Shin Ha-kyun, the Brain.


Shin Ha-kyun giving his acceptance speech after winning the Daesang. He said that giving a speech was more difficult than performing surgery. He's apparently a very, very shy person in real life so I guess he found that quite a difficulty. Still, saranghaeyo oppa! <3

I'm currently watching Brain, and damn, I'm really ADDICTED! Damn you KBS. DAMN YOU SHIN HA-KYUN! You're really the main culprit! -.-''' I shall admit that I didn't even know of this drama until the 2011 KBS Drama Awards ceremony ended because I was busy watching Bottled Passion. But gosh, I am really glad that I picked up Brain, because SHIN HA-KYUN is totally stealing everything from me (including my time) with his PHENOMENAL performance as Dr Lee Kang-hoon in there.

The thing about Korean Daesang winners (be it dramas or K-pop) is that, they're really every bit worthy of the prestige their prize beholds. For those not familiar with Korean entertainment, the Daesang is the highest honour that can be accorded to an artiste, so to win it despite many other strong competitors out there (South Korea is really full of talented people whose acting really kick ass!) goes to show that you're really the crème de la crème of all. Hell, Go Hyun-jung (the woman who played Mi-shil in Queen Seon-deok) even won the Daesang not once, not twice, but THRICE in a row because she's just such a phenomenal actress. ._.

Back to Brain. You can beat me up or what, but before Brain, before that role landed him the Daesang, I knew NOTHING of Shin Ha-kyun. *runs away from fans* He is actually a very famous actor who acted in many (many) movies. Unfortunately, I don't really catch Korean movies, so my exposure to him was literally nil. By the time I watched the first episode, I knew I was binded for the rest of the 19 episodes. Shin Ha-kyun really portrayed the very haughty doctor in there with so much ease that I'm really astounded as to how he did that. That kind of acting, it was nothing short of P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L! The way he walks (he walks with a very nice kind of swagger), the way he smiles (omo that arrogant smile can just kill me!) and the way he swishes his white coat makes me go michyeosseo! >.<

I need to add Shin Ha-kyun to my favourites list right now. He's totally killing it. AIGOO!!!!!


  1. I guess you are not the only one.... I did not know of him too until Brain. His impressive portrayal of Dr Lee Kang Hoon made me do some research on his acting career and realise that he actually acted in one of the movie that i want to watch over and over again..., Joint Security Area....he crafted the character even to the littlest details...such as the way he walks, talks, answers the phone....i cant get enough of his acting....totally

  2. [Anonymous] I really agree with you! ;D I don't really watch Korean movies though, so I didn't know about him till Brain. ;P


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