Tree With Deep Roots


Tree With Deep Roots
I'm finally done with Tree With Deep Roots. Oh gosh, Tree, what a roller-coaster ride you have been. And what a massacre you gave for the last episode. That was really such a bloody ending. D;

This drama talks about Sejong a.k.a. Lee Do and his creation of the native Korean alphabets, the Hangeul. The King Sejong that everybody knows now has achieved near-mythical status. King Sejong has gone down in history as one of the greatest kings who ever lived.

Yet, Lee Do is still a human being. He curses and swears when things don't go his way. He has to be reminded by his servants to mind his language. What an adorable king. ;3

A powerhouse of performances, especially from the leads. Han Seok-kyu was terrific in portraying Lee Do's inner struggles and resoluteness with publishing Hangeul when the people who were working with him started dying one by one. They included people who were the closest to him as well.

And to those who gave their lives up for Hangeul, thank you very much.

Tree With Deep Roots, thank you for letting me understand the process of creating Hangeul. I'll definitely visit King Sejong's memorial when I get to visit South Korea.

And did I mention how both Han Seok-kyu and Song Joong-ki are so adorable? They even look the same!! Cute people kekeke. ;D



Fantastic acting from everybody, especially these 2. If there is a flaw with them, I could see none.

Tree with Deep Roots is so good, it really is. In fact, this is becoming one of my favourite sageuks of all time. It talks about the creation of hangeul, and after watching this drama, I'm so in awe of the few people who came up with a brand new language from scratch. A language that one day became the universal language for Koreans. A language that can record every sound you make in just 28 letters. A language that has remained unchanged throughout these hundreds of years.

Thank you King Sejong. I finally know why the Korean alphabets look like what they are now.

3 more episodes, but I'm so sure that this is one of the best sageuks of all time.

I'll write more about this drama when I should be done with it by tomorrow.

I need to find the novel and read it soon, if my Korean permits it.

So, after this, should I continue on my sageuk marathon by watching Princess' Man, Moon Embracing the Sun or watch time-travelling dramas like Rooftop Prince, Queen In-hyeon's Man and The King 2 Hearts? Either way, all these dramas involve the Korean royalties, which I have developed an interest since I watched Dae Jang Geum lol...

Epic to a T.


I don't believe what I have just seen. It's SOOOOOOOOOO EPIC that I'm still in shock and awe. To think that I thought that Ga Ri-on was so cute, likeable and... OF ALL PEOPLE HE MUST BE THE LEADER OF !@#$.

Poor Lee Do still didn't know anything about this guy whom he really considered a friend. Even Jang Hyuk's Kang Chae-yoon, who was supposed to assassinate him, seemed harmless compared to this guy. Run, Lee Do, run! Why the hell are you still walking towards him?!?! !@#$%

Tree With Deep Roots, I'm cheated. But show, you're really so good, and I'm only on episode 10.

P. S. Not to mention that Song Joong-ki did a bloody brilliant job as young Lee Do. In fact, I think Han Seok-kyu is a great replacement as the grown-up Lee Do. He and Joong-ki have the same features, especially their noses and their smiles. Ok, their eyes look the same too. Was that on purpose, PD?



Finally, I am going back to my real life of being a coach potato! I'm not really sure of what to say about my exams. They were all right I suppose, but I really don't feel very secure for Math (WHY MATH AGAIN?! EASIEST SUBJECT SOMEMORE LEH!) and Principles of Accounting to tell the truth. The rest ah, I think I should be able to pass. I just hope to get the marks I want so. I was basically bullshitting for one question in ELC. I didn't know what to write for that question, but I hope the rest were adequately answered. The black, white and grey areas, I hope I've gotten them covered. >.<

Anyway, my chingus are gonna be back from Sydney soon! 38 more days! I really can't wait! ;D I really miss them so much ah!!

Lol, I shall end here right now. MY TVB AND KOREAN DRAMAS, I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!

P.S. I hate the new Blogger UI so much! So bloody inconvenient though I don't deny that it looks nicer. !@#$