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Oh gosh, working life is really terrible. I now really know that money is hard to earn. I'm now working for a big company located in the heart of Orchard Road. I did tell some friends about where I am working but I guess I won't say anything here.

The working culture of this company is pretty lax, but it kinda shocked me. Too lax until I think most of the people there are ah bengs and ah lians. Most of them smoke and put on make-up which aims do outdo each other in terms of dramatic effects. As one who doesn't smoke and doesn't put on such dramatic make-up (I don't even use eye-liners, foundations, blushers and whatnot), I felt like a total misfit in this company.

The first few days were terrible because I had no one to go out for lunches/breaks with. Everybody already knew each other and were hanging out with their own colleagues and friends. I think I did mention that I don't open up to people as easily as I used to in the past. On top of that, the work I was required to do was quite menial in nature. I felt that the permanent staff weren't exactly friendly to us temps as well. I thought that they all looked too fierce with their too-dramatic make-ups.

A week went by and I was sent to help out with another division. It was then I found out that there were other temps who were of similar ages to me, so we clicked instantly. I thank my supervisor for sending me up on that fateful day because life in this company became more bearable afterwards. I now have friends to go out with for lunches and we'll now talk about almost anything. Suddenly, the permanent staff members became much more approachable and friendlier.

If not for the fact that my mum actually forced me to find a job so quickly, I wouldn't have accepted this job after I got past the interview. She was accusing me of being such a slacker and I couldn't stand her nagging, so I kind of signed up for this job on impulse, which I regretted immediately after the first day of work. I told her that I wanted to quit after the first day. If not for the fact that the cost of living in the country I'll be flying to is crazily high, I would have left this company immediately.

For now, the only thing that is keeping me going is the fact that in slightly less than a month's time, I'll be flying off and the friends that I have made here. I'm not sure if I'll miss the company when my contract ends, but I think I'll miss the company I've made during these few weeks.

On another note, the haze situation in Singapore is hopefully under control now. The air quality for the past three days was really good. The past two weeks were hell because the air was so smoggy and smelly. It was very scary to suddenly see everybody in the streets wearing face masks as if a pandemic had occurred here. The last time my N95 masks saw daylight was in 2003, when SARS hit. My company also decided to issue masks to us who were working in the front-line, which included me.

Anyway, something funny happened today. It hailed in the west part of Singapore, which I wasn't around to see unfortunately, though it did finally rain after two weeks and you could tell that people were all so happy and thankful for the rain. My mum was at home all the time but she didn't know it was hailing. She only said that it rained very heavily and the wind was really gusty. Damn wasted. She should have gone to work in place of me. When I reached home, I saw broken tree branches and leaves lying all over the place as if a tornado just ripped past our neighbourhood. How the hell did she manage to miss this?! D;


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