Mixed feelings...


Congratulations to RV again for producing another national top scorer for the second year running ever since we embarked on the IP. =D

My heartiest congratulations to you, Zhi Liang! I missed the times we talked and crapped when we were still in the Students' Editorial Club. Those 2 years might not be as long as the time I've spent with some of my classmates or my section-mates, but I did definitely enjoy talking and discussing about TVB dramas with you. 我鄧你好開心呀! 真係恭喜晒你啊! ;D

On the other hand, before this happy piece of news was announced, my Facebook timeline was flooded with people posting things like "RIP, my friend", "I hope you'll be happier in the other side of the world" and things like that. I found out what had happened soon after that. I must say that though I don't really know that guy very well, but he was still a person whom I have attended school with for 6 years. I was neither in the same class nor same CCA as him throughout my 6 years in RV, but I feel very sad that such a young life has just been snuffed out like that.

I know that people do die everyday and it's just part and parcel of life, but to know of someone dying when he's about your age is just very depressing. We are nearly 20 and considered to be nearing/or at our prime. It's the period of time when we do crazy things, enjoy our newly-found sense of freedom and relish being an adult before we grow tired of such a high life. Yet something like this has to happen. It just shows how fragile and unpredictable life really is.

今天不知明天事。 All we can do is just to live life to the fullest and have no regrets. I don't want to lament about how silly this guy was for choosing to end it this way, like how some people were chastising him for, but what's done has been done. He must have felt really terrible as to go down that route, but no matter what, I hope that you'll be free from all your sufferings and find peace and release in the other world.

Death is always around the corner, but often our society gives it inordinate help.

- Carter Burwell

Rest in peace, my fellow RVian.

A life full of drudgery


I have only about 10 weeks to clear whatever mess I'm in. I need to give it my best shot. Thank goodness I've been coping, but I'm rather sick and tired of the drudgery of school work, and in essence, of life here.

I'm seriously considering whether or not I should transfer. The thought of it emerged last year, but has gotten stronger throughout these few months. I'm not sure if I can take another 2 years of life in this place. The thought of me leaving this place has always been there, but never this strong before.

I'm rather afraid of bringing this up to my parents, because they expect me to stay, at least till 2014. I'm not even through my first year. And I can't bear to burden them further with school fees and whatnots.

But, if I continue to stay on, I'll really go crazy. I'll give this matter more thought when I receive my results for finals.

I need my first-class honours please, for them to even consider me.

I won't be blogging much from now on I guess. It's hard-core mugging all the way till end of May.