Today was the start of another K term, and it will most likely be my last term here in K school. The moment Ms Hong walked in, I had another shock. I thought Ms Yeon had come back to teach us. In fact, Ms Yeon was the scariest teacher I've ever had, not only because she had extremely high standards for her students, but also because of her rather cold demeanor. Ms Hong gave off exactly the same vibes as her, and I really felt super stressed out. However, Ms Hong gave a lot more encouragements to us and I did really learn a lot from her within those 3 hours. I felt a lot more at ease after that, but I think Ms Hong also expects the best out of us. I have to write an essay on my future plans, IN KOREAN no less. *cries*

Anyway, it is quite scary to think that I'm already thinking for myself. I don't know. Maybe I'm finally growing up LOL. Should everything go to plan, I won't be in SG for a period of time a year from now. I have to further discuss my plans with my friends who may/will be going with me, but I'm glad and thankful that my parents are supportive. Should everything go to plan, it'll be a start of a really exciting (and potentially stressful) journey for me. Since things are still in its primitive stages, I won't reveal anything for now, but I'm already so hyped just by thinking about it. It'll be something I can finally strike off my bucket list.

And... if I really love it there, who knows? I may consider living there. It's time to be independent!

Jigeum buteo ggok yeolgong haeya dwae! ;)


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