Epic to a T.


I don't believe what I have just seen. It's SOOOOOOOOOO EPIC that I'm still in shock and awe. To think that I thought that Ga Ri-on was so cute, likeable and... OF ALL PEOPLE HE MUST BE THE LEADER OF !@#$.

Poor Lee Do still didn't know anything about this guy whom he really considered a friend. Even Jang Hyuk's Kang Chae-yoon, who was supposed to assassinate him, seemed harmless compared to this guy. Run, Lee Do, run! Why the hell are you still walking towards him?!?! !@#$%

Tree With Deep Roots, I'm cheated. But show, you're really so good, and I'm only on episode 10.

P. S. Not to mention that Song Joong-ki did a bloody brilliant job as young Lee Do. In fact, I think Han Seok-kyu is a great replacement as the grown-up Lee Do. He and Joong-ki have the same features, especially their noses and their smiles. Ok, their eyes look the same too. Was that on purpose, PD?


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