My dreams


I had a dream yesterday afternoon when I was taking a nap after my MA paper. I dreamt that I was in South Korea with my family for Christmas. We were feeling really very cold so we went into a convenience store to get some warm food and drinks. There was a Santa Claus mascot who beckoned to us to take a photo with him so we obliged. Haven't felt that happy in such a long while. After we went out, we felt cold again, but the thought of breathing out smoke while talking really thrilled me haha. Then I suddenly felt very hot and was wondering what was happening to the weather. I awoke and found myself back in Singapore. So much for such a good dream. -.-'''

Fast forward 3 hours later, I went to bed pretty early yesterday, at about 10.30 pm. I was feeling really very tired even though I had a nap earlier on in the afternoon. I didn't really study much for my FM paper which was going to be tomorrow (today, in fact) but I was too sleepy to continue studying. I had another dream again.

This time, I dreamt of the Running Man (RM) members in Singapore HAHA. It was just a normal day for me, taking the MRT to I-dunno-where. I suddenly saw Jackie Chan in the train together with some of the filming crew from RM (must be 'cos Jackie Chan was one of the guests in the upcoming RM episode). I was shocked beyond words and so were the people entering the train with me. If Jackie Chan was on the train, so should the rest of the members. I immediately ran down the carriages and true enough, I spotted Lee Kwang-soo and Yoo Jae-seok, but they were preparing to alight at the next stop with their VJs. xD I immediately got out of the train with them and they were picking random people to join in their "missions". Oh my tian, I was so ecstatic that words failed me. It was a pity that they didn't pick me to be one of the participants but my Secondary 4 friend got picked! I was so happy for her haha! ;D I was about to get out of the station to stalk them and I bumped into Kim Jong-kook LOL! He was having trouble with his EZ-link card so I helped him with it. He was really super nice and kept thanking me for helping him. He asked me if I wanted to be a participant in their mission and I agreed immediately! ^^

AND, my dream had to end HERE. What a good dream it was. How I wished that it was really true. I think it must have been because I watched too much RM that the places they have been and the things that did "appeared" in my dream. Aish. T_T


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