What a blast to the end of E3!


What an end to E3! In all aspects, this semester is really much harder than the previous semester, because we had a really very strict teacher. You know, having a strict teacher is really good. You are really forced to learn and prepare all the lessons before they start. However, with my school work growing like some mountain in the making, I very nearly couldn't cope.

In the previous semester, I could just study for my test the night before and still did pretty well for it. However, it really isn't the case this time. This time round, we had to prepare 10 Q & As with our partner and another speech regarding movies. The questions asked in the test paper were really hard and I nearly died trying to decipher them. ;( I just really hope that I'll be able to get good grades for this semester.

Anyway, our teacher told us to reach the school at 11.30 am today so I woke up at 9 am. Chris, my RV senior (he's nearly twice my age haha, so you can tell how long ago he graduated), picked Lydia and I up near the block of HDB flats outside The Warren. We were all busy practising our speech in the car while making our way to the school.

The horror of the horrors came when I realised that Ms Yeon actually started our speech test the moment we stepped into class, which was 15 minutes ahead of time. Like wtf?! Wei Ying and I didn't even go through or practise our conversation part AT ALL!!! We were freaking out like mad. My hands shook and felt really very cold. What a terrible feeling! =X When Huiqi and Kim Tee were done with their speeches and conversation, me and Wei Ying just decided to end it all by volunteering to be the next team to present. That was really how terrible and horrible we felt. ;(

We did feel very relieved when we finally ended. I felt that both of us did quite a good job, considering the fact that we didn't even meet up once to practise our conversations at all while the rest did. The worst had yet to come. The paper was really a killer. The questions were really not straightforward at all and I actually had to spend time deciphering what the question actually wanted us to do! We didn't have to do this at all during the last semester. The squares given to us for writing our composition were also very few. I still prefer writing Hangeul on lines instead of squares. It's not Chinese you know... Haiz, I'm really such a goner for this semester. >.< Anyway, to celebrate the end of exams, we decided to go to a Korean BBQ restaurant of course! However, we could only go to the restaurant at 6.30 pm so since we ended early, we decided to go to NEX and hang around...

Us at Lenas. I ordered a Creme Brulee. It tasted like the custard in the egg tart haha!

6.30 pm soon came and went. We had to wait for Mimi's husband at Serangoon MRT so we ended up reaching there quite a bit later than the rest who took the bus there. We bumped into Ms Yeon on the way while she was parking her car so we went into the restaurant together.

Look at the meat! It's really very well-marinated and I can tell why Koreans love to barbecuing their meats so often!

The food in Goki Day Restaurant was really good! I really loved the japchae (still my favourite Korean noodle of all time!) and the seaweed soup (those that the mothers in Korean dramas keep cooking for their children when it's their birthdays). To be honest, when I looked at the soup, I expected it to taste like just seaweed and water (a.k.a food court style), but to my genuine surprise, it really tasted so good and nice. The stock in the soup was really, really very good! The samgyeopsal was also really good. I think our whole class was very carnivorous haha! The only veggies we had were the lettuce leafs oops. ;P

We ordered a bottle of soju too and I was really very excited to taste how it is like. I didn't really like it because it kinda burned my throat and I felt that it was slightly bitter. I still prefer makgeolli way more. Kim Tee suggested me to try the fruit soju though. Heehee, I'm getting him to buy me a bottle of fruit soju back when he goes to South Korea for ice-fishing in the next 2 weeks. >;)

After being so carnivorous, Ms Yeon said that she wanted to treat us to Starbucks so we made our way back to NEX. Haha, Ms Yeon wanted me and Lydia to take her car, so in the end Lydia and I had to play scissors-paper-stone to see who would sit in front. Oops. Haha, I guess we were still quite terrified of Ms Yeon (especially after the traumatising test paper!!!). I lost in the end, but luckily teacher put her things in the front seat so we got to sit at the back heeheee. ;)

Anyway, after we ordered our Starbucks drinks (Kim Tee treated us in the end. Really many many many thanks!!! ^^), we realised that another group of Koreans were sitting besides us at Starbucks LOL! It was really damn funny when my teacher started speaking Korean to them and my friends who were sitting the closest to them started spamming them with whatever limited Korean they had too. I think the Koreans were really darn amused trololol!

We stayed till about 11 pm. Huiqi, Lydia and I managed to leech a ride from Chris heehee. What a thick-skinned junior I must be. ;P Anyway, Chris' wife is actually an air stewardess for SIA. Damn envious. I've always wanted to work for either Changi Airport or SIA hurhurhur. >.<

Anyway, this is really the first time in such a long while that I've posted such a long entry. It's nearly 2 am now and I am feeling really very drained from all of today's activities. Good night! *yawns*


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