I'll update soon!


Oh gosh, working life is really terrible. I now really know that money is hard to earn. I'm now working for a big company located in the heart of Orchard Road. I did tell some friends about where I am working but I guess I won't say anything here.

The working culture of this company is pretty lax, but it kinda shocked me. Too lax until I think most of the people there are ah bengs and ah lians. Most of them smoke and put on make-up which aims do outdo each other in terms of dramatic effects. As one who doesn't smoke and doesn't put on such dramatic make-up (I don't even use eye-liners, foundations, blushers and whatnot), I felt like a total misfit in this company.

One more month!


Yay! I booked my tickets with my friend yesterday! So I'll be away from this furnace for about 2 weeks, which I really need to get away from. The weather here is atrociously atrocious and I really can't wait to bask in the cold winter air. I think this will be the longest holiday trip I've ever been on. I'm kind of surprised that my parents actually allow me to stay there for such a long time, but when you don't have to worry about accommodation, why not? xD I was planning to go to Seoul this holidays but because of various reasons it didn't materialise. Anyway Seoul is so freaking hot right now so I guess I'll leave it till next winter? It'll really be a nice feeling to eat hot ddeokbokki, hoddeoks and kimchi hot stew in the cold wintry weather of Seoul.

Anyway, the most coincidental thing is that on the 2 weeks I'll be away, there won't be any K classes at all (according to the time-table that the school put up), which means I don't have to worry about having make-up classes. This really saves me on a lot of trouble because before that, I was still fretting over when to have my make-up classes. Let's hope that the time-table stays this way.

The only thing left for me now is to find a job, which seems so hard now. I need some money to spend there since the things there aren't exactly cheap. Sigh...