Dinner with my awesome class!


My awesome teacher. 제 선생님은 정말 좋으하고 아름다운 입니다! <3

I had dinner with my awesome classmates and awesome teacher! Mrs Lee wanted to eat Chinese food, so Rachel and Serene decided to organise a trip to Din Tai Fung.

This is my first time eating at Din Tai Fung (ya lah, I know I'm damn noob lol!) and the food is really good. I love their yam buns, almond pudding and xiao long baos especially! Daebak to the max! ;D

Us at Din Tai Fung! ;)

We're glad to know that Mrs Lee also enjoyed the food. Lol, I'm really looking forward to the 2nd dinner. Hopefully we'll be able to yum cha some time later. Mrs Lee really needs to eat dim sum haha! I can't get enough of my awesome classmates and teacher! <3

Group (not class, 'cos my class is much bigger than this haha!) photo! Mrs Lee was supposed to have taken 190 with me but she realised that there are many other buses which go to Bukit Panjang zZz... Hurhurhur. But she likes to touch my hand HAHA! xD

I felt really touched when Mrs Lee sent us an email and told us that she really enjoyed teaching us hurhurhur. ;_; She said that the way we learn reminded her of her sons when they were still trying to talk as toddlers and that we were really cute. xP Anyway, there went our 3 hours worth of HTHT. I swore I sat till my butt really hurt. >.<

OK enough of 自high-ing lol! 나는 지금 피곤합니다. 방에서 잡니다. I'll attempt to write a full Korean essay (which I have already done since Mrs Lee told us to write 2 essays! >.<) in my blog when I have the energy to think heehee.

P.S. I think my years of s____ experience have really served me well. I managed to ask quite a direct question without being found out. My friends would have been so proud of me. ;3


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