A life full of drudgery


I have only about 10 weeks to clear whatever mess I'm in. I need to give it my best shot. Thank goodness I've been coping, but I'm rather sick and tired of the drudgery of school work, and in essence, of life here.

I'm seriously considering whether or not I should transfer. The thought of it emerged last year, but has gotten stronger throughout these few months. I'm not sure if I can take another 2 years of life in this place. The thought of me leaving this place has always been there, but never this strong before.

I'm rather afraid of bringing this up to my parents, because they expect me to stay, at least till 2014. I'm not even through my first year. And I can't bear to burden them further with school fees and whatnots.

But, if I continue to stay on, I'll really go crazy. I'll give this matter more thought when I receive my results for finals.

I need my first-class honours please, for them to even consider me.

I won't be blogging much from now on I guess. It's hard-core mugging all the way till end of May.


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