This is really my first time attending an event that is solely Halloween-themed. I must say that USS really had the "eerie" feel to it, 'cos it was really very dark and I couldn't see what was in front of me. That's where all the devil horn headbands and light-sticks came in useful. Unfortunately, the queues for the rides and attractions were horrendously long zZz, but thankfully because it was already night time and it did rain quite heavily before that, so the weather was quite cooling. But but but the amount of humidity, especially when we were queuing with other people in the open-air space was still too damn high LOL. There was this couple queuing up behind us for the Transformer's ride and they kept PDA-ing around. I felt like telling them to get out of the queue and just go up to a hotel room instead. -.-'''

I thought I wouldn't be scared but some of the "walking dead" still did manage to scare me. -.-''' I guess it has to do more with the element of surprise. If they had already scared the person in front of me, I would be more prepared and not be as scared, though I still freaked out at their make-up. The amount of make-up they had was too damn high (and realistic) lol.

The main reason why I wanted to go to USS was because of Battlestar Galactica, but according to my K class friend who works with RWS, that ride has been closed since I-dunno-when, so I was quite disappointed. When will it ever open? =/ I really want to ride that again.

Despite the waiting time, I still had a great time with the girls. Too high liao haha! The event ended at 1 am, so we made our way home after that. I slept at 4 am 'cos I was waiting for my hair to dry, then woke up at 12.45 pm the next day LOL.

I went out again at about 4.45 pm to celebrate Michelle's 21st haha. But when I was in 67, it started raining damn heavily and Bukit Timah was literally flooded, as usual. My Toms got terribly wet and I swear that wearing wet shoes is not the most comfortable thing in the world. I should have worn sandals instead. -.-'''

Anyway, we had dinner at La Petite Cuisine, which sold really affordable French food. The people and chef there were also really very nice and jolly. They kept walking to our tables to ask whether we enjoyed our food or not, which I really liked. It was also my very first time eating foie gras and wow I swear I really LOVED it! I know there's this whole controversy about foie gras but since the goose has already died I just might as well eat it right? I will go back to the restaurant again just to eat the foie gras! ;D

The escargots with croissant were also really good! The croissant really tasted buttery and the sauce from the escargots just complemented it really well! I had the medium rare sirloin steak as well which I really liked, especially the gratin potatoes. Mad love!

The pan-fried foie gras with orange confit. It's really damn damn damn nice! Up till now I can still taste the buttery-ness of the foie gras. I can now understand why so many people love eating foie gras despite the price! ;O

Escargots with croissants. I loved this as well! The croissant was really buttery and it went really well with the sauce!

My medium-rare sirloin steak. They tasted quite good as well. I loved my gratin potatoes the most! Love the sauce! ;D

We celebrated RG's birthday with a cookies and cream ice-cream cake from Island Creamery. I swear that was like one of the best cakes I've ever eaten! SUPER DELICIOUS I SWEAR! Even the cake looked so pretty! ;_;

The cookies and cream ice-cream cake with gummies! Best cake I've ever eaten! I want to cry. ;_;

After eating, we went to Marina Barrage to walk about. Gosh, it was really very cold and windy 'cos it rained really heavily before that. But I really enjoy walking around Marina Barrage on Sunday nights, especially when there are not many people around. The darkness also makes it good for couples to display PDA around (ahem ahem). Madeline kept shining her handphone light around to 抓奸 heehee. We went over to the hawker centre to have sugarcane juice (courtesy of RG heehee) and had some HTHT. Really love talking to them. I seriously don't mind going out for impromptu supper dates with them since RG heehee... *looks at her*

Anyway, this is just a short post. I had too much fun these past 2 days so I have quite a lot of work to catch up on. I've just finished my eBiz assignment and I need to continue with my FR as well. Ciaos! ;'(


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