Totally scared witless!


My dad has finally bought a Galaxy tablet a week back. Ahem, and thanks to the tablet, he is actually addicted to shopping on Qoo10 (known as G-market previously). Since my laptop is being used by my dad and my phone is charging, I am now using this tablet to blog. I do not really like using the keyboard though. I find it so much easier to type on my phone than the tablet.

Anyway, today marks my first lesson. To tell the truth, I was totally scared shitless when I suddenly had to introduce myself. The teacher spoke really fast as well (aiyah maybe I'm just not used to it yet lor) and I think I spent 40% of the lesson trying to understand the teacher's instructions. Totally scary like shit I swear! -.-'''

Thankfully the people there were really nice and I did manage to make some new friends. The teachers were also nice and really good in teaching. The spoken part of the lesson still scares me though. Please please please don't get me to speak again in front of so many people. My poor heart nearly couldn't take it hurhurhur.

Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to the next lesson! It really reminds me of being back in kindergarten/primary school...


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