The brain behind Brain


I'm finally done with watching Brain. In the end, Brain is all about Lee Kang-hoon, all about Shin Ha-kyun himself. He is the very guy who made Brain the drama what it is today. Without Shin Ha-kyun, I doubt there will be fan-girls who go crazy just over him. Without him, there would be no such thing as a Ha-kyun heart-ache. ;(

Considering that ahjussi wasn't even the first choice for the role (first choice was Song Seung-hun), he really did a damn marvellous job in this drama. Dr Lee is really made for Shin Ha-kyun, and Shin Ha-kyun is perfect for Dr Lee.

I really love this poster. It's supposed to be a mirror image. Dr Kim sees himself in Dr Lee. Like what Dr Kim said, Dr Lee was his past.

I will miss Brain, really. Thank you ahjussi for the phenomenal performance as Lee Kang-hoon. A very worthy Daesang winner indeed. The swagger, the arrogant smile, the haughty swish of his white coat and those eyes... I will miss them very much! I wish you all the best in winning the Daesang award in the upcoming Baeksang Awards! Go go go! Ahjussi jjang! <3

Note to self: I will watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun, together with The Princess' Man and Tree with Deep Roots (Wow, all sageuks man!!) after my exams are over. I can't afford another Ha-kyun heart-ache hurhurhur. ;'(

2 more episodes left!


I have quite a bad feeling as to what is going to happen for the remaining episodes of Brain. I really want a happy ending, but I can sense that they're in for some 'shock factor'. Haiz...

Is it because my eyes can't see, which is why my sense of smell gets stronger? I smell the arrival of spring, the smell of sunshine. - Dr Kim Sang-chul

I felt so sad when a top neurosurgeon like Dr Kim couldn't do anything about his own illness. It was very touching to see all his colleagues modifying the hospital interior to suit his needs though.

I felt so sad when Dr Kim was giving a speech to what he thought was a very adoring audience. It turned out that it was just his illusion and there was nobody in the lecture theatre at all. Kinda pains me to see him succumbing to his illness. ;(

Tonight's the second last episode, and tomorrow will be the last episode.

해피엔딩, 제발... ㅠ.ㅠ

Heehee, more Shin Ha-kyun here. He's so vastly different from his character Lee Kang-hoon in Brain aigoo... Still, he charms me. ;D

Interview with Shin Ha-kyun on the 15th December 2011. He's so damn soft-spoken and cute in here lah aigoo.

Toodles! I'm off to do my Econs! Hot Tension Couple daebak! <3



Korean medical dramas never fail to excite me. I can't remember when there was a time I felt disappointed or gave up watching a Korean medical drama. I don't think that had ever happened. New Heart, Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and the list goes on. The newest addition to the list is Brain. I'm very impressed with Brain so far and I can understand why it got such ratings. And of course, when there's such a charismatic actor like Shin Ha-kyun, what's there not to like? (I can feel myself going on a Brain/Shin Ha-kyun rampage again oops!)

Ending of episode 3. Ahjussi's eyes can really kill.

Oh, and talking about scary eyes, I have more.

Scary eyes from a patient who had just undergone brain surgery.

Scary eyes from Dr Lee. I think he has very nice eyes. OK OK I can go and die.

Opening theme of Brain

That's it. I'm really sold. Shin Ha-kyun, I've already sold my soul to you. ._.

Too good. Too phenomenal. Too... lost for words.

Shin Ha-kyun, the Brain.


Shin Ha-kyun giving his acceptance speech after winning the Daesang. He said that giving a speech was more difficult than performing surgery. He's apparently a very, very shy person in real life so I guess he found that quite a difficulty. Still, saranghaeyo oppa! <3

I'm currently watching Brain, and damn, I'm really ADDICTED! Damn you KBS. DAMN YOU SHIN HA-KYUN! You're really the main culprit! -.-''' I shall admit that I didn't even know of this drama until the 2011 KBS Drama Awards ceremony ended because I was busy watching Bottled Passion. But gosh, I am really glad that I picked up Brain, because SHIN HA-KYUN is totally stealing everything from me (including my time) with his PHENOMENAL performance as Dr Lee Kang-hoon in there.

The thing about Korean Daesang winners (be it dramas or K-pop) is that, they're really every bit worthy of the prestige their prize beholds. For those not familiar with Korean entertainment, the Daesang is the highest honour that can be accorded to an artiste, so to win it despite many other strong competitors out there (South Korea is really full of talented people whose acting really kick ass!) goes to show that you're really the crème de la crème of all. Hell, Go Hyun-jung (the woman who played Mi-shil in Queen Seon-deok) even won the Daesang not once, not twice, but THRICE in a row because she's just such a phenomenal actress. ._.

Back to Brain. You can beat me up or what, but before Brain, before that role landed him the Daesang, I knew NOTHING of Shin Ha-kyun. *runs away from fans* He is actually a very famous actor who acted in many (many) movies. Unfortunately, I don't really catch Korean movies, so my exposure to him was literally nil. By the time I watched the first episode, I knew I was binded for the rest of the 19 episodes. Shin Ha-kyun really portrayed the very haughty doctor in there with so much ease that I'm really astounded as to how he did that. That kind of acting, it was nothing short of P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L! The way he walks (he walks with a very nice kind of swagger), the way he smiles (omo that arrogant smile can just kill me!) and the way he swishes his white coat makes me go michyeosseo! >.<

I need to add Shin Ha-kyun to my favourites list right now. He's totally killing it. AIGOO!!!!!

The pain of having insatiable wants


Having a Tumblr has its merits and detriments. For one, it allows me to look and reblog pretty (and I really mean pretty) and interesting pictures. The thing is, these pictures are too pretty that I end up wishing that I have those clothes/accessories / live in those places / can eat such food. Tumblr has definitely fuelled my sense of materialism. ;_;

Mila Kunis is Christian Dior's new model. Take about effective marketing. Am I able to afford a Dior bag? Probably not. I will get killed by my mother before I get to utilise it (even if it just means feasting my eyes on it). Am I able to afford a 2.55? I'll probably be at the mercy of the loan-sharks.

However, it's great to be able to draw inspirations from the models who don those clothes. Emulating the way they dress would be expensive though. Then again, I find things here very overpriced, mainly because the shop owners know that we have no choice but to buy them up. It would definitely be cheaper in places like Hong Kong or South Korea since they have to sell clothes to cater to the different seasons, so one would be able to get clothes for spring at a much cheaper price when spring is coming to an end. The logic is the same for the other seasons. If only there were much cheaper alternatives here...

Why must shopping centres like Ion Orchard exist? I can't seem to stop shopping, especially when I pass by clothes stores. I was lucky that my mother agreed to pay for my clothes from Forever 21, but still, there has to be a limit to this. And now I have found another cardigan which is to my liking after making another trip there today. ._.

I've set my mind on the limited edition nail-polish which is only $2 cheaper than my cardigan at F21. Damn you woman. Why must you be so vain?

Oh, the pains of having insatiable wants (and not having enough money ALWAYS).

So elders, please give me more money for Chinese New Year. I need to recoup my losses so that I won't feel so bad about spending too much money. ;_;

P.S. It would be good if our ministers (who have just suffered pay cuts) donate part of their enormous pays to sandwiched middle-class people like us. It's no use just catering to the poor or the very rich. We make up the bulk of the economy you see. So whatever shitty things happen to the outside world, we bear and feel the brunt of it.

OK, that's pretty much bullshit on my part, but to sum it all up, I NEED MORE MONEY!!! I'll do the Singapore economy a great favour by spending everything and not leaving a single cent, because the paradox of thrift taught me that savings is a withdrawal from the circular flow of income.

P.P.S Damn you woman. Stop wasting your time on Tumblr and get back to work.



I've finished watching all 21 episodes of Bottled Passion. The ending was definitely bittersweet, which has become a characteristic of any dramas by Lee Tim Shing. I think it really kills Tim Gor to create happy endings for the leads (look at this previous dramas and you'll know), but from the start, I kind of knew that Tsui Sum and Boon Sin were probably not meant to be together (in this life). A person who harms another repeatedly (whether you're doing this for revenge or not) will get no happy ending.


It took 6 years, but I'm very glad that Tsui Sum was able to move on with life. Bottled Passion is really one tragic drama that will evoke the tears of many. And to Tung Boon Sin, you were the reason why this drama was so bloody damn good. Tim Gor, bring on 《天梯》! It'll be another tragic drama, but so long as it's good, why not?

On the other hand, Bottled Passion had an average of 36 points and peaked at 40 points for the finale episodes! Congratulations to all the cast members and crew! That is REALLY AMAZING, considering the fact that it was aired at such a bad time-slot (the slots after the Anniversary period are among the worst time-slots together with the Chinese New Year ones because people won't watch TV due to the holidays). In fact, only 2 TVB series out of those aired in 2011 had better ratings (only 3 points more) than Bottled Passion. That really says a lot, considering the fact that those dramas were aired at the best time-slots and had A LOT of promotion (because they were anniversary dramas) whilst Bottled Passion had virtually none because nobody was expected to watch it.

So, I read that Bottled Passion was supposed to be aired in October. If this drama still managed to get 40 points despite the poor time-slot, it would have no problems getting more than 45 points had it been aired during its original time-slot. Tim Gor, I really salute you!


2011 SBS Drama Awards


Daesang: Han Seok-kyu (Tree With Deep Roots)
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actress: Su Ae (Thousand Day Promise)
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actor: Kim Rae-won (Thousand Day Promise), Jang Hyuk (Tree With Deep Roots)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Choi Kang-hee (Protect the Boss)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actor: Ji Sung (Protect the Boss), Lee Min-ho (City Hunter)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend Drama, Actress:Kim Sun-ah (Scent of a Woman)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend Drama, Actor: Lee Dong-wook (Scent of a Woman)
Top Excellence Award, Drama: Tree With Deep Roots

2011 KBS Drama Awards


Daesang: Shin Ha-kyun (Brain)
Top Excellence, Actor: Park Shi-hoo (The Princess’s Man)
Top Excellence, Actress: Moon Chae-won (The Princess’s Man)

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year people! Haha, it's kind of amazing how we are living in two different eras (as of now when I'm typing this) even though we live on the same Earth. ;P

Anyway, I created a Tumblr for myself because there are really many cute/meaningful/fangirl-ing/pretty pictures which I find it hard to repost here on Blogger. ;P

OK, I'm off to watch this cute Korean movie they're showing on Channel U now. Happy New Year once again. And Happy Birthday Tsung Tsung! I miss you guys so much! =')