Changed blogskin!


I've decided to change my blogskin again since I've had the previous one for quite some time already.

My modules are getting more complicated and harder to understand. To be honest, the contents of my modules do overlap quite a bit, so it is natural that people think that it's easier to study. Hell no. I get so confused over what I have read 'cos I will then remember that I have read it in some other subjects before and get messed up again. That's how my brain works. I can't really do anything about it. ;(

Anyway, I can't decide if I should go to London, Seoul or Sydney during the summer holidays. Or maybe I should just stay here and work. -.-'''

I need to ask my friend if she's interested in the London summer school programme since she attended the UK talk and I didn't due it clashing with my class. My senior who is from the same K class as me went to Seoul for 3 months as well. She only spent $5000 in all during her 3-month stay there, which includes EVERYTHING. O.O''' Mad cheap or what? Another option is to go for a 2-week holiday in Seoul with my K friend. 1-week of schooling there and probably 1 week of sight-seeing. But I think going to Sydney will be the best option for me. I don't intend to miss or stop my K classes for more than a week since I tend to forget things easily. Besides, London and Seoul will be having their summer and I am told that summer in Seoul is even worse than the hottest weather here. London shouldn't be too hot though, but that exchange lasts for about 3 months and I have no intention of stopping my K classes for 3 months though I get to study in LSE itself.

Argh, how? Dilemma. >.<


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