The pain of having insatiable wants


Having a Tumblr has its merits and detriments. For one, it allows me to look and reblog pretty (and I really mean pretty) and interesting pictures. The thing is, these pictures are too pretty that I end up wishing that I have those clothes/accessories / live in those places / can eat such food. Tumblr has definitely fuelled my sense of materialism. ;_;

Mila Kunis is Christian Dior's new model. Take about effective marketing. Am I able to afford a Dior bag? Probably not. I will get killed by my mother before I get to utilise it (even if it just means feasting my eyes on it). Am I able to afford a 2.55? I'll probably be at the mercy of the loan-sharks.

However, it's great to be able to draw inspirations from the models who don those clothes. Emulating the way they dress would be expensive though. Then again, I find things here very overpriced, mainly because the shop owners know that we have no choice but to buy them up. It would definitely be cheaper in places like Hong Kong or South Korea since they have to sell clothes to cater to the different seasons, so one would be able to get clothes for spring at a much cheaper price when spring is coming to an end. The logic is the same for the other seasons. If only there were much cheaper alternatives here...

Why must shopping centres like Ion Orchard exist? I can't seem to stop shopping, especially when I pass by clothes stores. I was lucky that my mother agreed to pay for my clothes from Forever 21, but still, there has to be a limit to this. And now I have found another cardigan which is to my liking after making another trip there today. ._.

I've set my mind on the limited edition nail-polish which is only $2 cheaper than my cardigan at F21. Damn you woman. Why must you be so vain?

Oh, the pains of having insatiable wants (and not having enough money ALWAYS).

So elders, please give me more money for Chinese New Year. I need to recoup my losses so that I won't feel so bad about spending too much money. ;_;

P.S. It would be good if our ministers (who have just suffered pay cuts) donate part of their enormous pays to sandwiched middle-class people like us. It's no use just catering to the poor or the very rich. We make up the bulk of the economy you see. So whatever shitty things happen to the outside world, we bear and feel the brunt of it.

OK, that's pretty much bullshit on my part, but to sum it all up, I NEED MORE MONEY!!! I'll do the Singapore economy a great favour by spending everything and not leaving a single cent, because the paradox of thrift taught me that savings is a withdrawal from the circular flow of income.

P.P.S Damn you woman. Stop wasting your time on Tumblr and get back to work.


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