Poisoned by Bottled Passion



I have just finished episode 10 of Bottled Passion. It's just too good. And well, I think it'll soon replace Only You as my best TVB drama of 2011.

Bottled Passion has this very Korean-drama feel to it, partly because Raymond Wong is so hot in there. You know, because of him, I really wished that I lived in the 1930s. I want him to wipe my dirty feet (if they ever get dirty) with his own handkerchief. The part where he just suddenly swept Tsui Sum off her feet (literally) was sooooo romantic LOL!

Haiyo, it's such a pity that Raymond Wong is married with a child. But hey, fathers can look very attractive too all right! His wife is surely one very 'hang fook' woman... ._.

I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! Only 11 more episodes before this great drama ends.

Besides Producer Chik (I'm only looking forward to his War and Beauty 2) and Amy Wong (loved Only You and The Other Truth), the other producers' dramas are like shit, like Mui Siu Ching's. She has been producing shitty dramas like 宫心计 (don't even know why I continued watching it even though I nearly gave up), Can't Buy Me Love (errrr, seriously?!) and Forensic Heroes 3 (major disappointment, especially when Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung were in it haiz...). Oh, and do you see the similarities with all these dramas? They have A-list stars. However, the scripts in those dramas fail them utterly to the extent that they did not perform or give their best. Even Wayne admitted that Pro Sir wasn't a memorable role for him and felt 'only ok' with his performance in there. Walao, I'm so darn glad that she's leaving TVB for the other TV station. Pui. Go far far away lah you!

The thing about Tim Gor is that he's very willing to give new stars or people whom he thinks has potential chances to lead in his dramas, famous or not, A-lister or not; which is why every character in his dramas (including those with scenes not major enough to be considered leads but major enough to contribute to the story) get the chance to shine and get the media coverage they need by HK's news media. If not for him, Wayne Lai won't be playing lead roles now. As somebody in the forum added, Tim Gor is probably the only producer who doesn't get bitches to lead. The day Tim Gor retires shall be the day I stop watching TVB (if Chik's and Wong's dramas end up being fails).

Tim Gor makes one of the best dramas out there, no doubt. He's the reason why so many international stars (like Chow Yun Fatt, Kara Hui) from Hong Kong owe their successes to him. And he's the reason why I know him (because of Safe Guards, Rosy Business and No Regrets).

P.S. This is random, but I think my face is too long. Maybe that's because I sulk too much. ._.


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