Happy 2013!


Happy 2013! I can't believe that 2012 is already over! I went to Marina Bay to countdown together with my Klarinutz juniors. Haven't seen them for such a long time and how I've missed them!

The juniors went out earlier to ice-skate but we didn't join them haha. Old liao so not so active lol! Me and Farah met them for dinner afterwards. We wanted to watch Les Miserables at Vivo City but the seats were all taken up. Sad life. I was really looking forward to watching that movie. ;(

We went to eat dinner at Barcelos. I found the food only so-so for the price that I paid. I won't really want to eat there again unless someone treats me haha. Had some HTHT and some crap though. Things have changed so much after we have left school.