Kim Nam-joo and Kim Seung-woo. One of my most favourite K-celebrity couples which includes Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in. ;P

I can't believe that I'll be flying off in a few hours' time. My luggage is still not packed at all and I'm still in front of the computer blogging away and watching dramas LOL. I feel pretty 'chill' this time round, not sure why. Maybe because I had wanted to go to Korea more but because of some reasons my trip there couldn't materialise and I'm just sulking and going green with envy behind the laptop when I see other people posting photos of themselves in Korea. T_T OK that was a pretty long sentence but I don't give a damn 'cos I'm still feeling bitter. *pouts* I swear that I'll visit Korea next, you just wait. I hope that I'll enjoy my trip. May be paying a visit to my cousin who is now in Melbourne. I may make him bring me to Lake Mountain to ski since the rest are not interested in it. I saw so many photos of my senior skiing in Snowy Mountains and boy, it does really look fun! ._.

I had intended to pack my luggage yesterday but I ended up doing frivolous things like watching dramas (AHEM!) and more serious things like cleaning up the house. I did everything I could do in the house except to pack. The thought of packing just thoroughly puts me off I swear, especially when I can't imagine how to squeeze all my winter clothes into the luggage without exceeding the said weight.

Anyway, I wanted to take a cab to the airport 'cos I wanted to finish watching today's episode of My Husband Got A Family but my mum refused to let me watch it 'cos she's so afraid that I'll miss the flight or something, so I have to be out of the house by 10.30 pm to catch the cab (I think I'll take the train instead). See see, other people are so much more 'gan chiong' than I am about my trip. Haiz, I can't even watch my current favourite drama in peace. 2 weeks without my Korean dramas. Right, so I'll just watch it online now.

Did I mention that I love Cha Yoon-hee and Bang Gwi-nam loads? I love the entire cast in My Husband Got A Family. How can such a cute family exist?!?! I can't find anybody to hate in that show, although the youngest sister-in-law is a bit annoying 'cos she's always bullying Yoon-hee, but heck lah, she's still cute. ;3 Not to mention that I'm currently loving Kim Nam-joo loads! She's such a fashionista and she's the wife of my ahjussi crush. Aigoo, what a perfect couple! <3


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