So many plans for December and yet 2012 is coming to an end after tomorrow. ;( I really wish that December can be 2 months instead of a month. >.<

Us at Legoland.

Anyway, I went on a day trip to Legoland with Zoey, Michelle and Madeline yesterday. Kinda surprised that my mum allowed me to go since she has a terrible impression of Malaysia (doesn't help that we keep hearing and reading about how people get robbed wherever they go over there). The last time I was there was about 12 years ago, when I was in Primary 2. Since then, I did not return. This is my first overseas trip with friends. There will be more to come, of course! Plans are already underway! ;D I'm still aching from all the walking that we did hur.

Jams at the Causeway in the morning were tres terrible! An hour trip stretched to nearly a three-hour coach ride to Legoland haiz... We even took the earliest bus at 8.45 am but we ended up reaching our destination at 12 pm. -.-'''

It did not help that by the time we reached there, the theme park was already SOOOOO CROWDED! The toilets were so packed and THEY STINK. The queues for the rides were also really warm and it was really very hot. Argh. I hate the humidity so effing much. I don't think we got to sit on many of the rides because we skipped them due to the waiting time. Some of the rides were really very kiddy as well LOL. Michelle and I were totally looking forward to a ride but it ended up being for kids, so the adrenaline rush we felt when we first saw it immediately disappeared LOL. I need to get back to Ocean Park ASAP. I think it is the only place which can satisfy thrill-seekers like me.

When we were getting really tired and decided to leave the park, we went into the souvenir shop and bought matching Lego Jester shirts heehee. It's damn cute please! ;D We left Legoland to eat dinner. Malaysia's food is really good and cheap! I had this Yangzhou fried rice with keropok for only MYR$10.90 and it's really very delicious! Friends ordered seafood kway teow and seafood hor fun and they were really very good as well! ;D

My Yangzhou fried rice + keropok. It's really worth every cent of my money. It's that good. *two thumps up*

If the jams don't take up so much of my time, I would have gone to Malaysia to eat every week hurhurhur. Cheap and good, not like here. -.-'''

Anyway, I'm gonna end my post here. I'm still aching and I have an outing with Klarinutz tomorrow, so gotta conserve my energy. Ciaos!


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