So many plans for December and yet 2012 is coming to an end after tomorrow. ;( I really wish that December can be 2 months instead of a month. >.<

Us at Legoland.

Anyway, I went on a day trip to Legoland with Zoey, Michelle and Madeline yesterday. Kinda surprised that my mum allowed me to go since she has a terrible impression of Malaysia (doesn't help that we keep hearing and reading about how people get robbed wherever they go over there). The last time I was there was about 12 years ago, when I was in Primary 2. Since then, I did not return. This is my first overseas trip with friends. There will be more to come, of course! Plans are already underway! ;D I'm still aching from all the walking that we did hur.

기분이 정말 좋습니다!


오늘에 우리 반 친구들은 학교에 같이 갔습니다. 비를 많이 왔습니다 그래서 친구가 자동차를 운전했어요. 정말 고맙습니다.

우리 반 친구들은 만든 김밥.

우리 오늘에 김밥을 같이 만들었습니다. 나는과 반 친구들은 김밥을 같이 만들었어서 기분이 정말 좋습니다!

나는 김밥과 떡볶이를 많이 먹었어요. 우리 반 친구들은 만든 김밥이 진짜 맛있어요. 만든 김밥중에서 우리 반 만든 김밥을 제일 맛있습니다.

졸업식을 끝난후에 우리 반 친구들은 클래먼티에 갔어요. 방이 씨가 51 소야 두부를 샀어요. 호커센터에서 밤참을 먹었어요.

내일에 나는 학교에 갈 거예요. 친구들은 일이 할 거예요. 우리는 집으로 떠났어요.

여러분, 정말 감사합니다. 참 고맙습니다. 진짜 사랑합니다. 반이 있어서 나는 지금 기분이 정말 좋습니다.

What a blast to the end of E3!


What an end to E3! In all aspects, this semester is really much harder than the previous semester, because we had a really very strict teacher. You know, having a strict teacher is really good. You are really forced to learn and prepare all the lessons before they start. However, with my school work growing like some mountain in the making, I very nearly couldn't cope.

In the previous semester, I could just study for my test the night before and still did pretty well for it. However, it really isn't the case this time. This time round, we had to prepare 10 Q & As with our partner and another speech regarding movies. The questions asked in the test paper were really hard and I nearly died trying to decipher them. ;( I just really hope that I'll be able to get good grades for this semester.



I can't believe that today is already the last day of November. It'll be the last month of the year from tomorrow onwards. Where has all the time flown to? =/

I'm so damn stressed that I can't even... A week later and it'll all be over. I just pray that we will get through this stage and advance together.

I'll need to get started on doing nearly 30 pages of homework and coming up with 10 questions and answers. I feel retarded talking to myself though hmm.

Hwaiting. *sigh*

Changed blogskin!


I've decided to change my blogskin again since I've had the previous one for quite some time already.

My modules are getting more complicated and harder to understand. To be honest, the contents of my modules do overlap quite a bit, so it is natural that people think that it's easier to study. Hell no. I get so confused over what I have read 'cos I will then remember that I have read it in some other subjects before and get messed up again. That's how my brain works. I can't really do anything about it. ;(

Anyway, I can't decide if I should go to London, Seoul or Sydney during the summer holidays. Or maybe I should just stay here and work. -.-'''

I need to ask my friend if she's interested in the London summer school programme since she attended the UK talk and I didn't due it clashing with my class. My senior who is from the same K class as me went to Seoul for 3 months as well. She only spent $5000 in all during her 3-month stay there, which includes EVERYTHING. O.O''' Mad cheap or what? Another option is to go for a 2-week holiday in Seoul with my K friend. 1-week of schooling there and probably 1 week of sight-seeing. But I think going to Sydney will be the best option for me. I don't intend to miss or stop my K classes for more than a week since I tend to forget things easily. Besides, London and Seoul will be having their summer and I am told that summer in Seoul is even worse than the hottest weather here. London shouldn't be too hot though, but that exchange lasts for about 3 months and I have no intention of stopping my K classes for 3 months though I get to study in LSE itself.

Argh, how? Dilemma. >.<

Back to 1997...


A Pink's Jung Eun-ji. She's really very sassy in this drama. I like.

I've been watching a Korean cable drama for the past 2 days. To be honest, I really love how short and sweet the cable dramas are (they are only about 45 minutes, like TVB dramas and have less episodes than the normal free-to-air dramas. Vampire Proecutor (which I really recommend!) is only 12 episodes!!). Among them is Answer me 1997. This drama narrates the stories of the adults who were reminiscing about their high school years. The drama goes from modern day Seoul in 2012 to the days of 1997 in Busan.

I don't know. I'm just washed by a sense of nostalgia as I laughed and smiled through the 16 episodes in 2 days. What made this drama really very successful is its ability to make the viewers connect with the characters. It really brings out memories of my youth, my school days, the days spent fangirl-ing over the K-pop groups, dramas and artistes (I can relate as I belong to the generation where anything Korean is hot!). The drama has quite a vintage feel to it as well, which made it look quite dated, as it should be, for the crux of the story is focused on the late 90s.

The leads of this drama are newcomers to acting, so their acting may not be the best, but the heart is evidently there. I really thought that A Pink's Jung Eun-ji really did a very good job as Sung Si-won, despite not going through any acting training at all. She did make me love Si-won as a character. So bubbly, so cute, so pretty and so... alive. I guess that is what youth is about. So are her cronies.

I really feel and emphatise with all the characters in the drama, because they were who I was back in those days, back when I was still in RV. From the fangirl-ing, the stalking, the slacking... This drama just hits all the right notes for me.

Watching this drama really makes me miss my days in RV. My days in RV were not all that smooth-sailing, but it is the place where I have the most fond memories of. And it is also the place where I have met friends whom I can imagine and will sit around with for at least the next 10 years, reminiscing on what we have done in the past.

This is one of the songs that they played in the drama. It is sung by RiAa and has a really very old-school feeling to it. One of my favourite songs now.
As I get on in age (I sound like an old person now...), it is hard for me not to look back at my younger self and wonder if my younger self would approve of what I am doing now. My older self would then wonder how on earth did I manage to get the guts to do all sorts of nonsensical things (including some TOP secrets (I can't reveal them here. Teachers do read my blog.).

I guess that is what youth is all about. Doing things without thinking of any consequences, but those times were really great. ;)

Dinner with my awesome class!


My awesome teacher. 제 선생님은 정말 좋으하고 아름다운 입니다! <3

I had dinner with my awesome classmates and awesome teacher! Mrs Lee wanted to eat Chinese food, so Rachel and Serene decided to organise a trip to Din Tai Fung.

This is my first time eating at Din Tai Fung (ya lah, I know I'm damn noob lol!) and the food is really good. I love their yam buns, almond pudding and xiao long baos especially! Daebak to the max! ;D

Us at Din Tai Fung! ;)

We're glad to know that Mrs Lee also enjoyed the food. Lol, I'm really looking forward to the 2nd dinner. Hopefully we'll be able to yum cha some time later. Mrs Lee really needs to eat dim sum haha! I can't get enough of my awesome classmates and teacher! <3

Group (not class, 'cos my class is much bigger than this haha!) photo! Mrs Lee was supposed to have taken 190 with me but she realised that there are many other buses which go to Bukit Panjang zZz... Hurhurhur. But she likes to touch my hand HAHA! xD

I felt really touched when Mrs Lee sent us an email and told us that she really enjoyed teaching us hurhurhur. ;_; She said that the way we learn reminded her of her sons when they were still trying to talk as toddlers and that we were really cute. xP Anyway, there went our 3 hours worth of HTHT. I swore I sat till my butt really hurt. >.<

OK enough of 自high-ing lol! 나는 지금 피곤합니다. 방에서 잡니다. I'll attempt to write a full Korean essay (which I have already done since Mrs Lee told us to write 2 essays! >.<) in my blog when I have the energy to think heehee.

P.S. I think my years of s____ experience have really served me well. I managed to ask quite a direct question without being found out. My friends would have been so proud of me. ;3

I passed E2!


Hihi, I'm finally blogging after don't know how long. Work has ended about a week ago for me, so I have been spending much of my time watching dramas heehee.

I made my way down to the school today for the ceremony. I guess I haven't been actually talking much about the lessons I have been attending for the last 2 months, but they have finally come to an end. I have passed E2 and am pretty pleased with my marks. I got full marks for my oral LOL! I think Mrs Lee was really being very kind because I'm pretty sure that my speaking skills weren't on par with hers (duh!) and I was basically blabbing my way through the part where I had to tell her what I had been doing for the past week, what I am doing this week and what I will be doing the next week. I didn't have much time to prepare for it since kau gong and family came down from Hong Kong to visit us for that 1 week, so that 1 week was basically spent showing them around Singapore and eating lots of good food lol.

Anyway, to round up (since I'm pretty tired now), I'll really miss Mrs Lee. It's so sad to think that she won't be my teacher anymore because damn, she's really a very good teacher (and she's also very pretty heehee!). However, should my guess be correct, I think I'll also be looking forward to the other teacher (Bro agrees with me about the uncanny resemblance between Fierce One and that teacher).

Mrs Lee really looked very, very elegant in her hanbok today. She really looked as if she just came out from a drama set. I still think that Koreans wear their hanboks the best. It's kind of a pity not to see the male teachers wear their traditional Korean costumes, because I really want to see them don it. Mrs Lee totally rocks in her hanbok. And guess what? She didn't change out of it and wore it back home as well. Imagine everybody looking at her on the bus (OK lah, can look all you want 'cos she really is very pretty!). Rachel, Mabel and I taught her a new word to describe her - CHIO. C-H-I-O. CHI-O. She got it right almost immediately. ;D

This is the janchi guksu I had today. It was really cold so the hot bowl of soup that came with it was really welcomed! ^^ 
I forgot what were the red noodles called, but the japchae was absolutely one dish to die for! I swear it was so well-marinated that I even had second servings! I would have gone for more had it not been time for us to go home. The time we had for dinner was so short! D; I need to get my mum to make this and satisfy my craving!

I wish I will be able to make it for Friday's dinner. I guess it's the last time I can see and talk to my beloved Mrs Lee. ;'( I'll really miss her so much hurhurhur.

And NTS, please stop s_______!! You are supposed to have outgrown it. xDD

Back to my old habit of s___?


I went to BPP today to get my Starbucks drinks (seriously, why isn't there one in Lot One?!). While making my way there, it dawned on me that Fierce One and L actually live there. Come to think about it, no wonder L looked so familiar to me when I first saw her. I COULD HAVE seen her before while snooping around the Bukit Panjang area with my (crazy) friends a few years back.

I then thought that I may have the chance to meet L in BPP. I didn't meet her in the end, but guess who I saw? Another familiar face from the school. o.O''' He looked like he didn't recognise me (he's the one who always greets me cheerfully when I get off from the bus), but aiyah, I couldn't have mistaken him for another person. People of that race have a certain kind of look that makes them look like their race heehee.

Anyway, I've told Bro about them and I need to get pictures to prove that Fierce One lookalike looks like Fierce One. I thought I have quitted for good, but now I've found another reason to dig up on more. Time to start my grand old habit of mine, s_____! ^^

P.S. If my eyes and brains didn't fail me, I think I saw Nice One at Vivo City the other day. That woman kept looking at me.

P.P.S. I think L is stalking me instead of the other way round. I'm supposed to write about my routine for the last week, this week and the next week. To tell the truth, my routine is very boring 'cos I go to work from Mondays to Fridays, which means I have nothing much to write about. I think I'll have to cook up something. ;(

Totally scared witless!


My dad has finally bought a Galaxy tablet a week back. Ahem, and thanks to the tablet, he is actually addicted to shopping on Qoo10 (known as G-market previously). Since my laptop is being used by my dad and my phone is charging, I am now using this tablet to blog. I do not really like using the keyboard though. I find it so much easier to type on my phone than the tablet.

Anyway, today marks my first lesson. To tell the truth, I was totally scared shitless when I suddenly had to introduce myself. The teacher spoke really fast as well (aiyah maybe I'm just not used to it yet lor) and I think I spent 40% of the lesson trying to understand the teacher's instructions. Totally scary like shit I swear! -.-'''

Thankfully the people there were really nice and I did manage to make some new friends. The teachers were also nice and really good in teaching. The spoken part of the lesson still scares me though. Please please please don't get me to speak again in front of so many people. My poor heart nearly couldn't take it hurhurhur.

Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to the next lesson! It really reminds me of being back in kindergarten/primary school...

I'll be back soon!


I'm terribly busy now! I don't even have the time to sit down and watch my Korean (I'm still stuck on episode 15 of Rooftop Prince after nearly 3 weeks. How to carry on with Queen In-hyeon's Man like that ah?! -.-''') and TVB dramas on a regular basis anymore. ;_;

On the side note, there are many, many things to eat at the place where I am working at, not to mention the countless number of bubble tea shops we have here (which means I'm totally spoilt for choices when it comes to food and drinks heehee).

The happiest thing was that I finally got to eat 雞蛋仔s. Someone slap me please. How come I didn't eat this in Hong Kong even though I saw the hawkers hawking them along the streets? T_T Anyway, 雞蛋仔s are best eaten when they're freshly made! I swear I just love the chewiness and the crispiness of them! I feel that they're quite over-priced here though. They should be much cheaper in Hong Kong if I'm not wrong. I can't wait to go back to Hong Kong and eat my fill again! ;D

Tree With Deep Roots


Tree With Deep Roots
I'm finally done with Tree With Deep Roots. Oh gosh, Tree, what a roller-coaster ride you have been. And what a massacre you gave for the last episode. That was really such a bloody ending. D;

This drama talks about Sejong a.k.a. Lee Do and his creation of the native Korean alphabets, the Hangeul. The King Sejong that everybody knows now has achieved near-mythical status. King Sejong has gone down in history as one of the greatest kings who ever lived.

Yet, Lee Do is still a human being. He curses and swears when things don't go his way. He has to be reminded by his servants to mind his language. What an adorable king. ;3

A powerhouse of performances, especially from the leads. Han Seok-kyu was terrific in portraying Lee Do's inner struggles and resoluteness with publishing Hangeul when the people who were working with him started dying one by one. They included people who were the closest to him as well.

And to those who gave their lives up for Hangeul, thank you very much.

Tree With Deep Roots, thank you for letting me understand the process of creating Hangeul. I'll definitely visit King Sejong's memorial when I get to visit South Korea.

And did I mention how both Han Seok-kyu and Song Joong-ki are so adorable? They even look the same!! Cute people kekeke. ;D



Fantastic acting from everybody, especially these 2. If there is a flaw with them, I could see none.

Tree with Deep Roots is so good, it really is. In fact, this is becoming one of my favourite sageuks of all time. It talks about the creation of hangeul, and after watching this drama, I'm so in awe of the few people who came up with a brand new language from scratch. A language that one day became the universal language for Koreans. A language that can record every sound you make in just 28 letters. A language that has remained unchanged throughout these hundreds of years.

Thank you King Sejong. I finally know why the Korean alphabets look like what they are now.

3 more episodes, but I'm so sure that this is one of the best sageuks of all time.

I'll write more about this drama when I should be done with it by tomorrow.

I need to find the novel and read it soon, if my Korean permits it.

So, after this, should I continue on my sageuk marathon by watching Princess' Man, Moon Embracing the Sun or watch time-travelling dramas like Rooftop Prince, Queen In-hyeon's Man and The King 2 Hearts? Either way, all these dramas involve the Korean royalties, which I have developed an interest since I watched Dae Jang Geum lol...

Epic to a T.


I don't believe what I have just seen. It's SOOOOOOOOOO EPIC that I'm still in shock and awe. To think that I thought that Ga Ri-on was so cute, likeable and... OF ALL PEOPLE HE MUST BE THE LEADER OF !@#$.

Poor Lee Do still didn't know anything about this guy whom he really considered a friend. Even Jang Hyuk's Kang Chae-yoon, who was supposed to assassinate him, seemed harmless compared to this guy. Run, Lee Do, run! Why the hell are you still walking towards him?!?! !@#$%

Tree With Deep Roots, I'm cheated. But show, you're really so good, and I'm only on episode 10.

P. S. Not to mention that Song Joong-ki did a bloody brilliant job as young Lee Do. In fact, I think Han Seok-kyu is a great replacement as the grown-up Lee Do. He and Joong-ki have the same features, especially their noses and their smiles. Ok, their eyes look the same too. Was that on purpose, PD?



Finally, I am going back to my real life of being a coach potato! I'm not really sure of what to say about my exams. They were all right I suppose, but I really don't feel very secure for Math (WHY MATH AGAIN?! EASIEST SUBJECT SOMEMORE LEH!) and Principles of Accounting to tell the truth. The rest ah, I think I should be able to pass. I just hope to get the marks I want so. I was basically bullshitting for one question in ELC. I didn't know what to write for that question, but I hope the rest were adequately answered. The black, white and grey areas, I hope I've gotten them covered. >.<

Anyway, my chingus are gonna be back from Sydney soon! 38 more days! I really can't wait! ;D I really miss them so much ah!!

Lol, I shall end here right now. MY TVB AND KOREAN DRAMAS, I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!

P.S. I hate the new Blogger UI so much! So bloody inconvenient though I don't deny that it looks nicer. !@#$

New phone + G-market


It's been a month since I have last blogged, so here I am now. To be honest, I don't really have much to blog about but I do want to record down my first time doing online shopping and me finally getting myself a new phone.

The very classy black box. It looks a lot like a jewellery box.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has caught my eye ever since it debuted. In fact, I am really a sucker for Samsung products, to the point that I have been using Sammy phones ever since my brain permits me to remember (I've only used a Nokia and a Motorola and have been stuck with Sammy since then).

So here I am now, typing this blog post with my phone. It has really been such a joy to use. In fact, I think I'm just meant to be with the S2. I remembered asking my mum whether I could get it, but her answer was in the negative because it was really expensive. She remained firm on her stance even though she liked it and finally, she relented a few weeks back. When we were at the handphone shop, she asked me if I wanted to get the Galaxy Note LOL! I was shocked beyond words because the Note was about $150 more expensive (with the $39 plan) and it was because of the price that my mum didn't allow me to get the S2 in the first place.

Just as I was wondering whether I should get the Note instead, we were told that it was out of stock. The choice now was whether to get the coral pink or white S2. As it turned out, the coral pink S2 was also out of stock, so I settled for the white one instead, which really saved me a lot of trouble. ;P

I'm really loving my phone so much now, and how Android allows one to customise one's phone to his own whims and fancy. I can't wait for Sammy to release the S3! In fact, with the exception of the Note, I find all phones very tiny now LOL. This is especially so when I compare the screen size of my old phone to my S2. Huge difference ok! The size of my whole old phone is only about 2/3 the size of the screen of my S2, and that being said, my old phone's screen was rather big during its time haha. And heehee, thanks to the big screen that I am used to now, I won't be taking any other phones with screens smaller than my S2, so I'm really hoping that S3 would be one big glorious beauty. ;D

My products from G-market. They cost about $44 altogether.

A friend told me that G-market sold cheap handphone covers, so I decided to take a look to find covers for my S2. This is my first time shopping online, which I didn't do so the past years because I don't think I had my own bank account LOL (or rather, I didn't know the existence of it haha). I ended up buying many other things as well, like skincare products from South Korea, which are really much cheaper than what you find in the Korean cosmetic stores here.

Initially, I was really worried that my goods wouldn't be sent to me because it was taking such a long time, especially for my phone covers. Thank goodness all the things that I ordered arrived right at my doorstep in one go today. I'm also not sure why since I ordered them at different dates, but thanks to Zoey for reassuring me during the weekend that my goods will arive soon though she's like 6316 km away, 2 hours ahead of me. ;)

Anyway, my exams are coming up real soon, so I guess I won't be blogging much or shopping online as much now heehee. I have lectures from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm straight tomorrow, so I'll go to sleep now. ;)

Mixed feelings...


Congratulations to RV again for producing another national top scorer for the second year running ever since we embarked on the IP. =D

My heartiest congratulations to you, Zhi Liang! I missed the times we talked and crapped when we were still in the Students' Editorial Club. Those 2 years might not be as long as the time I've spent with some of my classmates or my section-mates, but I did definitely enjoy talking and discussing about TVB dramas with you. 我鄧你好開心呀! 真係恭喜晒你啊! ;D

On the other hand, before this happy piece of news was announced, my Facebook timeline was flooded with people posting things like "RIP, my friend", "I hope you'll be happier in the other side of the world" and things like that. I found out what had happened soon after that. I must say that though I don't really know that guy very well, but he was still a person whom I have attended school with for 6 years. I was neither in the same class nor same CCA as him throughout my 6 years in RV, but I feel very sad that such a young life has just been snuffed out like that.

I know that people do die everyday and it's just part and parcel of life, but to know of someone dying when he's about your age is just very depressing. We are nearly 20 and considered to be nearing/or at our prime. It's the period of time when we do crazy things, enjoy our newly-found sense of freedom and relish being an adult before we grow tired of such a high life. Yet something like this has to happen. It just shows how fragile and unpredictable life really is.

今天不知明天事。 All we can do is just to live life to the fullest and have no regrets. I don't want to lament about how silly this guy was for choosing to end it this way, like how some people were chastising him for, but what's done has been done. He must have felt really terrible as to go down that route, but no matter what, I hope that you'll be free from all your sufferings and find peace and release in the other world.

Death is always around the corner, but often our society gives it inordinate help.

- Carter Burwell

Rest in peace, my fellow RVian.

A life full of drudgery


I have only about 10 weeks to clear whatever mess I'm in. I need to give it my best shot. Thank goodness I've been coping, but I'm rather sick and tired of the drudgery of school work, and in essence, of life here.

I'm seriously considering whether or not I should transfer. The thought of it emerged last year, but has gotten stronger throughout these few months. I'm not sure if I can take another 2 years of life in this place. The thought of me leaving this place has always been there, but never this strong before.

I'm rather afraid of bringing this up to my parents, because they expect me to stay, at least till 2014. I'm not even through my first year. And I can't bear to burden them further with school fees and whatnots.

But, if I continue to stay on, I'll really go crazy. I'll give this matter more thought when I receive my results for finals.

I need my first-class honours please, for them to even consider me.

I won't be blogging much from now on I guess. It's hard-core mugging all the way till end of May.



I really liked my previous blogskin, but I decided to change to the current one instead because my lengthy posts appeared very screwed-up when using those blog templates with coloured backgrounds because the background isn't continuous after a certain length of the post. The rest of the post will be in total chaos. So I've picked a template with a white background. It'll solve all problems! ^^


2 of my friends are flying off. In fact, by the time I finish this post, they'll probably be in the middle of Indonesia or in the middle of some ocean. I have really mixed feelings about this. I'm really very happy that they've managed to get into the university and courses of their choice. I have no doubt that they'll do very well since they're such smarty-pants, but 4 years? Yes, they'll come back during the summer holidays, but I've never tried being away from them even for a few months. ;(

We've been friends for a very long period of time. It's not just one leaving, but two. What's more, they're among my closest friends whom I can really be myself and play, laugh and bullshit anything under the sun with.

Klarinutz! It's been 7 long years, and still counting... <3

Part of the retarded family (the rest were too busy to turn up). I'll cherish the crazy times we had together. <3

Heng dai and ah ma, I'll miss you guys very, very much. No words can describe how much I'll miss you guys. I guess I've said my piece in my letter to heng dai, and although the heart post-its are a bit small to contain all my thoughts and well-wishes to ah ma, don't worry, we can continue bullshitting on the social media.

Our K-food kakis will wait for you 2 to come back and eat Korean food with us. And yes, K-food kakis, may our trip to South Korea materialise soon. Heng dai, Hong Kong yeah! ;')

Adieu, my 'relatives'! I'd like very much to visit you guys in Sydney someday. ;)

RIP Bi-dam


Hurhurhur, Bi-dam died today. It was so heart-wrenching lah wtf. Bi-dam became a rebel and waged a war against Deok-man, all because of some 小人 who was up to some tricks. Damn that 小人. Deok-man declared Bi-dam as the enemy of Silla and ordered anybody who saw him to kill me. By the time Deok-man knew of the whole truth, she couldn't retract her own decree.

She watched Yoo-shin kill Bi-dam. She watched Bi-dam die in front of her as he made her way, step by step towards her. 30 paces... 10 paces... But Bi-dam didn't make it to tell Deok-man what he wanted to tell her. HEART-WRENCHING MUCH HURHURHUR!!!! T_T

발밤발밤 – 홍광호

곁에도 멀리도 갈 수 없어
눈에도 맘에도 둘 수 없어
차라리 이대로 눈이 멀어
나를 보는 너 조차 몰랐으면

발밤발밤 걸어 나에게로 오는
천계 속의 발소리도 그대란 걸 아는데

발밤발밤 걸어 눈물길을 지나
하루하루 돌아서며 살 수 있을까

발밤발밤 걸어 나에게로 오는
천계 속의 발소리도 그대란 걸 아는데

발밤발밤 걸어 날 떠나가도
겨워겨워 내 안에 품어야지
울어울어 우는 그 마음까지

Goodbye Deok-man. Goodbye Bi-dam. ;_;

Is the iPad 2 really worth the hooha?


There has been this HUGE-ASS furore on Facebook over RV's intention to make iPad 2s compulsory. Even the newspapers reported on it. Let's just say that there are two sides to this story.

The social media is really a place where news spread really fast. I knew about RV's intention to incorporate iPad 2s into teaching last year, thanks to my juniors. I did feel shocked, but other schools had been doing it, so I guess that's science and technology for you. However, that intention then never blew up into such epic proportions until today, when the various newspapers started running stories on how the parents and teachers (including the upper management) got into a heated argument over the need to own the iPad 2.

The brain behind Brain


I'm finally done with watching Brain. In the end, Brain is all about Lee Kang-hoon, all about Shin Ha-kyun himself. He is the very guy who made Brain the drama what it is today. Without Shin Ha-kyun, I doubt there will be fan-girls who go crazy just over him. Without him, there would be no such thing as a Ha-kyun heart-ache. ;(

Considering that ahjussi wasn't even the first choice for the role (first choice was Song Seung-hun), he really did a damn marvellous job in this drama. Dr Lee is really made for Shin Ha-kyun, and Shin Ha-kyun is perfect for Dr Lee.

I really love this poster. It's supposed to be a mirror image. Dr Kim sees himself in Dr Lee. Like what Dr Kim said, Dr Lee was his past.

I will miss Brain, really. Thank you ahjussi for the phenomenal performance as Lee Kang-hoon. A very worthy Daesang winner indeed. The swagger, the arrogant smile, the haughty swish of his white coat and those eyes... I will miss them very much! I wish you all the best in winning the Daesang award in the upcoming Baeksang Awards! Go go go! Ahjussi jjang! <3

Note to self: I will watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun, together with The Princess' Man and Tree with Deep Roots (Wow, all sageuks man!!) after my exams are over. I can't afford another Ha-kyun heart-ache hurhurhur. ;'(

2 more episodes left!


I have quite a bad feeling as to what is going to happen for the remaining episodes of Brain. I really want a happy ending, but I can sense that they're in for some 'shock factor'. Haiz...

Is it because my eyes can't see, which is why my sense of smell gets stronger? I smell the arrival of spring, the smell of sunshine. - Dr Kim Sang-chul

I felt so sad when a top neurosurgeon like Dr Kim couldn't do anything about his own illness. It was very touching to see all his colleagues modifying the hospital interior to suit his needs though.

I felt so sad when Dr Kim was giving a speech to what he thought was a very adoring audience. It turned out that it was just his illusion and there was nobody in the lecture theatre at all. Kinda pains me to see him succumbing to his illness. ;(

Tonight's the second last episode, and tomorrow will be the last episode.

해피엔딩, 제발... ㅠ.ㅠ

Heehee, more Shin Ha-kyun here. He's so vastly different from his character Lee Kang-hoon in Brain aigoo... Still, he charms me. ;D

Interview with Shin Ha-kyun on the 15th December 2011. He's so damn soft-spoken and cute in here lah aigoo.

Toodles! I'm off to do my Econs! Hot Tension Couple daebak! <3



Korean medical dramas never fail to excite me. I can't remember when there was a time I felt disappointed or gave up watching a Korean medical drama. I don't think that had ever happened. New Heart, Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and the list goes on. The newest addition to the list is Brain. I'm very impressed with Brain so far and I can understand why it got such ratings. And of course, when there's such a charismatic actor like Shin Ha-kyun, what's there not to like? (I can feel myself going on a Brain/Shin Ha-kyun rampage again oops!)

Ending of episode 3. Ahjussi's eyes can really kill.

Oh, and talking about scary eyes, I have more.

Scary eyes from a patient who had just undergone brain surgery.

Scary eyes from Dr Lee. I think he has very nice eyes. OK OK I can go and die.

Opening theme of Brain

That's it. I'm really sold. Shin Ha-kyun, I've already sold my soul to you. ._.

Too good. Too phenomenal. Too... lost for words.

Shin Ha-kyun, the Brain.


Shin Ha-kyun giving his acceptance speech after winning the Daesang. He said that giving a speech was more difficult than performing surgery. He's apparently a very, very shy person in real life so I guess he found that quite a difficulty. Still, saranghaeyo oppa! <3

I'm currently watching Brain, and damn, I'm really ADDICTED! Damn you KBS. DAMN YOU SHIN HA-KYUN! You're really the main culprit! -.-''' I shall admit that I didn't even know of this drama until the 2011 KBS Drama Awards ceremony ended because I was busy watching Bottled Passion. But gosh, I am really glad that I picked up Brain, because SHIN HA-KYUN is totally stealing everything from me (including my time) with his PHENOMENAL performance as Dr Lee Kang-hoon in there.

The thing about Korean Daesang winners (be it dramas or K-pop) is that, they're really every bit worthy of the prestige their prize beholds. For those not familiar with Korean entertainment, the Daesang is the highest honour that can be accorded to an artiste, so to win it despite many other strong competitors out there (South Korea is really full of talented people whose acting really kick ass!) goes to show that you're really the crème de la crème of all. Hell, Go Hyun-jung (the woman who played Mi-shil in Queen Seon-deok) even won the Daesang not once, not twice, but THRICE in a row because she's just such a phenomenal actress. ._.

Back to Brain. You can beat me up or what, but before Brain, before that role landed him the Daesang, I knew NOTHING of Shin Ha-kyun. *runs away from fans* He is actually a very famous actor who acted in many (many) movies. Unfortunately, I don't really catch Korean movies, so my exposure to him was literally nil. By the time I watched the first episode, I knew I was binded for the rest of the 19 episodes. Shin Ha-kyun really portrayed the very haughty doctor in there with so much ease that I'm really astounded as to how he did that. That kind of acting, it was nothing short of P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L! The way he walks (he walks with a very nice kind of swagger), the way he smiles (omo that arrogant smile can just kill me!) and the way he swishes his white coat makes me go michyeosseo! >.<

I need to add Shin Ha-kyun to my favourites list right now. He's totally killing it. AIGOO!!!!!

The pain of having insatiable wants


Having a Tumblr has its merits and detriments. For one, it allows me to look and reblog pretty (and I really mean pretty) and interesting pictures. The thing is, these pictures are too pretty that I end up wishing that I have those clothes/accessories / live in those places / can eat such food. Tumblr has definitely fuelled my sense of materialism. ;_;

Mila Kunis is Christian Dior's new model. Take about effective marketing. Am I able to afford a Dior bag? Probably not. I will get killed by my mother before I get to utilise it (even if it just means feasting my eyes on it). Am I able to afford a 2.55? I'll probably be at the mercy of the loan-sharks.

However, it's great to be able to draw inspirations from the models who don those clothes. Emulating the way they dress would be expensive though. Then again, I find things here very overpriced, mainly because the shop owners know that we have no choice but to buy them up. It would definitely be cheaper in places like Hong Kong or South Korea since they have to sell clothes to cater to the different seasons, so one would be able to get clothes for spring at a much cheaper price when spring is coming to an end. The logic is the same for the other seasons. If only there were much cheaper alternatives here...

Why must shopping centres like Ion Orchard exist? I can't seem to stop shopping, especially when I pass by clothes stores. I was lucky that my mother agreed to pay for my clothes from Forever 21, but still, there has to be a limit to this. And now I have found another cardigan which is to my liking after making another trip there today. ._.

I've set my mind on the limited edition nail-polish which is only $2 cheaper than my cardigan at F21. Damn you woman. Why must you be so vain?

Oh, the pains of having insatiable wants (and not having enough money ALWAYS).

So elders, please give me more money for Chinese New Year. I need to recoup my losses so that I won't feel so bad about spending too much money. ;_;

P.S. It would be good if our ministers (who have just suffered pay cuts) donate part of their enormous pays to sandwiched middle-class people like us. It's no use just catering to the poor or the very rich. We make up the bulk of the economy you see. So whatever shitty things happen to the outside world, we bear and feel the brunt of it.

OK, that's pretty much bullshit on my part, but to sum it all up, I NEED MORE MONEY!!! I'll do the Singapore economy a great favour by spending everything and not leaving a single cent, because the paradox of thrift taught me that savings is a withdrawal from the circular flow of income.

P.P.S Damn you woman. Stop wasting your time on Tumblr and get back to work.



I've finished watching all 21 episodes of Bottled Passion. The ending was definitely bittersweet, which has become a characteristic of any dramas by Lee Tim Shing. I think it really kills Tim Gor to create happy endings for the leads (look at this previous dramas and you'll know), but from the start, I kind of knew that Tsui Sum and Boon Sin were probably not meant to be together (in this life). A person who harms another repeatedly (whether you're doing this for revenge or not) will get no happy ending.


It took 6 years, but I'm very glad that Tsui Sum was able to move on with life. Bottled Passion is really one tragic drama that will evoke the tears of many. And to Tung Boon Sin, you were the reason why this drama was so bloody damn good. Tim Gor, bring on 《天梯》! It'll be another tragic drama, but so long as it's good, why not?

On the other hand, Bottled Passion had an average of 36 points and peaked at 40 points for the finale episodes! Congratulations to all the cast members and crew! That is REALLY AMAZING, considering the fact that it was aired at such a bad time-slot (the slots after the Anniversary period are among the worst time-slots together with the Chinese New Year ones because people won't watch TV due to the holidays). In fact, only 2 TVB series out of those aired in 2011 had better ratings (only 3 points more) than Bottled Passion. That really says a lot, considering the fact that those dramas were aired at the best time-slots and had A LOT of promotion (because they were anniversary dramas) whilst Bottled Passion had virtually none because nobody was expected to watch it.

So, I read that Bottled Passion was supposed to be aired in October. If this drama still managed to get 40 points despite the poor time-slot, it would have no problems getting more than 45 points had it been aired during its original time-slot. Tim Gor, I really salute you!


2011 SBS Drama Awards


Daesang: Han Seok-kyu (Tree With Deep Roots)
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actress: Su Ae (Thousand Day Promise)
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actor: Kim Rae-won (Thousand Day Promise), Jang Hyuk (Tree With Deep Roots)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Choi Kang-hee (Protect the Boss)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actor: Ji Sung (Protect the Boss), Lee Min-ho (City Hunter)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend Drama, Actress:Kim Sun-ah (Scent of a Woman)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend Drama, Actor: Lee Dong-wook (Scent of a Woman)
Top Excellence Award, Drama: Tree With Deep Roots

2011 KBS Drama Awards


Daesang: Shin Ha-kyun (Brain)
Top Excellence, Actor: Park Shi-hoo (The Princess’s Man)
Top Excellence, Actress: Moon Chae-won (The Princess’s Man)

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year people! Haha, it's kind of amazing how we are living in two different eras (as of now when I'm typing this) even though we live on the same Earth. ;P

Anyway, I created a Tumblr for myself because there are really many cute/meaningful/fangirl-ing/pretty pictures which I find it hard to repost here on Blogger. ;P

OK, I'm off to watch this cute Korean movie they're showing on Channel U now. Happy New Year once again. And Happy Birthday Tsung Tsung! I miss you guys so much! =')