RIP Bi-dam


Hurhurhur, Bi-dam died today. It was so heart-wrenching lah wtf. Bi-dam became a rebel and waged a war against Deok-man, all because of some 小人 who was up to some tricks. Damn that 小人. Deok-man declared Bi-dam as the enemy of Silla and ordered anybody who saw him to kill me. By the time Deok-man knew of the whole truth, she couldn't retract her own decree.

She watched Yoo-shin kill Bi-dam. She watched Bi-dam die in front of her as he made her way, step by step towards her. 30 paces... 10 paces... But Bi-dam didn't make it to tell Deok-man what he wanted to tell her. HEART-WRENCHING MUCH HURHURHUR!!!! T_T

발밤발밤 – 홍광호

곁에도 멀리도 갈 수 없어
눈에도 맘에도 둘 수 없어
차라리 이대로 눈이 멀어
나를 보는 너 조차 몰랐으면

발밤발밤 걸어 나에게로 오는
천계 속의 발소리도 그대란 걸 아는데

발밤발밤 걸어 눈물길을 지나
하루하루 돌아서며 살 수 있을까

발밤발밤 걸어 나에게로 오는
천계 속의 발소리도 그대란 걸 아는데

발밤발밤 걸어 날 떠나가도
겨워겨워 내 안에 품어야지
울어울어 우는 그 마음까지

Goodbye Deok-man. Goodbye Bi-dam. ;_;


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