The brain behind Brain


I'm finally done with watching Brain. In the end, Brain is all about Lee Kang-hoon, all about Shin Ha-kyun himself. He is the very guy who made Brain the drama what it is today. Without Shin Ha-kyun, I doubt there will be fan-girls who go crazy just over him. Without him, there would be no such thing as a Ha-kyun heart-ache. ;(

Considering that ahjussi wasn't even the first choice for the role (first choice was Song Seung-hun), he really did a damn marvellous job in this drama. Dr Lee is really made for Shin Ha-kyun, and Shin Ha-kyun is perfect for Dr Lee.

I really love this poster. It's supposed to be a mirror image. Dr Kim sees himself in Dr Lee. Like what Dr Kim said, Dr Lee was his past.

I will miss Brain, really. Thank you ahjussi for the phenomenal performance as Lee Kang-hoon. A very worthy Daesang winner indeed. The swagger, the arrogant smile, the haughty swish of his white coat and those eyes... I will miss them very much! I wish you all the best in winning the Daesang award in the upcoming Baeksang Awards! Go go go! Ahjussi jjang! <3

Note to self: I will watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun, together with The Princess' Man and Tree with Deep Roots (Wow, all sageuks man!!) after my exams are over. I can't afford another Ha-kyun heart-ache hurhurhur. ;'(


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