I swear that the gap between I1 and I2 is HUGE!!! It's been only 2 lessons and I am already clueless about what is going on in K class. I thought informal speech was just about speaking informally, but there are still so many rules to follow when you speak in informal speech. It gets really hella confusing and it's really very difficult for us non-natives to grasp it well. 반말 진짜 너무 어려워! Missing a semester of K lessons is really bad and it shows because I have forgotten the grammar structures and have difficulty pronouncing the words out even if my mind knows how to read them. Should I miss another semester of K classes, I'll make sure I go to South Korea and practise my Korean everyday.

Ms Sung cut her hair heehee. Somebody tell her to stop being so cute, pretty please! I am always GL-ing her in class though, haha. I would never have done it back in 2008, no matter how cute my teachers were. I did start GL-ing teachers a little in 2009 and subsequently more in 2010, but not to the extent of this to my K teacher. ;P OK, she's GL-ing me too, 'cos she uses formal speech with the rest of my classmates but informal speech with me. U.U

Anyway, my one-month stint in my company has ended. I felt really very relieved and surprised that I managed to pull through. I did really meet people from all walks of life and got to experience how working for an international company was like. This was really a good experience, but I won't want to repeat it again, on the floor. Once is really good enough for me. Should I work for this company again, my goal is to be in the upper management. I was told that since I'm majoring in accounting and finance, I could actually go straight up and work in the support office together with the upper management of the company. I don't know, I'll give it more thought when I return from my trip though, because AIA has also offered me an internship with them. I'm not really particular about working or interning in the Big 4 accounting firms, since that wasn't really my goal in the first place. I mean, it's good if I do get offered, but the world doesn't end for me if I don't, because what I'm offered now are just as good, if not, better. The Big 4 is well-known to those in the accounting field, but probably not as well-known to those outside of it. But the company I've just left is a company with an extremely huge presence worldwide. It's really hard to find people who have never heard or worn their clothes before. I find the thought of having a chance to work in the Head Office somewhere in Europe extremely captivating as well. I think I did say that the working culture was pretty lax, but I've grown to love it. I like how we're able to dress whatever we like to come to work. I don't want to be always wearing suits and tailored pants.

It is now slightly less than 2 weeks to my 2-week getaway to a country in a different timezone. And to think we still haven't decided on where to go yet haha. GG lol. I'll be getting my down tomorrow, hopefully, since I'm not that tired anymore. I can't wait for my woollen sweater coat to be sent to me! ;D


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