Tree With Deep Roots


Tree With Deep Roots
I'm finally done with Tree With Deep Roots. Oh gosh, Tree, what a roller-coaster ride you have been. And what a massacre you gave for the last episode. That was really such a bloody ending. D;

This drama talks about Sejong a.k.a. Lee Do and his creation of the native Korean alphabets, the Hangeul. The King Sejong that everybody knows now has achieved near-mythical status. King Sejong has gone down in history as one of the greatest kings who ever lived.

Yet, Lee Do is still a human being. He curses and swears when things don't go his way. He has to be reminded by his servants to mind his language. What an adorable king. ;3

A powerhouse of performances, especially from the leads. Han Seok-kyu was terrific in portraying Lee Do's inner struggles and resoluteness with publishing Hangeul when the people who were working with him started dying one by one. They included people who were the closest to him as well.

And to those who gave their lives up for Hangeul, thank you very much.

Tree With Deep Roots, thank you for letting me understand the process of creating Hangeul. I'll definitely visit King Sejong's memorial when I get to visit South Korea.

And did I mention how both Han Seok-kyu and Song Joong-ki are so adorable? They even look the same!! Cute people kekeke. ;D


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