Back to my old habit of s___?


I went to BPP today to get my Starbucks drinks (seriously, why isn't there one in Lot One?!). While making my way there, it dawned on me that Fierce One and L actually live there. Come to think about it, no wonder L looked so familiar to me when I first saw her. I COULD HAVE seen her before while snooping around the Bukit Panjang area with my (crazy) friends a few years back.

I then thought that I may have the chance to meet L in BPP. I didn't meet her in the end, but guess who I saw? Another familiar face from the school. o.O''' He looked like he didn't recognise me (he's the one who always greets me cheerfully when I get off from the bus), but aiyah, I couldn't have mistaken him for another person. People of that race have a certain kind of look that makes them look like their race heehee.

Anyway, I've told Bro about them and I need to get pictures to prove that Fierce One lookalike looks like Fierce One. I thought I have quitted for good, but now I've found another reason to dig up on more. Time to start my grand old habit of mine, s_____! ^^

P.S. If my eyes and brains didn't fail me, I think I saw Nice One at Vivo City the other day. That woman kept looking at me.

P.P.S. I think L is stalking me instead of the other way round. I'm supposed to write about my routine for the last week, this week and the next week. To tell the truth, my routine is very boring 'cos I go to work from Mondays to Fridays, which means I have nothing much to write about. I think I'll have to cook up something. ;(


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