Soo-jin and Tae-san, please pull through! ;_;

I have been watching MBC's Two Weeks (TW) recently. It is very unlike me to start watching a K-drama while it is still running in Korea 'cos I still have to rely on subs, which is not the case for HK dramas. However, the premise of TW did intrigue me (though it is said to be similar to Mandate of Heaven, which I didn't watch) and for starters, my favourites, Lee Joon-ki, Kim So-yeon and Park Ha-sun are all inside.

By the end of episode 1, I knew I was already on board the TW train. Some dramas have really boring starts, which is why I give up watching them halfway, unless I happen to watch them again on Channel U, like Secret Garden. I gave that up after 2 episodes 'cos I found it boring, but when Channel U started showing it, I gave it another chance and found myself enjoying quite a bit. Maybe I wasn't in the mood to watch it the first time I started on it.

DAMN. KIM SO-YEON IS SMOKING HOT AND SO BADASS IN HERE. She rocks the eyeliner so well. The more, the better. Unni!!!

Jang Tae-san is your average bumbling gangster with no aim in his life. He creates trouble, but not till the extent of spilling blood because he has a phobia of it. One day, he is being framed for a murder which he did not commit. When he was nearly killed while in detention, Tae-san then decides to become break out of detention and so begins his fugitive life.

The flashbacks that Tae-san had with Soo-jin and In-hye while being on the run seriously breaks my heart, and I really have to give it to the little girl who managed to steal my heart with such a heartfelt performance. Seriously, why are Korean kids so bloody good in acting?! I also have to hand it to Lee Joon-ki for portraying such a nuanced performance of Tae-san. Joon-ki is widely known as the Flower Boy of Korea due to his looks (he has really high cheekbones for a guy and I thought he looked quite girly during his early years, especially in My Girl), but wow, he totally blew me off here. In this drama, I don't find him girly at all. He looks so gritty and handsome here and I love how bastardy he was towards In-hye. He is really not a perfect person, but his imperfections are totally what makes him human, not superhuman.

And Joon-ki's acting here touches me very deeply. All his emotions are so well-portrayed out I could really cry. ;_; Those eyes, those expressions. That heart. That anguish. That tears. All the praises on his acting in this drama are definitely well-deserved for him.

 photo 2943631751_561cd931.gif
 photo 2943631751_d5c8d4a0.gif
 photo 2943631751_0aae4168.gif
Every single scene that involves Soo-jin and Tae-san just breaks my heart so badly. ;_;

How is it possible for Tae-san to save his daughter when everybody, black and white, are wanting to either kill or catch him? As young Soo-jin crosses 10 off her calendar, it is time and the world against Jang Tae-san. And so, the countdown for Soo-jin's life begins. D-10! *cues intense music*

P.S. Ms Sung used me as an example for K class today. She really likes Chinese very much and since Korean is really very similar to Chinese in terms of pronunciation and the meaning of words, she uses Chinese quite regularly during K classes, though with the wrong intonation/pronunciation and the class frequently has to correct her, after which she'd hide her head in shame. She called me a 小妹妹 and then later a 나쁜 동생 LOL. I can't take her seriously. She's too cute for words kya... =D

Happy weekend!


Last weekend was really a blast. Though I now feel very tired due to the lack of sleep, but I just love it when I have things to look forward to after 5 days at work.

So last Saturday I attended my first make-up class together with Girly after rushing down to Dhoby Gaut from my K class. I'm glad I went for it 'cos we were really taught the basics of make-up though I am still not very comfortable with putting powder on my face. I am also not very used to using the mascara 'cos I can see my own lashes, which is very disconcerting for me.

We went down to Ion Orchard after that to eat some yummy Japanese dinner at some Ginza Bairin. The food was really good but I paid nearly $20 for my unatama don. -.-''' So expensive man. If I ordered the exact thing in Aussie, I think it would have been much cheaper 'cos I won't have to pay for additional taxes. ;_; On top of that the restaurant prices in Aussie are really much cheaper though food there is generally more expensive. *sigh*

$20+ unatama don. ;_;

We went over to Sephora after dinner (and getting my free Starbucks) to look for a suitable birthday present for SL. Saw so many make-up brands and holy, they do cost a lot. I wish I don't have to spend so much on make-up, but unfortunately, I don't think any working woman can do without make-up. *sigh*

Felt really tired after all the shopping so when I reached home, I fell asleep almost immediately and only woke up at 11 am the next day.

Slacked the first half of the day away by watching the new MBC drama, Two Weeks. Go watch it if you haven't! There are so much action in just 4 episodes and it kills me 'cos Korean dramas usually only have 2 episodes per week. One week did feel very long for me when I watched the first two episodes last week. I'll talk more about it in the later posts.

M became our full-time chauffeur yesterday haha. I really want to get a driver's license but Meepy thinks I'm really clumsy and she's so scared that I'll get into an accident. Cars in SG are so freaking expensive too. The amount I have one has to pay for a mid-range car here is more than enough to buy you a luxury car (like Lambos etc.) elsewhere. ._.

SL's birthday party was held at A for Arbite, which is pretty inconvenient to get to if you don't have a car. Anyway, the food there is AWESOME though it is a little pricey if you go there to eat. I think we all stuffed ourselves full over there. I especially loved the Caesar salad haha, main reason being 'cos there was egg. The cherry tomatoes, prunes and sauce in the salad made it so delicious! ;_; The other food were really good too, though I didn't really enjoy the salted peanut butter tart. Ho yit hei ah!! ;( I took 2 lamb steaks LOL. Haven't eaten such rich and good food ever since I returned from Aussie. For those looking to hold birthday parties, please hold it at A for Arbite and invite me heehee. ^^

So much food! Imagine how much I ate. I think I went for 3 rounds, and took many, many portions of salad 'cos it was really damn good! ;P

Desserts! ;D

OK, I have no idea what I'm talking about now. I'm about to fall asleep. Till then!

Awesome Australia


I'm finally back after nearly 2 weeks in the land of kangaroos, koalas and other cute animals. My initial grumpiness and nonchalance about the trip disappeared by the time I reached Changi Airport and I must say that I really had an awesome time there with my travel mates! ;D I can't emphasise how lucky we were to have free accommodation on both our trips to Sydney and Melbourne. We were still agonising over where to stay in Melbourne 'cos the hostel we had wanted to stay in was already fully booked when we tried to book it. Thankfully, Zhi Yi's aunt came to the rescue and we got to stay in their house. I'm really so very thankful for their hospitality and generosity, not to mention that I have saved a lot on this trip because I didn't have to worry about accommodation at all. Thanks Bro! =D

I really did enjoy the food I had there. In my 13 days there, there were only 3 meals that I didn't enjoy at all. Despite me eating ice-cream/yoghurt/froyo/smoothies and consuming so much good food every single day, I actually lost 3 kg there. At first, I thought that probably the pull of gravity in Aussie was less than that in Singapore (I weighed myself in both my friend's house and my friend's cousin's house using the electronic weighing scale LOL!). I wasn't convinced, so straight after I came back home, I weighed myself and I DID REALLY LOSE WEIGHT!!! O.O''' Must be the cold weather heh. Oh ya, all prices quoted here are in AUD$.