Finally, I am going back to my real life of being a coach potato! I'm not really sure of what to say about my exams. They were all right I suppose, but I really don't feel very secure for Math (WHY MATH AGAIN?! EASIEST SUBJECT SOMEMORE LEH!) and Principles of Accounting to tell the truth. The rest ah, I think I should be able to pass. I just hope to get the marks I want so. I was basically bullshitting for one question in ELC. I didn't know what to write for that question, but I hope the rest were adequately answered. The black, white and grey areas, I hope I've gotten them covered. >.<

Anyway, my chingus are gonna be back from Sydney soon! 38 more days! I really can't wait! ;D I really miss them so much ah!!

Lol, I shall end here right now. MY TVB AND KOREAN DRAMAS, I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!

P.S. I hate the new Blogger UI so much! So bloody inconvenient though I don't deny that it looks nicer. !@#$


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