Back to 1997...


A Pink's Jung Eun-ji. She's really very sassy in this drama. I like.

I've been watching a Korean cable drama for the past 2 days. To be honest, I really love how short and sweet the cable dramas are (they are only about 45 minutes, like TVB dramas and have less episodes than the normal free-to-air dramas. Vampire Proecutor (which I really recommend!) is only 12 episodes!!). Among them is Answer me 1997. This drama narrates the stories of the adults who were reminiscing about their high school years. The drama goes from modern day Seoul in 2012 to the days of 1997 in Busan.

I don't know. I'm just washed by a sense of nostalgia as I laughed and smiled through the 16 episodes in 2 days. What made this drama really very successful is its ability to make the viewers connect with the characters. It really brings out memories of my youth, my school days, the days spent fangirl-ing over the K-pop groups, dramas and artistes (I can relate as I belong to the generation where anything Korean is hot!). The drama has quite a vintage feel to it as well, which made it look quite dated, as it should be, for the crux of the story is focused on the late 90s.

The leads of this drama are newcomers to acting, so their acting may not be the best, but the heart is evidently there. I really thought that A Pink's Jung Eun-ji really did a very good job as Sung Si-won, despite not going through any acting training at all. She did make me love Si-won as a character. So bubbly, so cute, so pretty and so... alive. I guess that is what youth is about. So are her cronies.

I really feel and emphatise with all the characters in the drama, because they were who I was back in those days, back when I was still in RV. From the fangirl-ing, the stalking, the slacking... This drama just hits all the right notes for me.

Watching this drama really makes me miss my days in RV. My days in RV were not all that smooth-sailing, but it is the place where I have the most fond memories of. And it is also the place where I have met friends whom I can imagine and will sit around with for at least the next 10 years, reminiscing on what we have done in the past.

This is one of the songs that they played in the drama. It is sung by RiAa and has a really very old-school feeling to it. One of my favourite songs now.
As I get on in age (I sound like an old person now...), it is hard for me not to look back at my younger self and wonder if my younger self would approve of what I am doing now. My older self would then wonder how on earth did I manage to get the guts to do all sorts of nonsensical things (including some TOP secrets (I can't reveal them here. Teachers do read my blog.).

I guess that is what youth is all about. Doing things without thinking of any consequences, but those times were really great. ;)

Dinner with my awesome class!


My awesome teacher. 제 선생님은 정말 좋으하고 아름다운 입니다! <3

I had dinner with my awesome classmates and awesome teacher! Mrs Lee wanted to eat Chinese food, so Rachel and Serene decided to organise a trip to Din Tai Fung.

This is my first time eating at Din Tai Fung (ya lah, I know I'm damn noob lol!) and the food is really good. I love their yam buns, almond pudding and xiao long baos especially! Daebak to the max! ;D

Us at Din Tai Fung! ;)

We're glad to know that Mrs Lee also enjoyed the food. Lol, I'm really looking forward to the 2nd dinner. Hopefully we'll be able to yum cha some time later. Mrs Lee really needs to eat dim sum haha! I can't get enough of my awesome classmates and teacher! <3

Group (not class, 'cos my class is much bigger than this haha!) photo! Mrs Lee was supposed to have taken 190 with me but she realised that there are many other buses which go to Bukit Panjang zZz... Hurhurhur. But she likes to touch my hand HAHA! xD

I felt really touched when Mrs Lee sent us an email and told us that she really enjoyed teaching us hurhurhur. ;_; She said that the way we learn reminded her of her sons when they were still trying to talk as toddlers and that we were really cute. xP Anyway, there went our 3 hours worth of HTHT. I swore I sat till my butt really hurt. >.<

OK enough of 自high-ing lol! 나는 지금 피곤합니다. 방에서 잡니다. I'll attempt to write a full Korean essay (which I have already done since Mrs Lee told us to write 2 essays! >.<) in my blog when I have the energy to think heehee.

P.S. I think my years of s____ experience have really served me well. I managed to ask quite a direct question without being found out. My friends would have been so proud of me. ;3

I passed E2!


Hihi, I'm finally blogging after don't know how long. Work has ended about a week ago for me, so I have been spending much of my time watching dramas heehee.

I made my way down to the school today for the ceremony. I guess I haven't been actually talking much about the lessons I have been attending for the last 2 months, but they have finally come to an end. I have passed E2 and am pretty pleased with my marks. I got full marks for my oral LOL! I think Mrs Lee was really being very kind because I'm pretty sure that my speaking skills weren't on par with hers (duh!) and I was basically blabbing my way through the part where I had to tell her what I had been doing for the past week, what I am doing this week and what I will be doing the next week. I didn't have much time to prepare for it since kau gong and family came down from Hong Kong to visit us for that 1 week, so that 1 week was basically spent showing them around Singapore and eating lots of good food lol.

Anyway, to round up (since I'm pretty tired now), I'll really miss Mrs Lee. It's so sad to think that she won't be my teacher anymore because damn, she's really a very good teacher (and she's also very pretty heehee!). However, should my guess be correct, I think I'll also be looking forward to the other teacher (Bro agrees with me about the uncanny resemblance between Fierce One and that teacher).

Mrs Lee really looked very, very elegant in her hanbok today. She really looked as if she just came out from a drama set. I still think that Koreans wear their hanboks the best. It's kind of a pity not to see the male teachers wear their traditional Korean costumes, because I really want to see them don it. Mrs Lee totally rocks in her hanbok. And guess what? She didn't change out of it and wore it back home as well. Imagine everybody looking at her on the bus (OK lah, can look all you want 'cos she really is very pretty!). Rachel, Mabel and I taught her a new word to describe her - CHIO. C-H-I-O. CHI-O. She got it right almost immediately. ;D

This is the janchi guksu I had today. It was really cold so the hot bowl of soup that came with it was really welcomed! ^^ 
I forgot what were the red noodles called, but the japchae was absolutely one dish to die for! I swear it was so well-marinated that I even had second servings! I would have gone for more had it not been time for us to go home. The time we had for dinner was so short! D; I need to get my mum to make this and satisfy my craving!

I wish I will be able to make it for Friday's dinner. I guess it's the last time I can see and talk to my beloved Mrs Lee. ;'( I'll really miss her so much hurhurhur.

And NTS, please stop s_______!! You are supposed to have outgrown it. xDD