I really liked my previous blogskin, but I decided to change to the current one instead because my lengthy posts appeared very screwed-up when using those blog templates with coloured backgrounds because the background isn't continuous after a certain length of the post. The rest of the post will be in total chaos. So I've picked a template with a white background. It'll solve all problems! ^^


2 of my friends are flying off. In fact, by the time I finish this post, they'll probably be in the middle of Indonesia or in the middle of some ocean. I have really mixed feelings about this. I'm really very happy that they've managed to get into the university and courses of their choice. I have no doubt that they'll do very well since they're such smarty-pants, but 4 years? Yes, they'll come back during the summer holidays, but I've never tried being away from them even for a few months. ;(

We've been friends for a very long period of time. It's not just one leaving, but two. What's more, they're among my closest friends whom I can really be myself and play, laugh and bullshit anything under the sun with.

Klarinutz! It's been 7 long years, and still counting... <3

Part of the retarded family (the rest were too busy to turn up). I'll cherish the crazy times we had together. <3

Heng dai and ah ma, I'll miss you guys very, very much. No words can describe how much I'll miss you guys. I guess I've said my piece in my letter to heng dai, and although the heart post-its are a bit small to contain all my thoughts and well-wishes to ah ma, don't worry, we can continue bullshitting on the social media.

Our K-food kakis will wait for you 2 to come back and eat Korean food with us. And yes, K-food kakis, may our trip to South Korea materialise soon. Heng dai, Hong Kong yeah! ;')

Adieu, my 'relatives'! I'd like very much to visit you guys in Sydney someday. ;)

RIP Bi-dam


Hurhurhur, Bi-dam died today. It was so heart-wrenching lah wtf. Bi-dam became a rebel and waged a war against Deok-man, all because of some 小人 who was up to some tricks. Damn that 小人. Deok-man declared Bi-dam as the enemy of Silla and ordered anybody who saw him to kill me. By the time Deok-man knew of the whole truth, she couldn't retract her own decree.

She watched Yoo-shin kill Bi-dam. She watched Bi-dam die in front of her as he made her way, step by step towards her. 30 paces... 10 paces... But Bi-dam didn't make it to tell Deok-man what he wanted to tell her. HEART-WRENCHING MUCH HURHURHUR!!!! T_T

발밤발밤 – 홍광호

곁에도 멀리도 갈 수 없어
눈에도 맘에도 둘 수 없어
차라리 이대로 눈이 멀어
나를 보는 너 조차 몰랐으면

발밤발밤 걸어 나에게로 오는
천계 속의 발소리도 그대란 걸 아는데

발밤발밤 걸어 눈물길을 지나
하루하루 돌아서며 살 수 있을까

발밤발밤 걸어 나에게로 오는
천계 속의 발소리도 그대란 걸 아는데

발밤발밤 걸어 날 떠나가도
겨워겨워 내 안에 품어야지
울어울어 우는 그 마음까지

Goodbye Deok-man. Goodbye Bi-dam. ;_;

Is the iPad 2 really worth the hooha?


There has been this HUGE-ASS furore on Facebook over RV's intention to make iPad 2s compulsory. Even the newspapers reported on it. Let's just say that there are two sides to this story.

The social media is really a place where news spread really fast. I knew about RV's intention to incorporate iPad 2s into teaching last year, thanks to my juniors. I did feel shocked, but other schools had been doing it, so I guess that's science and technology for you. However, that intention then never blew up into such epic proportions until today, when the various newspapers started running stories on how the parents and teachers (including the upper management) got into a heated argument over the need to own the iPad 2.