I really liked my previous blogskin, but I decided to change to the current one instead because my lengthy posts appeared very screwed-up when using those blog templates with coloured backgrounds because the background isn't continuous after a certain length of the post. The rest of the post will be in total chaos. So I've picked a template with a white background. It'll solve all problems! ^^


2 of my friends are flying off. In fact, by the time I finish this post, they'll probably be in the middle of Indonesia or in the middle of some ocean. I have really mixed feelings about this. I'm really very happy that they've managed to get into the university and courses of their choice. I have no doubt that they'll do very well since they're such smarty-pants, but 4 years? Yes, they'll come back during the summer holidays, but I've never tried being away from them even for a few months. ;(

We've been friends for a very long period of time. It's not just one leaving, but two. What's more, they're among my closest friends whom I can really be myself and play, laugh and bullshit anything under the sun with.

Klarinutz! It's been 7 long years, and still counting... <3

Part of the retarded family (the rest were too busy to turn up). I'll cherish the crazy times we had together. <3

Heng dai and ah ma, I'll miss you guys very, very much. No words can describe how much I'll miss you guys. I guess I've said my piece in my letter to heng dai, and although the heart post-its are a bit small to contain all my thoughts and well-wishes to ah ma, don't worry, we can continue bullshitting on the social media.

Our K-food kakis will wait for you 2 to come back and eat Korean food with us. And yes, K-food kakis, may our trip to South Korea materialise soon. Heng dai, Hong Kong yeah! ;')

Adieu, my 'relatives'! I'd like very much to visit you guys in Sydney someday. ;)


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