Korean medical dramas never fail to excite me. I can't remember when there was a time I felt disappointed or gave up watching a Korean medical drama. I don't think that had ever happened. New Heart, Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and the list goes on. The newest addition to the list is Brain. I'm very impressed with Brain so far and I can understand why it got such ratings. And of course, when there's such a charismatic actor like Shin Ha-kyun, what's there not to like? (I can feel myself going on a Brain/Shin Ha-kyun rampage again oops!)

Ending of episode 3. Ahjussi's eyes can really kill.

Oh, and talking about scary eyes, I have more.

Scary eyes from a patient who had just undergone brain surgery.

Scary eyes from Dr Lee. I think he has very nice eyes. OK OK I can go and die.

Opening theme of Brain

That's it. I'm really sold. Shin Ha-kyun, I've already sold my soul to you. ._.

Too good. Too phenomenal. Too... lost for words.

Wae are you such a bad ass?

The way Dr Lee swished his white coat was just so stylish and 型! *faints*

Oppa Ahjussi, WHY YOU STEAL MY HEART?! You go steal Ji-hye's heart can already mah. Wae you come mess with me? ;_;

*cues in opening theme*

I really think that the director and producer did a very good job with the artistic effect. I especially loved the picture below, which showed the juxtaposition of colours. Black-and-white and what? Brown? It really showed two people living in two different worlds.

Dr Lee and his eomma.

The final sunshine.

Episode 13 really made me cry, because it was that touching. Walao, people can cry for every episode when they watched Bottled Passion. No matter how touched I was, I didn't cry for Bottled Passion, but it seems that every episode 13 of Korean dramas make me want to cry. I remembered that it was the same case for City Hunter and Sign. Boohoohoo. ='(

I shall gush more about Brain when I have the time. I need to seriously go and study Management Accounting. I totally have no idea what it is. ;_; Ahjussi, I welcome you to visit me in my dreams kekeke! <33


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